Amber stone – properties, types and myths with pictures

Amber is one of the most famous and most attractive semi-precious stones in the Middle East, as it has a yellow color that resembles the color of beeswax It can be found in rare cases in several other colors such as bluish, green, reddish and brown, and this happens if its composition and chemical properties change as a result of exposure to one of the chemicals or elements and metal impurities in one way or another. As for the origin and composition of the amber stone; It is a fossilized resin formed by one of the ancient species that descends from the family of pine trees that became extinct and lost millions of years ago.

stone name Amber, electrification (derived from the word electricity), amber
Quality semi cream
Composition complex group of plant organic compounds
chemical classification complex organic compound
Chemical formula C10H16,0
degree of hardness 2 to 2.5 mo
refractive index 1.540 to 1.545
specific density 1.05 through 1.096 (usually 1.08)
Crystal Formation organic
Cleavage There is no
Fracture oysters
the sparkle A candle
Transparency Transparent – semi-opaque
Colors Orange, yellow, whitish, blue, green, red, brown
multicolour medium
Influence of temperature high
brilliance Fluorescent, long-range and short-range ultraviolet rays
Melting temperature 250 – 300 Celsius

The shape of natural amber rings

One of the distinguishing characteristics of this stone is that it floats on the surface of the water and emits A distinctive aromatic smell when exposed to friction, in addition to the fact that in many cases it is inside one of the insects or ancient organisms that got stuck inside it when it was in a sticky, resinous form before it became fossilized and became as it is known today. The discovery of the amber stones in which these creatures got stuck has provided an amazing opportunity to advance our knowledge as humans about the creatures that once lived on the surface of the earth and then became extinct at some point later, and even if they did not become extinct yet, it is not a wonderful opportunity to study the ancestors of these creatures. Those beings.

Different amber stones shape

When we Looking at the amber stone on the basis of its classification, an important question comes to mind about what this stone is and whether it is considered a stone like other known gemstones such as sapphire, sapphire and others. Well, in fact, when we compare the process of formation of amber stone with the formation of the other stones mentioned above, we find that amber was not geologically formed from mineral elements, but on the contrary, it is due to a plant origin, namely, an extinct species of “pine trees”, which means that it has Organic origin and not a product of crystallization.

The shape of two stones of honey amber

Scientifically it is considered a stone Amber is organic due to its origin (fossilized tree sap) and is classified as an organic gemstone. Despite this, amber is one of the most precious and valuable gemstones that have always been used in the manufacture of beautiful women’s jewelry and ornaments.

Rough amber stone before going through the processing operations

Characteristics of amber stone

The name of the stone amber, electrification (derived from the word electricity Amber Quality (Semi Cream) Composition A group of complex organic plant compounds Chemical classification (complex organic compound) Chemical formula C10H16,0 degree of hardness 2 up to 2.5 mousse Refractive index 1.540 up to 1.852 specific density 1.096 up to 1. 096 (usually 1.) ) Crystal Formation Organic Cleavage nothing Refraction Oyster Sparkle Waxy) Transparency Transparent – ​​semi-opaque Colors orange , yellow, whitish yellow, blue, green, red, brown multicolour Average Sensitivity to temperature High Glittering (Fluorescent, long-range and short-range UV rays

Melting temperature 299 – 300 Silesian The amber stone is known to many peoples of the world as a stone that symbolizes purification and purity, as historical studies indicated About the ancient amber stone that it represents the energy of the sun, which is closely related to the meanings of alertness and a feeling of happiness and joy in addition to stimulating the feeling of love as is famous for its ability to attract and spread love, happiness and pleasure, so it is not surprising that we find many individuals in our time accepting to buy it because they believe that it brings good luck and happiness . Although these are just beliefs and myths, they leave a good impression, even if it is limited to being moral on the feeling and psyche of the wearer . While also exciting mythological beliefs about amber stone its ability to speed up the healing process, so it was considered one of the gifts that carry meanings about wishing for healing in the event that it was presented to a person in the process of recovery .
The shape of the famous yellow amber stone
amber colors What are the colors of the amber stone? orange (most common)

  1. yellow (common)
  2. Yellowish-white (common)
  3. brown (common)
  4. Blackish-brown (medium frequency)
  5. Blue (rare)
  6. Green (rare)
  7. Red (rare)
  8. The main colors of amber are orange and yellow, while other colors are They are rare.
  9. Amber is not a crystal in the strict sense of the word, but is considered an organic semi-precious stone due to its sap
  10. origin. Petrified tree.
  11. Natural Amber Jewelry Shape
  12. Places of amber extraction
  13. Humans have known the agate stone since the century 400 BC, where they extracted it and used it in the jewelry
  14. industry since that time. Here’s to you For places where amber stone is extracted as follows:
  15. Russia (Kaliningrad next to the Baltic Sea) – the largest Extract of amber
  16. (Latvia) (Lithuania) (Northern Poland)
  17. Baltic Sea (bottom The sea and the beach)
  18. Dominican Republic (from which blue amber is extracted)
  19. Germany
  20. Italy (Sicily)
  21. Burma (Myanmar)
  22. (Mexico)
  23. Canada
  24. United States of America (Arkansas, New Jersey)
  25. Amber stones on the shores of the Baltic Sea
  26. How to clean and care for amber

To clean your amber, you will need to bring a bowl of water, a toothbrush, as well as liquid soap, olive oil, and soft cloths.

) Mix a small amount of liquid soap in the water.
Take a toothbrush and dip it in the soap-water mixture and gently rub the amber. you’ll want In focusing on the area where silver meets amber, or in the case of amber without silver, between amber stones or beads. Rinse off any leftover soap by washing the amber present with water.

Take a very small amount of olive oil, apply it to your hand (or finger depending on the size of the amber) and rub it on the surface of the stone as this will help maintain its luster.) Amber Stone Ring ShapeHistory of the Amber StoneRing inlaid with amber stone)Thales Al-Malti discovered the exciting features of amber more than 3669 year. in Greece; Where when friction is made between the amber stone and a piece of cloth, it is noted that it produces static electricity, which is also called static electricity. This was one of the first evidences that indicate the existence of electricity, in any case, the term amber is associated with the existence of electrons, hence the name electricity was derived from this term (English). It is also known that the amber necklace represents a type of spiritual electrolytic capacitor, which was not without mythical speculations about its capabilities. Excesses and lethargy.

It also represents spirituality, which has the ability to link individual energy with cosmic energy, as well as the individual soul with the soul cosmic. It symbolizes the attractive solar energy and divine spiritual energy.

Prehistoric insects inside the amber stone According to the writings on astronomy, the origin of amber gives us some glimpses of spiritual qualities, which can become clear if we look closely at the trees as entities with their roots in the The depth of the earth, in addition to its ascending branches towards the towering sky. In the spiritual sense, trees are based on the aforementioned description, linking heaven and earth through the transformation of the sun’s energy with the help of the mineral kingdom, and then finally providing energy through the fruits and fruits of those trees.

) Heart-shaped amber stone jewelry So the life force of a tree can carry energy, and then transform it and give it to us. Likewise, amber is a means of forming spiritual energy in the physical body as long as its presence is necessary for the light to permeate. Conversely, in the absence of a spiritual state, an amber stone can initiate a sense of the physical rather than the spiritual. From the above, it is somewhat clear why some people believe in the ability of amber to eliminate feelings of depression. Depression is often accompanied by excessive attachment to worldly possessions, or the reason for this can be due to the lack of connection with our material existence and between its results and how to benefit from them. Historical Uses Among its uses are; It was used as a symbol to renew marriage vows and to ensure that those vows were fulfilled; It was also used to bring good fortune to warriors in battles and wars. It is worth noting, that it is the sacred stone of the inhabitants of East India, as well as of the Native Americans.

It was used in the fiery ceremonies of the ancient tribal healers. ; It was burned in medieval days as a fumigant to cleanse the environment of negative energy. It also entered into the work of the jeweled bone robe of priests, as well as linking the etheric energies with the physical, emotional and mental bodies, as well as purifying the surrounding environment. )

Amber Legends )

Natural amber stone series

We present to you the most prominent beliefs and exponents Fly around the amber stone as follows: Bringing luck and good fortune

Makes the wearer brave

  1. relax
  2. Bring love
  3. Getting rid of negative energy
  4. Kindness Self-Purification
  5. disinfection Environment (incense)
  6. Protection from disease (Treatment of throat diseases) Improving Fertility
  7. Treatment of infections and wounds Elimination of depression
  8. Bringing optimism

Helps Meditation

Increases the ability to focus Improved cognition Purification of the mind from negative thoughts (Clearing Mind) (helps relax)

metaphysical properties Amber allows the body to heal itself by absorbing and converting negative energy into positive energy. It emits a bright and soothing solar energy that helps calm the nerves and enliven the person and his behavior. It is also used in many chakras to open and cleanse. It is also used to connect the conscious self with cosmic energy. It helps to bring what is needed to the real situation. It stimulates the mind and opens the coronary chakra. In addition, it transforms the body’s vital energy towards stimulating unconditional love. It helps in making choices and responding to them, and helps the individual to choose between all things properly.

Beliefs In the past, amber was used to treat goiter and other throat diseases. in addition to; It is also used in the treatment of kidneys and bladder. Where the popular myths about the amber stone say that it has a strong ability to protect against diseases, and reduce the feeling of pain during childbirth. )Noticeable

The amber stone beliefs and myths that we discussed do not hold true. It is more than a daydream, and we have referred to it as a method of archiving this old cultural historical element. Do not miss seeing more varieties of gemstones and sharing your views and opinions with us. Also, if you found this post useful, please share it with your friends on social media!

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