Baltic amber properties

Baltic amber properties

People have been fascinated by the amazing magic, mystery and medicinal power of Baltic amber for more than

public. There is no doubt that Baltic amber is organic in nature and belongs to the category of resins. And it took scientists centuries to come to a consensus on its composition. For example, there were researchers who believed that amber was made from solid oil. Others believed that amber was a fossilized honey produced by wild bees. Then there was the theory that amber is sea foam that has hardened under the influence of sunlight. Moreover, others considered amber to be the primary product of forest ants, the ‘hardening sun-ether, mountain oil, and mineral fertilizer of the earth’.

The truth is that Baltic amber is not only distinct from other semi-precious stones, but also completely unique in the world. Keep in mind that amber comes in a wide range of forms, textures, structures, and sizes, as well as an incredible array of amber hues and astonishing chemical and physical properties that have amazed experts.. Keep in mind that it burns like crackling coals and smokes in a fire, melts when heated, and produces static electricity when rubbed. The Baltic amber stone is warm and inviting to the touch. Although insects are frequently discovered in amber, butterflies and flies are not prevalent near the water, hence they are rarely seen in Baltic amber. The earliest varieties of amber known stretch back 747 million years.

  1. Natural amber comes with more than . different color. The most common colors are hazel, cognac, lemon, cherry, green and buttery.
  2. The ancient Roman rulers valued Baltic amber so much that they began wars in order to conquer areas with large deposits of Amber.
  3. In ancient China people used to burn amber during major celebrations. Thus the host can show his wealth and at the same time show respect to his guests.
  4. Martin Luther kept a piece of natural amber in his pocket because he thinks it can protect him from kidney stones.
  5. Electricity term It is derived from the Greek word electron which is the Greek name for amber because it can store static electricity
  6. Description The famous Hippocrates 450 years BC in his works the medicinal abilities of amber and the ways of using it that scholars used later.
  7. Nicholas Copernicus documented that his medical formulations included A specific ingredient and one of them was Baltic Amber.
  8. Since ancient times, Baltic amber has been used to make amber jewelry for healing. Insects, spiders and their webs, annelids, crustaceans, bacteria, amoebas, marine microfossils, wood, flowers, fruit, hair, feathers and other small organisms are found in the amber that D Its history goes back to 747 a million years ago.
  9. Because of the tiny insects that can be trapped inside, amber has helped paleontologists rebuild life on Earth in its early stages, and more than 3824 An extinct species of insects in this way.
  10. Pliny the Elder noted the presence of insects in Baltic amber in his book and led him to the theory that later proved that at some point, the amber must be in a liquid state to cover the bodies of insects.

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