Best Gold Detectors 2022

The use of gold detectors is one of the fun hobbies that may go beyond being so for some to become a good source of livelihood, but with the presence of many detectors About the minerals used in the search for gold, it is difficult to determine the best and most suitable devices for you, so we review the best gold detectors on the market for this year based on the technologies involved and their ability to identify and distinguish gold pieces in the soil and the expected return from them in addition to To the opinions of its users and the effectiveness of these devices when in use. .

Here is a selected list of the best devices as follows :


for beginners


the device



File Evaluation the first

“Fisher Gold Bug Pro”


70 KHz

5 DD


The second

“Garrett AT Gold”


13 KHz

5 8 DD


the third

Tesoro Lobo Supertraq

VLF13. 8 kHz



the fourth

Fisher Gold Page Bug”


252 KHz

5 DD


(For Intermediate Experienced)


the device








the first“Fisher Gold Bug 2”

VLF730 kilohertz6.5


5/5The second

“Garrett ATX”


252 PPS



the third

Minelab Gold Monster


70 Kilohertz*6 DD4.5/5


the device


Frequency file


the firstMinelab GPZ 5000 “Minelab GPZ ”

Multi17 DD



The second


Mine Lab GPX

“Minelab GPX


14 DD


the third

Mine Lab GPX 4500 “Minelab GPX ”



the fourthMinelab SDC 2300 “Minelab SDC ”

PIMulti8 Mono



BEFORE TALKING About the factors to be considered before choosing the appropriate gold detector, we must clarify that all metal detectors can be used in the search for gold, but gold detectors dedicated to this matter are dedicated to identifying metals (gold) small in size below the surface of the soil even in light of high The level of minerals in it, such as salts.

Factors Choosing the right gold detector for you

the place , where the place affects The geographer that you will search for on your choice of gold detector .

The size of the gold pieces you found From before
> Soil conditions, the level of minerals in it and the extent of the spread of waste

Will you use your gold detector to search for other metals such as coinsJewelry and antiquities?
the costYou may think that the high price of a specific gold detector may mean that it is better than the less expensive devices, but this is not the reality, as it may be the least expensive detector More effective than the higher price, which depends on the factors mentioned.
7000 The shape of pieces of raw gold is an example of what is found in the soil by a gold detector

Technique used

VLF or PI.

Code VLF stands for very low frequency, which is a technique used In metal detectors that are used to search for coins, jewelry and antiquities..

The frequencies of this technology range from 6 kilohertz to 45 kHz .

It is preferable to acquire a detector that contains this technology over the other if you are :

Want to search for coins, jewelry and relics

  • looking for small to medium-sized gold nuggets at a low depth from the earth’s surface قطع ذهب - أفضل أجهزة الكشف عن الذهبs You are searching in an area with a lot of waste and you want to separate it.
  • The budget will be less than 252 $ The second technique called PI stands for pulsed induction used in some special metal detectors designed to search at great depths and soils in which there are high levels of metals . The power of these pulses is measured by the number of pulses emitted per second . Reasons for Preferring Metal Detectors with Pulsed Induction Technology :

    You have experience searching for gold

    Want a metal detector dedicated to searching for gold

    Want to find larger pieces of gold at greater depths

    You will search in its level area The mineral is high and there is not much waste. A budget higher than

    Additional Accessories & Tools


    There are many additional accessories and tools that are recommended to be acquired and used next to your gold detector, including:

    A plastic shovel to remove dust from the discovered gold

    Jakosh for use in rocky soils Signs

    A cover for the detector coil to protect it from damage

Strong magnet for separating metals from gold

A chest to store the riches you discovered
Kit for transporting the detector Several files Depending on the nature of the location

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