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How is emerald stone formed?

Emerald is one of the most valuable and beautiful gemstones that are used in the manufacture of various types of high-end jewelry and accessories. The green color in it represents the color of life, nature and growth, while between seasons it represents the spring season, which is characterized by blooming flowers, peace and beauty. An …

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What are organic gemstones

The majority of gemstones are made of minerals, based on their crystal structure , while there are other types that do not return its composition to minerals and but its origin It is due to a natural organic source, which means that these organic gemstones were formed through an organic process that does not go …

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How diamonds are formed

Diamonds are the most famous and most valuable gemstone at all, but have you ever wondered how Diamonds are made by nature? What are the stages of its formation? Is it geological? Well, here in this article we promise to answer these questions in detail so that when you finish reading the article you will …

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Diamond Trade History

Diamonds are among the gemstones that are well known and most famous throughout history as a result of their distinctive beauty and purity, which has become among the elements of culture in various societies and civilizations, representing wealth and influence. The idea that diamonds are valuable and rare stones and that their acquisition is An …

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How is topaz stone formed?

The topaz stone is considered one of the most famous gemstones in the manufacture of jewelry, accessories and various ornaments. It is characterized by several characteristics, some of which are represented in the degree of its hardness, the diversity of its colors and its unique appearance that many individuals prefer, as its most valuable colors …