Benefits of sun stone

There are many beliefs about the benefits of the sun stone and its effect on the wearer, whether it is physical, mental or even spiritual. Those beliefs differed from different peoples, but most of them were in common that they derive from the properties of the sun and what it symbolizes. and its radiance. Thus, when trying to determine the metaphysical properties of this stone, it will most likely be related to the influence of the sun on you.

It is therefore obvious that these beliefs are nothing more than unfounded guesses and myths. Rather, mentioning it and reviewing it is for the sake of knowledge and nothing more.

Sunstone belongs to the geologically “feldspar” group, and was named by this name because of its warm golden, orange, red and brown shades that shine like the sun.

We review the benefits of the sun stone as follows:

The oldest belief about the benefits of the sun stone dates back to the era of the pharaohs, where the properties of the sun’s shining and glowing rays were linked with the energy of Ra, the “sun god”, who was known to bring energy and life in Ancient Pharaonic myths.

The sun stone is called the stone of leadership, which prevents personal power, freedom and knowledge. Besides, it helps to open up with others and encourage benevolence, warmth, strength, mental clarity, willingness and ability to give gifts and favors to others.

فوائد حجر الشمس - أقراط

Beliefs about the benefits of sunstone

It is worth noting that the sun stone is associated with joy and happiness. Where it is believed that it contributes to urging the self to be in the service of others. In addition, it is also known to give the feeling of enjoyment of life and nature as well as a feeling of abundance.

Sunstone is a stone that denotes abundance. It is believed to inspire independence and authenticity, help inspire and reveal talent, and attract fame and unexpected prosperity. It is also famous for being an excellent stone for bringing good luck in competitions. Which explains why some players have been seen wearing this stone during matches.

It is believed that wearing this stone will make you feel energetic, excited and energized. Because it increases the feeling of energetic, therefore it is useful when starting, continuing and maintaining fitness programs or aerobic activities, and also useful for occupations that require high energy throughout the day. Healing benefits of the sun stone

Helps treat sore throat and symptoms of high temperature and cough

Reducing symptoms of stomach disorders and irritable bowel

Increased sexual ability and desire

Treatment of rheumatism and bone diseases, as it works to increase and support bone strength

Helps in slimming and improving body texture

  1. Increasing the speed of metabolism and burning fat
  3. Improving the functions of body systems
  4. Getting rid of pathological depression
  5. Elimination of fever and high temperature
  6. Protection from Infection and infection with harmful viruses
  7. Treating wounds and accelerating their healing
  8. Treatment of cardiovascular diseases
  9. Treatment of joint and muscle pain
  10. Improving Liver Functions
  11. Improving blood flow in the body and the health of blood vessels

The sun stone is also famous for helping to work ; It is believed to improve your aura and personality and increase your chances of leadership and promotion. Some believe that placing it next to your computer when advertising your business or services online. It will affect your chances of success positively.

Sunstone provides a source of emotional strength if you are emotionally dependent on others, or if you are experiencing the sudden loss of a partner. It is also believed to help relieve fear and stress, as well as protect against those who drain your energy or finances. According to the science of crystals, it is believed that it is excellent for phobic sufferers to reduce the fear of dark and enclosed places, or the presence of other influencing factors that cause you fear. It helps you receive what is wanted and desired. As for wearing it in the hand with which things are given; He is believed to direct healing factors and multiple blessings to others. It is also believed that when worn as a necklace, it combines the inspiration of the heart to align with the wisdom of the mind.

  1. Enhancing the character of freedom in individuals
  2. Strengthening the sense of authenticity of the wearer
  3. (Enhancing the feeling and feeling
  4. Bringing love and romance
  5. Strengthening the trait of self-reliance
  6. Bringing Good Luck
  7. Bringing Wealth and Money
  8. Getting rid of fear and anxiety
  9. Bring happiness and get rid of depression
  10. Increasing self-confidence
  11. gives rise to optimism
  12. Accelerate the wearer’s self-healing
  13. Getting rid of negative energy in the body
  14. Disposal of the unit
  15. Helps with deep meditation
  16. Achieving success at work
  17. (Bringing Inner Harmony)
  18. Beliefs about the healing benefits of the sun stone

It is believed that the benefits of the sun stone have a wonderful healing and healing power. Just as when you expose yourself to the sun and you feel warm, when you wear it you feel warm. In addition, it is believed to help with metabolism, digestion and a sense of vitality. In addition to its ability to self-heal, and regulate the work of the body’s systems and compatibility with each other.

Beliefs are well-known about the benefits of the sun stone in treating chronic sore throat, reducing stomach tension and ulcers. Besides, when applied to the solar plexus, it works excellent for relieving depression and seasonal affective disorder (SAD), and it is also useful in driving away nightmares.

In ancient times, sun stones were used to protect the body and prevent problems Cartilage, rheumatism and general pain. Currently, some use it to treat osteoporosis, cramps, fever, various infections and sports injuries.

The benefits of wearing sun stone jewelry are varied, as the beliefs say

Based on what is mentioned in the science of auras, the sun stone is a very effective stone in cleansing the aura and chakras, and removing negative energy from around the people we love or lovers. The stone surrounds negative energy with love and positive energy and returns it to its source. It is especially useful when it comes to breaking up relationships or when you find it difficult to say no, it helps remove that negativity, overcomes procrastination and encourages self-empowerment and independence.

For those who delay They always hinder their own progress due to their fears and self-doubt, the sun stone may help them eliminate this feeling of unworthiness and feelings of being privileged, deprived and abandoned. It releases a rich, positive spectrum of energies that rebalances emotional patterns, encouraging optimism and enthusiasm. It can help turn anger into energy and anxiety into joy.

According to prior chakra texts, the energy of the sun stone is taken from the sun and the moon, and it is distinguished by its capacity to cleanse and purify all the chakras. It brings back the joy and feeds the spirit. It especially stimulates the main and sacral chakras, as well as will, leadership, creativity, and sexuality. The root chakra, or blond, is activated by the red and brown tones. A root at the base of the spine regulates the energy for sensing and movement. It is the source of physical and spiritual vitality in the body.

When you are physically out of balance, you will exhibit the same symptoms as lethargy, decreased activity levels, decreased enthusiasm, and a need for constant stimulation. But when the spiritual energies are out of balance, you will feel guilty, disconnected from reality and stay away.

When the base chakra is balanced, the physical body will regain its strength and stamina, and the spiritual energy is activated in the form of Forms of security and the individual’s sense of strength. They often lead to independence and spontaneous driving.

The golden and orange tones define the second chakra, which is located above the pubic bone in the front of the pelvis. It controls the flow of energy and is the center of gravity in the body. It is the center of the life force in the body, and controls the flow of information from the body to the mind and from the mind to the body.

This chakra is also responsible for gut sensations, intuition, and other “non-linear” connections. When things are out of balance, symptoms include bewilderment, reliance, emotion suppression, inability to feel joy, dread of sex, and irritation. You will be happy and have a nice life if it is balanced.

Sunstone carries Yang energy and works in harmony with Yin energy, which is Moon energy. They combine external achievement with inner harmony in your life when worn together.

Spiritually, sunstone is associated with believers, missionaries, and others who offer themselves to help others. Where he believes in the ability of the stone to motivate the wearer to act with mercy and activity.

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