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Al-Durr Al-Najafi is one of the most powerful spiritual stones and is known as the Stone of Healing because it has strong healing abilities in treating diseases in the legends of the peninsula and many ancient civilizations, where many tribesmen used to wear the Najafi Durr stone to benefit from its healing power And the prevention of chronic diseases resulting from aging.

Al-Dur Al-Najafi is known as the stone of purity, as it has a special place in the science of energy and crystals, as it purifies the energy fields of its wearer, reaching high levels of psychological and mental clarity and getting rid of negative energy and protection from it. It also works to purify the blood of harmful toxins and disease-causing bacteria in myths. The healing and legendary benefits of Durr Najafi

Therapeutic benefits of Al-Dur Al-Najafi

Increases levels of mental performance

Helps develop intelligence and problem-solving skills

  1. Al-Dur Al-Najafi helps prevent psychological stress
    Useful in strengthening memory and the ability to remember quicklyAl-Dur Al-Najafi helps thinking Clearly
  2. Helps improve mood and a feeling of happinessDurr al-Najafi is useful in eliminating pathological depression
  3. has effective capabilities in treating toothache in myths
    Useful in improving the performance of blood circulatio
  4. dad helps Al-Dur Al-Najafi in improving the performance of the heart Al-Dur Al-Najafi works to protect against heart attacks in Myths
  5. protects its bearer from heart disease Works to eliminate acidity
  6. Helps increase healing energy and treat lung diseases
  7. Al-Dur Al-Najafi stone of purity helps in treating headaches
  8. Effective in eliminating intestinal diseases as mentioned in legends
  9. Al-Durr Al-Najafi increases the purity of the body from harmful substances and prevents kidney diseases. In the treatment of thyroid problems

Al-Durr Al-Najafi helps in purifying the blood and speeding up the healing of wounds.Al-Durr Al-Najafi helps to increase the fertility of sperm and eggsAl-Durr Al-Najafi works on Enhancing the body’s own healing energy

Legendary Benefits of Durr Najafi
Al-Durr Al-Najafi helps to spread peace and tranquility in the soulsHelps to reach higher levels of wisdomAl-Durr Al-Najafi is useful in bringing knowledge Wearing al-Dur al-Najafi helps to achieve balance in personal life

Durr Najafi helps to bring love

Durr Najafi helps In protection from negative energy
Useful for protection from black magic

Al-Durr Al-Najafi helps contemplation and contemplation of existence
works to bring inspiration
Al-Durr Al-Najafi helps in achieving inner peace
Al-Durr Al-Najafi helps to Strengthening the individual’s connection with cosmic energy
Urges honesty and commitment to promises
Durr Najafi reinforces the sincerity and purity of its bearer
Works to increase loyalty

Increasing sincerity at work
Increasing the ability to achieve astral projectionThe legendary benefits of Durr Najafi – Khatam Durr Najafi

The benefits of Al-Dur Al-Najafi are very effective in meditation and reaching higher levels of it, as it helps to purify the mind of the wearer from the problems related to the material world and makes him focus on thinking about existence and the cosmic energy surrounding it. Many sages wear it for the purpose of meditation and reaching high levels of clarity of mind, as this helps them focus directly on spirituality. . Also, wearing Al-Dur Al-Najafi helps in purifying the energy pathways between the seven chakras in the body, thus increasing the activity of the chakras. Also, Al-Dur Al-Najafi helps to a great extent in spreading tranquility in the souls and a feeling of love and peace.

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