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Amethyst, also known as the stone of purple and the violet stone, is considered in gemology and horoscopes the appropriate stone for the birth of February, as it brings them luck along with many benefits, especially in balancing feelings, solving emotional problems and improving the chakra of the body. It is also recommended to present it on people’s birthdays when they reach the age of four and up 10 regardless of their astrological sign.

Amethyst is a semi-precious stone of medium hardness 7 out of

on the famous Mohs scale, which is identical in its hardness to the hardness of agate stones Onyx and natural quartz.

Amethyst – Purple Stone

(The most famous violet-colored gemstone

Amethyst in its geological formation is a natural quartz stone

The distinctive violet color is due to the presence of iron impurities that gave it that color during its formation

Amethyst stones that do not have cracks or defects within them are of the highest value

Inclusions found Amethyst stones affect its luster, so when buying natural amethyst jewelry, make sure that it is free from impurities and defects as much as possible. Amethyst

Amethyst is one of the most widely used stones in the jewelry industry

since 18 year and in the middle of the century 300 Amethyst was classified as one of the precious and precious gemstones of high value

Huge amethyst mines were discovered in Brazil in the following years, to reduce the price of the stone and become one of the stones of medium value and available to everyone. (Despite the low prices of amethyst stones, only large-sized stones that do not contain impurities are of great value because it is rare to find stones of this type with that quality

The majority of mined amethysts are of low to medium quality

Amethyst that does not contain impurities is High clarity and glossiness

Some rare, high-quality amethysts are comparable in price to emeralds and sapphires

  1. Amethyst prices start from $4 up to dollars per carat
  2. It must be taken into account that cutting and designing the stone has an additional cost added to the price of the stone
  3. original amethyst
  4. Wearing amethyst jewelry
  5. Amethyst jewelry is suitable for all occasions
  6. Natural amethysts are used in birthday gifts
  7. It is also used in gifts given to patients in the belief in the healing powers of the stone
  8. Amethyst is considered by many as an alternative stone Sapphire in terms of bright color
  9. of harmonious stones that suit all fashions
  10. The stone is suitable for both men and women

The stone can be worn as a necklace to benefit from its abilities

It is considered one of the stones that seems expensive, but it is available at a good price to buy

Amethyst usually suits green-colored fashion Amethyst, blue and yellow

Amethyst can be worn with a wide variety of outfits

The stone is easy to care for as it is one of the stones that have medium hardness

The Legendary Abilities of Amethyst

One of the stones believed in its powerful healing and curative abilities
It is believed in its ability to heal stomach diseases
Helps treat headaches and high blood pressure
works to relax Wearing it
It works to balance feelings greatly
Strengthening the internal energy of the body
Bringing good luck
It is used to highlight the freshness and beauty of the skin
Increased wisdom and ability to meditate

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