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How to Buying Amber Without Deceit

Amber is one of the most famous and most deceitful semi-precious stones, as much of the amber in the market is promoted as amber Natural, but it is fake artificial amber. Natural amber is a valuable and precious stone made from the resin of a tree that has been fossilized over tens of millions of years in the earth and subjected to high temperature and pressure. Amber is extracted from rocks or when washed ashore by the sea in what is known as Baltic amber.

Amber has been used in jewelry, medicine, perfume and magic since ancient times. Do not be surprised when you know that natural amber does not come in honey color only, as there are natural types in other colors, including yellow, black, red, pink, green and white. الكهرمان الطبيعي

appearance Natural amber

honey amber constitutes about

% of the total natural amber present as it can also appear orange Or brown according to the bubbles in it. This color is mainly manifested in Baltic amber.

Green amber is formed when green plants are part of the amber fossil formation and is extremely rare and therefore has a high price value.

Red amber is commonly called cherry amber, and it is very rare and valuable.

Blue amber is a very rare and expensive variety with a brownish-yellow coloration but when it is faced with light that contains ultraviolet rays such as sunlight, it produces a clear blue shade معرفة الكهرمان الطبيعي عند الشراء


Black amber is a dark red or brown color that forms when tree resin is mixed with soil or Any other dark inclusions.

Natural Amber Shape

in many Gem artisans often use various methods to improve the colour, clarity and durability of amber. Here are the methods used to do this: 

Dark amber with the presence of Small bubbles inside. Its prices are not high compared to other amber prices, so jewelry artisans increase the clarity of it by boiling it in linseed or rapeseed oil, where it is slowly heated in the oil until it boils, then the small bubbles fill with oil and disappear.



Since green and red amber are rare and precious species, jewelers change the amber color by applying black paste to the surface and then heating

The amber color is also modified by heat treatment and dyeing where Thus, the value of the stone and the apparent beauty are increased.

Some pieces of amber contain cracks and defects that are treated By filling it with copal, a type of tree resin.

Some amber is also coated with layers of dye. Usually to improve color.

Since the amber pieces are not always large stones, sellers melt the small pieces and shape them into larger pieces that have a more attractive appearance and are called pressed amber in jewelry stores.

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      • The improvement and treatment of amber stones by heat does not affect their price value, as well as dyeing to improve the color while dyeing to change The color from honey to a rarer color affects the value and price of the stone, as the price of natural blue amber cannot match the blue-dyed honey amber.


    How to buy amber jewelry


How to know the real amber when buying

The real amber can be easily known from the fake through a number of methods and simple tests that give CONFIRMED RESULTS.

The most common type of fake amber is the amber The component of copal, as cobal is not a solid resin and is not a sap 505%, while it is very similar in chemical composition. Cobal is like amber in composition but from more modern materials.

Real amber feels warm to the touch. You can feel the stone and check its warmth. If the stone is cool to the touch, it is likely to be a fake.(The original amber has a pine-like scent. Hold the amber up to your nose and check if it has this scent in it.

The amber is very lightweight It can float in salt water. Mix a 2:1 ratio of salt to the water and put the stone in it. If the stone is fake and made of plastic, cable or glass, it will sink while real amber will float.

The most reliable test is the heat test, where amber burns but does not melt unlike cobalt and plastic. If you expose the amber to heat, note whether it will burn and give off white smoke, a pine smell or the smell of chemicals. As if it smells chemicals it is not original.

If you have a black light or The traviolite torch should be shined on the amber stone if it gives shades of blue or yellow, then it is original, while the cobal and plastic will not be affected and give any shades when subjected to this test.

The infrared meter can be used to identify natural amber from synthetic.

The correct way to buy original amber

شراء الكهرمان الأصلي How to determine the value of amber when buying

The value of amber is determined primarily by its color, clarity, size, dimensions, purity, and whether it contains insects or prehistoric creatures. Date. Amber pieces containing fossilized insects from those ancient times are priceless.

The colour of amber is one of the characteristics that substantially influences the value of the stone, as honey yellow to dark honey amber is of high value, although the more uncommon amber colours of green, blue, and red are considerably more valuable.

The clarity of amber is one of the most important variables influencing the price of natural amber, since pure amber is more precious than amber with flaws and is considered opaque.

Cutting the plants present in some varieties of amber has no effect on its value and may even boost its appeal.

Amber is a stone that may be used in a variety of jewellery, including rings, necklaces, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. It is best paired with fall and dark hues in fashion.

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