Amethyst stone: properties, composition and myths with pictures

Amethyst is a semi-precious stone with a special character, found in dark purple and lavender color, amethyst is the most common variety of natural colored quartz stone and due to its charming purple color, it was highly valued in the past. For the time being; It is agreed that the purple color of amethyst stems from the presence of iron atoms in the quartz crystal lattice. These iron ions form the so-called “colour centers” which are responsible for changing the color from white to multiple shades of purple. It is also called purple or amethyst.

Stone name Amethyst, purple stone, purple quartz
Quality semi-precious stone
Composition silicate
chemical classification silicon oxide
Chemical formula SiO2
degree of hardness 7
refractive index 1.543 to 1.553
1.552 to 1.554
specific density 2.65
Crystal System Hexa
Cleavage There is no
Fracture oysters
the sparkle vitreous
Transparency transparent, semi-transparent
Colors purple (purple)
multicolour low
Melting temperature 1650 degrees Celsius

If I could choose a crystal to bring with me on a deserted island, I would have chosen amethyst, as this stone is on the list of metaphysical crystals.

Amethyst is known as the stone of the soul. Its beautiful purple color is the color of the soul and spirituality in general. Its meaning is not limited to the soul only, but also extends to the meanings of protection, altruism, spiritual realization, meditation, balance and inner peace. It has other very important features; His work as a stone represents change and transformation and brings harmony and peace wherever needed.

Where to find amethyst

Lab Made Amethysts

Actually; Amethyst can be synthesized in laboratories prepared for it by adding iron atoms during the growth of quartz. Then gamma or X-ray radiation is added. Natural quartz stone contains certain amounts of iron, but the mere presence of iron in its composition is not enough
A source of high energy radiation is necessary as this stone has the ability to release one electron from iron ions Thus creating a color center that will be responsible for amethyst’s distinctive purple color. Those released electrons from the color centers are trapped within the crystal as a whole and under normal conditions this does not play any significant role. However; If there is enough energy available to these centers, these electrons are able to return to their original position and change the purple color of the stone to any other degree.

As for the excess amount of energy is saved, For example, by heating amethyst to a temperature higher than degrees Fahrenheit ( Celsius). In the process; Amethyst begins to lose its characteristic color, taking on a yellowish hue from the citrine stone. Or in some cases, it takes a green color – prasiolite. In addition, this type of “bleaching” can occur under intense light exposure despite the fact that amethyst is relatively stable against light of moderate intensity.

Amethyst Legendary Benefits

  1. The abilities of the stone are believed according to the legends as follows:
  2. Clearing the mind and calming the mind
  3. Reach a state of peace and relaxation
  4. Improving the ability to focus
  5. Energy balance in the body
  6. Getting rid of headaches
  7. Reducing the effects of hormones in the body
  8. He believed in his ability to lose weight as well
  9. Detoxing the body
  10. Getting rid of psychological stress
  11. Improving creativity
  12. Improving the ability to make decisions (Memory Consolidation)
  13. Increasing creativity
  14. Increased Perception
  15. Protection from negative energy
  16. Helps Meditation

According to Roman legend, Bacchus, the Roman god of wine, decided to throw the first person who crossed his path to the tigers from where he was staying. And the ominous person was the Virgin Amethyst, and she was at that time going to serve the temple dedicated to the goddess of the moon-Diana. And when the tigers leapt upon this poor girl, she called out the name of the goddess and immediately turned into a white stone. This miracle cheered the mood of Bacchus, who poured some wine on this stone – as a sign of his repentance – and then the color of the stone changed to its current color – cheerful purple. of drinking wine. It is believed that if a person drinks from a cup made of amethyst or places a small part on the site of the navel, he will thereby protect his body from poisoning.

Amethyst Jewelery

The Metaphysical Meaning of Amethyst Amethyst has a total meaning related to the soul. It is a very useful stone for meditation due to its wonderful ability to relax the mind and separate it from the daily worries and troubles of the world. Amethyst helps us get a more comprehensive realistic view. And in the meditative field: it provides the highest degree of peace, warmth and harmony. The violet ray of amethyst is the ray of Zadkiel – the king of forgiveness, tolerance and transformation from negative to positive energies.

The healing aspects of amethyst stone (physical, emotional and mental)

Amethyst enhances focus, memory, and other mental functions. It is effective as a treatment for depressive symptoms. It also aids in the treatment of headaches and other medical issues. Its light provides warmth and quiet, helping the wearer to clear his mind and reach inner peace. Aside from its power to awaken sharpness, it also protects against magical and bad energies. Amethyst will also assist you if you are under the control of bad emotions like as rage, hatred, or guilt, or if you wish to lower your stress. You should wear it if you are depressed or in suffering. It assists you in times of despair and encourages you to accept loss. Amethyst, on the other hand, provides the wearer with spiritual understanding.,activates the third eye and develops benevolence and spiritual enlightenment If you find this material useful and want to contribute information or join the debate, please leave a comment on the article. If you want to learn more about gemstones, we recommend that you read about the many forms of gemstones. You can also read lapis lazuli and sapphire; don’t forget to share with your friends on social networking sites!

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