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appearance Black gold ring

Black gold is a term usually given to petroleum because of its value and the great ability to make huge profits from it, like gold. But this term is not limited to petroleum only, as it is also called one of the types of gold, which is distinguished by its black color. When you hear the word types of gold, white and pink gold may come to your mind, but the types of gold according to its color are multiple and include black.

Black gold is simply pure gold that has been processed in certain ways that lead Get it black. It is worth noting that black gold is not extracted from mines in nature, but rather is formed through multiple processes in a laboratory or factory. How is black gold produced

ElectroplatingAdding metals to gold

Using the laser

Using the plasma


Using Chemical Compounds


A figure that shows the elegance of black gold inlaid with precious stones

الذهب الاسود والاحجار الكريمة

It is called Electroplating is a common method for producing black gold. The electroplating process is simple and uncomplicated, where gold is coated with black rhodium or ruthenium plating, which gives gold an exceptional and attractive black color.

The electroplating process is the most economical way to produce black gold. But on the other hand, the paint fades faster than other methods.

To craft beautiful and elegant looking pieces and to achieve higher profits, it is recommended to use this method.

2 – Adding minerals

الذهب الاسود للرجال

By adding specific minerals such as cobalt, the natural yellow gold color can be converted to black . When metals are added to change the color of gold to black, a specific ratio of 1 metal for every 3 gold (1:3) depends.

3 – laser exposure

The latest method in producing black gold, where a femtosecond laser is used in a process by which the surface of the gold is converted to black by exposing it to pulses of high energy.

And compared to all methods of producing black gold, this is the best way to preserve black gold for the longest possible period without periodic care. But it is very expensive because it requires special skill and expensive techniques, so it is not widely available in the market. 4 – Plasma

The stored chemical vapors are used with the help of plasma in a process that includes amorphous carbon that leads to the formation of black gold.

5 – Oxidation

is achieved through the oxidation of gold containing chromium and cobalt in laboratory conditions in proportions % for gold and % of cobalt.

6 – Chemicals

Black gold is produced in this way by adding chemical compounds Contains sulfur and oxygen for gold.

Black gold jewelry

Because black is one of the uncommon colors in the jewelry industry At the same time, wearing a piece of it leads to attracting attention and fascination. Black gold is elegant and luxurious and is suitable for any occasion. However, finding it in jewelry stores can be quite difficult because it is not produced on a large scale.

Black gold amulets and earrings retain their luster for longer periods than Other types of jewelry, where they do not require much care and polishing, as by the nature of their black color, the presence of dust will not be evident on them. It may come to your mind, what if you don’t like the black gold piece after purchasing it? You can easily order re-plating at many jewelry stores, for example, you can turn it white by plating it with rhodium.


There is a high demand from men for black gold rings

Men accept black gold rings in jewelry stores for their elegance and distinctive appearance, and because they contain an advantage that is not found in tungsten and carbon fiber rings, which is that they can be easily changed in size. It does not require re-plating after that.

As for the price of black gold, it depends on the percentage of pure gold in it and the method of production, as its calibers are identical to those of yellow gold and the methods of production differ in cost from rhodium plating. Even the femtosecond laser, as we mentioned.

to you The carats of black gold are as follows:

The percentage of pure gold Percentage of other minerals

black gold caliber 10 Carats



karat black gold 14 Carats


gold Black Caliber 14 Carats



black gold karat Carats 473%3%

black gold karat  Carats


How to care for black gold jewelry

The majority of black gold jewelry pieces in the market are plated and with the passage of time the coating layer fades and requires repainting. Also, when it is scratched, the original gold color appears under the coating layer. To maintain the appearance of the piece you have, we advise you to repaint it every 3 years or according to its condition.

  1. Avoid scratching or exposing the black gold piece to friction
  2. Use Unconcentrated liquid when polishing and cleaning black gold


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