Benefits of red sapphire

The benefits of red sapphire are very effective among precious stones, as kings, nobles and the wealthy have always worn it to bring money, luck and success in life, along with protection from envy and healing and treatment of diseases. Red ruby ​​helps to regulate the work of the chakras in the body and increase positive energy and attract it in the environment surrounding the wearer. As a ring, necklace, or any type of jewelry, this should be taken into account when purchasing it. Also, one of the things that must be taken into account is the size of the stone. Although the red sapphire stone is small in size, it provides a certain amount of benefits, but the effect and benefits of the large-sized red sapphire are higher compared to smaller sizes, where its crystal energy and the range of energy waves and emission are better.

In the science of chakras, each of the red, light red, pink and dark sapphires has great benefits for the wearer, but the dark red sapphires have higher benefits and energy. Red ruby ​​in its shades is linked to the main stem chakra in the body, as it is effective in stimulating the heart chakra to a great extent, and also helps to preserve the energy of the chakra and not lose it, which is one of the things that support its benefits in preserving the body’s energy and protection from feeling stress and loss of energy, activity and focus.

  1. Therapeutic benefits of red sapphire
  2. The therapeutic benefits of red sapphire
  3. Works to treat heart disorders
  4. Treatment of high blood pressure
  5. Treatment of anemia
  6. Improving the performance of the heart
  7. Controlling Insulin Levels in the Blood
  8. Treatment of vascular problems
  9. Increased red blood cells
  10. Purification of blood from harmful substances
  11. Improving the ability to breathe
  12. Treatment of diseases of the intestine and digestive system
  13. Increasing athletic performance
  14. Increasing body activity
  15. Enhance sexual ability
  16. Increasing the sexual desire of the wearer and the holder
  17. Increases fertility
  18. Facilitating childbearing and pregnancy
  19. treatment of kidney stones
  20. Improving the performance of the thyroid glands
  21. Regulating the levels of adrenaline in the body
  22. Helps increase energy in the body
  23. Increases bone density
  24. Treatment of skin and skin problems
  25. Regulating the cycle and reducing menstrual pain
  26. Improving the mood of the wearer
  27. Treatment of depression and frustration

The healing benefits of ruby ​​and its ability to protect the wearer

  1. Bring happiness and good feelings
  2. Bringing Luck
  3. Bringing the Good Fortune
  4. Bringing Wealth and Money
  5. Achieving Fame and Success
  6. Elimination of negative energy in the body
  7. Bring love and the other partner
  8. helps in Anger control
  9. Increased ability to pay attention
  10. Increasing creativity and ambition
  11. Regulating the harmony of the body’s chakras
  12. Solving Marriage Problems and Emotional Problems
  13. Achieving prosperity and happiness
  14. Enhance the prestige of the wearer
  15. Protection from Bad dreams
  16. Getting rid of distractions and bad thoughts
  17. Protection from black magic
  18. Protection from inferior magic
  19. Protection from Envy

Sapphire protects the energy fields in the body and enhances the ability to heal from diseases in myths and as used in kingdoms And the ancient peoples. The benefits of sapphire also extend to enhance the coordination of the aura areas and protect against magic and stress. Red ruby ​​helps to bring positive energy in the house and around the wearer, as it is known as the jewel of energy and passion.

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