Amethyst stone benefits

Amethyst is the most famous stone among all precious and semi-precious stones in use for its benefits in protecting against diseases and negative energies. The benefits of amethyst are numerous and go back to ancient myths, where it was used in various civilizations and by priests of ancient peoples as a stone that helps to enhance the inner energies of the wearer and his ability to communicate with the spiritual realms and meditation and increase the ability to understand the insides of things and increase awareness and concentration.

Benefits of wearing the original amethyst

Amethyst is one of the most important stones used to increase intelligence Improving brain function, you should know that individuals in the ancient Roman civilization used to wear it to protect them from losing their minds from excessive drinking to the point of intoxication. If you feel that you are envied, then amethyst is the right stone for you.

Natural healing benefits of amethyst

The benefits of amethyst are very effective, especially in terms of healing and protection, as it protects its holder from Various harmful negative energies so that just placing it in the place, for example, placing a piece of raw amethyst as a decoration in the house helps to protect energy fields, increase positive energy and get rid of negative energy in the place. (The benefits of amethyst diminish with time from time to time, so its energy must be charged to increase its capabilities and benefit from it in the best way. Amethyst is shipped by placing it in a dish filled with salt for a period of not less than half an hour, while it is preferable to put it in salt for a period of 01 An hour to achieve the best results, after which the traces of salt are removed with lukewarm water. Also, the amethyst must be exposed to the sun in order to activate its energy. Therapeutic benefits of amethyst ) Amethyst helps in increasing Immune bodies in the wearer’s body

It is known to be one of the main healing stones, which is worn by many practitioners of crystallization and astronomy for the treatment of diseases and healing. Wearing a stone improves the freshness of the skin and shows its beauty

Amethyst helps improve the functioning of the digestive system
It is believed in its ability to treat stomach and digestion-related diseasesWearing amethyst helps balance hormones in the body

Works to get rid of anxiety and tension

Wearing natural amethyst helps prevent headaches and helps q It soothes its symptoms

Increasing intelligence and mental abilities, as amethyst is known as the thinking stone. Amethyst helps protect against loss of mind to the extent that the Romans wore amethyst jewelry in the belief that it would protect them from loss of mind caused by drinking alcohol

Works to increase focus and the ability to understand the insides of thingsThe stone helps to increase attention and the ability to notice
Amethyst is one of the famous stones used to soothe and treat pain caused by Diseases

works on Treatment of infections caused by bruises It is used in the treatment of hearing and ear problems

Ancient peoples used amethyst in the treatment of chest and respiratory diseases

  1. The benefits of amethyst jewelry in astronomy and crystals
  2. The Legendary Benefits of Amethyst 4001
  3. Wearing amethyst brings wisdom and foresight to the wearer
  4. Helps patience and deliberation
  5. Wearing amethysts controls anger Achieving calm and psychological peace (Natural amethyst helps treat insomnia and sleep disorders)
  6. It works to protect against negative energy, as it is considered one of the most powerful stones used in it Workers in the field of gemstones, horoscopes and crystal therapy wear amethyst to protect from negative energy and increase and enhance the strength of their energy fields
  7. Amethyst absorbs negative energy in the place, especially that directed to the wearer
  8. Helps increase insight and improve thinking ability
  9. Amethyst is one of the stones suitable for everyone, but it is especially useful for those born in the month of February, as it helps in increasing their positive energy and getting rid of anxiety.
  10. Amethyst protects against envy and witchcraft Helps in increasing internal energy and cosmic communication
  11. Increases creativity and the ability to think outside the box so it does A lot of artists and workers in the fields that require creativity at work by making sure to wear it
  12. Works to protect against black magic and lower works targeting the wearer
  13. Increasing the energy of the heart chakra and regulating its work
  14. Improving the mood because it gets rid of harmful energy
  15. Helps protect From Alzheimer’s Advised It is for addicts who seek recovery Helps increase metabolism
  16. Increasing the spiritual abilities of the carrier Amethyst helps to meditate
  17. Astronomers wear it to increase their ability to communicate with other worlds It helps to eliminate the feeling of extreme sadness as it is recommended to wear it in cases of mourning and separation
  18. Amethyst protects against depression
  19. Amethyst helps in increasing spiritual awareness and the ability to reach higher levels of cognition Helps in enhancing the work of the coronary and etheric chakras
  20. Helps in folds R Spiritual Abilities
  21. Amethyst represents a shield against negative energies. Helps to make correct and sound decisions

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