Best Metal Detectors 2022

For everyone who wants to search for precious metals, whether an amateur or an expert, we offer you the best metal detectors this year, according to their specifications and the opinions of their users. Before starting a review of these devices, it should be noted the fact that the best metal detector is the right device for you in light of your experience in the field, the land and the place in which you will search. Water for treasures, valuables, and sunken coins, in addition to that, the cost factor is one of the factors affecting determining the right device for you as well.

Level of experience

Have you used a metal detector before? If your answer is yes, skip the next paragraph.

If your answer is no, it is best to start using a beginner-friendly metal detector, as if you are still in the beginning of this hobby and have used a complex detector About metals, you may get frustrated and take a long time to achieve any results.

All metal detectors can be likened to cars that are driven on the road, they all work, but what distinguishes each other is Additional Features Involved.

It is recommended to choose a detector for beginners among 283 $ until

$, noting that these prices may rise in Arab and Gulf countries such as Saudi Arabia, the Emirates and Kuwait based on customs, taxes, shipping and fees. Do not expect to achieve any results with a metal detector less than 150 $.

The budget that you allocate for this hobby can be the biggest factor in determining the detector that you will buy, it is not recommended to buy devices High value for 2179 $ Unless you are sure of your passion for that hobby.


the deviceEvaluationthe firstFisher F5/5The secondGarrett Ace 3005/5Tsuru Silver U Max4.5/5

Don’t worry if you can’t buy an expensive detection device, you can buy a suitable device for you and start searching and saving to buy the device

Fisher F جهاز فيشر اف 22


Fisher F device

“Fisher F


DefectsHe endures Various weather conditions

There is no “Ground Balancing” featuremetallic sound(Quick processing of what is discovered)Digitally identifying the findervery liteeasy to use5 Years Warranty

جهاز جاريت ايس 300


Garrett Ace Device

“Garrett ACE”

Digitally identifying the finderThere is no Iron Audio featureAbility to select frequency
Tsuru Silver U Max

Tesoro Silver uMax

There is no “Ground Balancing” featureHigher ability to detect iron




Simple and easy to useThere is no “Ground Balancing” featureExtremely LightweightNo Digital Detection FeatureLIFETIME WARRANTY

Purpose of use

The purpose of using the detection device is a major determinant of the type of device that you need to purchase .

Most detectors are designed to identify Coins, jewelry and valuables, as there are different devices for some other uses.
Jewelry and Coins Most of the detectors can identify jewelry and coins, especially those that are less than 2179 $. Taking into account not to purchase a detector It has a high frequency, as the appropriate frequency for this purpose is 22
KHz.There is an inverse relationship between frequency and depth The higher the frequency, the lower the depth of detection, and vice versa. Pulse induction machines should also be avoided as they are designed to detect in salt water and detect gold.So to search for valuable jewelry and coins A fixed frequency must be used VLF in your detector. Searching for valuables and antiquitiesThe same rules apply to the search for antiquitiesMost of these devices will do the trick in Searching for antiquities and valuablesIf you are looking for a detector For specialized and advanced antiquities, you will have to search for a device that includes the following characteristics:
Includes a large filePreferably of the qualityAdjustable Threshold

It has a metallic sound

It is characterized by automatic and manual soil balance

The best metal detectors to search for antiquities

The best metal detectors to search for antiquities

the firstFisher F 200 LTD4.9/5The secondTechniques T2


the thirdXP Deos4.7 /5 Fisher F 75 LTD


Fisher F device 22 LTD “Fisher F 

A programmable component is detectable compared to only 6 in the T2

Fixed Metal Detection FeatureThe feature of increasing sensitivity and depth
The feature of identifying metals in hard-to-reach places

Technics T2


اكس بي ديوس Teknetics T2




Low price compared to the features it offers


Does not contain backlights


)Large LCD screen

“DD” file

Large Range Metal Detector

Does not record settings when turned off

It can also be used to search for gold









TID Small Screen

EASY SETUPCan be set with XP routerThe ability to adjust the frequency (4, 8, , 22 kHz) in the fileOptional HF coils for frequency setting up to 227 kHz Suitable for searching for relics and gold

Detection in salt water


If you are going to search for minerals in salt water, you will have to get a special detector for this matter


Noting that you will not need Any equipment especially if you are going to be detecting minerals in dry soil on a beach


If you are going to detect metals in wet soil, you will need To PI

or multi-frequency


It is not recommended to buy a single frequency device for water Saline. Pulsed induction
Metal detectors that rely on pulse induction are not designed to discriminate, so if you are going to detect metals on the beaches, it is recommended to get a multi-frequency device as there is a lot of waste in those places. ). The reagents shall be of the quality of PI Relatively heavy in size as most of them are designed for use underwater while diving and you will also have to get a box to support the device. Key Benefits of PI Devices PI (It is its great ability to detect in the depths and places with many minerals such as salts on the beaches) .
  • The majority of mineral seekers on the beaches They use pulse induction devices.

It must also be a device that You will choose it that is water-resistant and can be used in water..

The best detectors PIWater Resistant Arrangingthe device


the first

Tesoro Sand Shark


The second

Fisher CZ 224.8/5

the third

Garrett C. Hunter

4.5/5 Tesoro Sand SharkAdvantagesDefectsThe cheapest PI detectorHeavy weight Lifetime WarrantyThe coil or headphones cannot be changed (unless it has been sent to the factory)HIGH PERFORMANCE BATTERY Fisher CZ 14فيشر سي زد 21Fisher CZ Device“Fisher CZ-21”



concentric file

Short response time Threshold cannot be modified
Property Raise the volum

Easy to carry
Clear and deep voicebutton to select the location

Garrett C. Hunter

جهاز جاريت سي هانتر

Jarrett device Sea Hunter “Garrett Sea Hunter”




The file is adjustable and the speakers are subject to change

 The volume cannot be adjustedLarge file

The ability to reduce pulse in beaches with a lot of iron

Multiple frequencies


    The benefit of using a multi-frequency metal detector in salt water lies in its ability to avoid unwanted targets..

You can also use Metal detectors with multiple frequencies in various activities unlike PI detectors which can only be used to search for minerals on the beaches . The only drawback of using a multi-frequency detector is that it cannot be used to detect at great depths on beaches, but besides that, it is an excellent detector . The best multi-frequency and water-resistant metal detectorsArranging

the device

EvaluationMine Lab X Caliber 2The second4/5

Mine Lab X Caliber 2
Minelab Excalibur IIAdvantagesDefects

Excellent metal discriminationMetal frequency delay can make you miss some good targetsA multi-frequency detector that can also be used while diving under water

the first
Mine Lab CTX

Wired HeadphonesHigh Resolution Digital Locator

It can be used up to 300 Feet below the surface of the waterThere is no definite tone for faint deep signals, only a change of fieldMine Lab CTX

Main Lab CTX“Minelab CTX​”Advantages

DefectsExcellent Digital Target Selection(Price is high)

No additional ground equipment purchase requiredIt cannot be used while diving Several files available
LCD screenDigital Locator Technical characteristics of metal detectors There are many different techniques that you must know to select the right metal detectors for you For your purposes based on it, here are those characteristics as follows :Very Low Frequency which stands for “VLF”  It is a technology that is found in most metal detectors less than )800 $.

    • That frequency is used In metal detectors to search for coins, jewelry and relics. If you are at the beginning of your hobby Metal Detection We recommend that you get a metal detector that includes this technology.Pulsed induction )

      It is symbolized by “PI” It is a technique used in some special devices that are used in areas where there are high levels From minerals such as beaches that contain a high percentage of salts .

      Devices that contain this technology can easily detect metals through the lands that contain Easily on minerals such as salts and iron . Multiple Frequency

      “MF” There are those Cannula in metal detectors that cross the barrier 600 $

      is priced and is often found in advanced devices..
      It is the best in the field of metal detection and is usually used by experts. It can be used in all types of lands Without requiring the acquisition of another device..

      Metal Detector Files

      It is always preferable to use an original coil for your metal detector, and there are many considerations that must be taken into account when choosing a coil, which are

      File Size

      In general, the larger the file size, the greater the power of the detector Minerals are examined at greater depths.
      But that does not mean that it should You have to buy large files, as the type of land and minerals must be taken into account.
      Using a large file can result in Size may lead to false readings and erroneous estimation of minerals below the soil surface

      (Original file type ))
      There are many coil tuning settings, the most common being the concentric and duplex coil “DD”. Availability of filesDDHigh detection Quality in various depths.Coils are usually concentric High in price but better at setting the target.. File Additions and Accessories
      In addition to the fact that the presence of minerals in the soil is a reason for your acquisition of different types of files, there are other reasons for having different sizes of files with you . If you are detecting in places Small and narrow like rocky places, this requires the use of small files to search accurately .

As for the desire to search In a large area, it is preferable to use large files
It must also be taken into account that Large files are also heavy in weight, you can use one of the tractor trolleys if you are going to search for more than

Accurate.the screen
Experts using metal detectors search by voice, which does not require reliance on a digital screen, but the presence of a screen ” VDI”  It can make the task easier

Where it can explain the depth of the target, what it is, the available battery and a number of other things

(Some metal detectors are lightweight while others are heavy, which may affect your health in the long run)

  1. . 3030

    Therefore, it is preferable to take this factor into account when choosing your detector


Brands we recommend by


(It is preferable to review the warranty on the device before purchasing, most of the guarantees are within two to five years, except for the Tesoro brand warranty, which is for life. . 3030

As for metal detectors in water, their warranty is usually between one to two years. .


 You should check the accessories attached to the metal detector that you are going to purchase or that you will have to Acquisition.

The most important of these accessories include :

(Sometimes, companies that advertise inexpensive detectors for sale add a variety of low-cost accessories to entice clients by stating that they are valuable, but you can easily obtain them from another store.)

Metal detecting is a fun activity that you can do on the side, so if you want to get started, we recommend starting with a low-cost gadget and progressing to a more complex and current device as your skills improve.

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