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The Abbas Abad stone is a semi-precious stone and is classified among one of the best selling stones in the Arab world. It has a great reputation among the peoples of Arab countries, especially in Iraq, Syria and Yemen. This stone is characterized by a variety of colors, the most famous of which are unique shades of blue-green and black, and it is opaque and does not penetrate light, and it is one of the features by which it is recognized.

Abbas Abad stone is distinguished by its hardness and ability to Withstand for long periods of time, as its hardness is estimated at seven degrees on the Mohs scale of hardness, which is considered a high degree compared to other semi-precious stones. The Abbasabad stone jewelry and amulets were found hundreds of years ago in good condition. Which also indicates the belief of some ancient peoples in the spiritual abilities and characteristics of this stone. To an area known in Iran by that name. Many beliefs have spread about the benefits of this stone to its owner, especially in exorcism, which has earned him great fame and popularity among many in the Arab world. In the Arab countries and close to the Arabian Gulf, and it is not known in Western countries except on the basis of its chemical composition. Geologically or in gemology, it is only one of the thousands of other types of semi-precious stones.

  1. Abbasabad stone Protect from magic
  2. Protection from envy and evil
  3. Protection from Jinn and sorcery
  4. Protection from ghosts and negative energies
  5. Increasing Fertility Bringing luck and getting rid of bad luck

It is believed that the Abbas Abad stone contains powerful abilities that help get rid of magic, negative energy and sorcery as well as problems related to marriage and fertility. In addition, many spiritual specialists carry this stone, believing in its ability to get rid of jinns and evil spirits. A magic that has befallen them is one of the first options to fortify themselves and get rid of the evil around them, whether it is worn as an Abbasabad stone ring, necklace, amulet, or even carried as a polished stone. It is said that the original Abbas Abad stones are distinguished by their magnetic ability to attract iron, in addition to that the black ones are the most effective. A relationship with magic, in the belief that it would increase the effectiveness and power of the stone on its user. And not only that, but some also often request the inscription of verses or short surahs from the Holy Qur’an, believing in the same matter.

Therefore, do not be surprised if you see some strange inscriptions and symbols On that stone because most of those who acquire it are people who believe in spirituality and specialize in that field.

Abbas Abad Stone Jewelry

The demand and demand for Abbas Abad Stone is not due to its beautiful appearance Or its attractiveness, or even its rarity at all. Rather, it is due to ancient beliefs and legends that have been passed down through generations through time to be believed by some in the end. Therefore, the value of that stone and its prices rise only among Arabs or regions and countries in which individuals believe in the beliefs that revolve around it. Which explains the low price value of that stone in other countries of the world in contrast to its high value in the Arab world.

As for its spread and availability in jewelry stores and gemstone sellers, it is widely spread And at different price levels based on the size, quality and formation of this stone, in addition to the inscription on its surface. Some people, as we mentioned, engrave some mysterious phrases or verses from the Noble Qur’an on it, in the belief that this will increase the metaphysical strength and effectiveness of the stone. Even if it is a small amount in color or shape, or even the presence of an inscription on it, it may lead to a large difference in price. Where some of the weak-minded merchants take advantage of the buyers’ belief in those beliefs and delude them that the stones they sell them are special, and then they raise prices to large, unjustified levels that buyers may be deceived at times.

In fact, the stones of Abbasabad, even if it differs in appearance, history, or even the place of its extraction, has the same geological formation and chemical composition, which is the thing that is logically supposed to set clear prices for this stone based on factors that include supply and demand in addition to quality and characteristics.

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