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Jewelery Original amber

Amber is one of the most beautiful semi-precious stones that are used on a very large scale in the manufacture of various types of jewelry, including necklaces, rings and earrings bracelets and even necklaces used by astronomy experts, gemstones, horoscopes and practitioners of crystallography and chakra therapy. It is suitable for daily wear in different seasons of the year.

1- Natural amber used in jewelry It is an organic stone

Amber is considered a semi-precious stone of organic origin, which means that it is the result of organic chemical processes. Rather, it is the result of the fossilized resin sap of ancient trees that existed millions of years ago. Amber is produced from resin trees through a process that releases this substance when exposed to scratches and fractures to protect itself from damage. Thus, the stones used in jewelry are due to their composition for millions of years.

What does this mean? When buying jewelry from organic gemstones, you must take into account that it is not exposed to high temperatures and be careful when wearing it, as it can be easily scratched, and exposure of amber to external weather factors such as dust and dust carried by the wind affects its surface and appearance.

Amber is light in density, so it floats in salt water, which explains its decline on the shores of the Baltic Sea, where the best stones are extracted The amber used in the jewelry industry.

When you buy amber jewelry you can choose amber pieces Large in size, as you will not feel its weight while wearing it due to its low density.

2 – There is more than one color of amber

The most widely available and used piece of amber in The amber industry is made from honey-brown pieces of amber.

There are eight main colors of amber.

The rarest amber of all is for green amber, which makes up only about 2% of the amber in the world.

Amber The old one is more dark hazel in color.

Dark amber to bright yellow amber Helps reveal the beauty of the skin.

Impurities and blemishes in amber give it a distinctive appearance in Jewelery.

The increased uneven surfaces inside the amber make it appear to glow from the inside to

It is easy to see defects and impurities in honey amber and types of amber with light colors

. 3 – Amber jewelry has a great reputation in myths

Amber jewelry is gaining a great reputation in mythology, as it has been used in the clothes of priests and nobles and to decorate sculptures since Thousands of years.

In Greek and Roman mythology, amber was believed to be tears of It was deformed from their gods and then hardened.

Amber was known in ancient myths as well as the rays of the sun. that hardened when it reached the surface of the earth. And it is highly effective, especially in its therapeutic capabilities.

Baltic amber contains a substance called acid Succinic, as many people believe that this acid heals inflammation and helps relieve pain. (It is believed in the abilities of amber jewelry to protect against envy and negative energies.



Amber Jewelery – Genuine Amber Ring


4 – Amber is suitable for all types of jewelry Unlike other gemstones, amber is warm to the touch, so it is a very comfortable stone to touch once you wear it.

Because the amber An organic stone is easier to carve and shape than precious stones of geological origin. (The advantage of amber is that it suits all jewelry designs, from simple designs to more complex designs. Each piece of amber is unique because each piece of natural amber was formed under slightly different conditions.

The defects in the layers of resin in the amber give each amber stone a distinctive appearance.

Amber has a distinctive appearance that gives you a unique attraction when wearing it.

5 – Baltic amber is the highest quality and valuable amber

خاتم كهرمان اصلي

Baltic Amber – Highest Quality Amber

While amber, which consists of fossilized tree resin, is found in all continents of the world, the highest types of amber c This is the one extracted from the shores of the Baltic Sea.

Baltic amber is considered one of the oldest types. Amber also sometimes contains insects and plants from prehistoric times preserved inside it.

Most Baltic amber comes from the shores of Russia, Poland and Estonia.Use Baltic amber in the jewelry industry of the nobility and the high class in ancient civilizations.

The vast bulk of amber jewellery is What is on the market is not actual amber, but stones composed of a chemically similar material, cobal, which is a cheaper alternative to amber. The copal used in industrial amber is produced from tree resin, but its composition dates back just a few years rather than millions. It is also less powerful than real amber and does not last as long when used and worn.

Natural and real amber jewellery has a lovely and distinct appearance that lasts for a long time. It does not sustain any damage. When compared to synthetic amber, it is more easily scratched. So, if you want to purchase amber jewellery, we recommend buying original amber if you want high quality precious stones, but if you want to buy amber stones at a lesser price with acceptable quality, we recommend buying copal amber because it is chemically and visually comparable to real amber. As previously said, it is best to avoid plastic amber stones because they are of poor quality.

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