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Gemstones QA

How is sapphire stone formed?

In this post, we will look at how the sapphire stone form, sapphire is a natural gemstone that is formed in the ground with no human intervention. Each stone’s composition differs based on its equivalent in other stones, but for me, Sapphire stands out for its unequalled characteristics and its distinct beautiful red hue, and …

Gemstones QA

How amber is formed

One of the most common questions in the world of gemstones is how amber is formed and what exactly is it composed of. . The amber stone is an organic stone due to the fact that it is composed of organic materials based on one of the plant organisms. Pine trees (extinct species) are scratched …

Gemstones QA

What color is the diamond

Diamonds shine in a variety of colors such as grey, white, blue, yellow, orange, red, green, pink, purple, brown and finally black. Colored diamonds contain inclusions and structural defects that cause them to acquire those colours, while pure diamonds are completely transparent and colorless. In terms of classification; Diamonds are scientifically classified into two main …

Gemstones QA

How to extract gemstones

The process of extracting precious stones from the raw material varies from place to place and is based on the quality and quality of the gemstone. By isolating these sediments and then getting rid of them through a network of holes that act like a filter that does not allow their passage, where the containers …

Gemstones QA

How is lapis lazuli made?

Lapis lazuli has always been one of the gemstones whose appearance promotes relaxation and a sense of peace and tranquility as a natural result of being one of the blue stones whose blueness is similar to the blue of the sky, which helped to have a wide use In the spiritual fields, as it has …