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The cat’s or cat’s eye stone is one of the distinctive gemstones that includes an unusual phenomenon in the reflection of light on its surface, as it shows a luster similar to that of the eyes of cats or kittens. In fact, the “cat’s eye” stone is not a specific type of gemstone, but rather several varieties that may differ in their chemical composition, composition and even color, but they share the distinctive luster property.

From a scientific point of view, it has The term “cat’s eye effect” is derived from the French word for “cat’s eye”. This effect represents the appearance of the “cat’s eye” clearly enough to be easily noticed by the naked eye, and the reason for its occurrence is due to the reflection of light by parallel fibers or channels and needles in the stone. It is possible to create this effect intentionally in the laboratory or by means of gem preparation tools by cutting the gemstone in the form of “cabochon” (polishing the stone except for the facets) and making parallel fibers in it so that the appearance of the cat’s eye shines when viewing the stone in the light.

stone name Cat’s eye chrysoberyl
Quality semi cream
chemical classification oxide metals
Chemical formula BeAl2O4
degree of hardness 8.5 mo
refractive index 1.745، 1.748، 1.754
specific density 3.5 to 3.84
Crystal System rhombus orthogonal
Cleavage Unidirectional Distinguished
Fracture oysters
the sparkle vitreous
Transparency semi-transparent, opaque
Colors multi-colors
degree of dispersion 0.015
phenomenon Ain El Har
configuration pegmatite, mica, schist
wear resistance excellent
luminescence exist
Luminescence type fluorescent, ultraviolet
price low


Characteristics of cat’s eye stone)

the name of the stone Cat’s eye, chrysoberyl Quality semi-cream Chemical classification

Metal Oxides

Chemical formula


(2) O (4) degree of hardness 8.5 moose Refractive index 1. 1303, 1. 748, 1.1303 specific density 3.5 to 3. Crystal System Rhombic orthogonal Cleavage Distinguished unidirectional Refraction Oyster


Vitreous Transparency semi-transparent, opaque Colors multi-colors

Degree of dispersion 0.409 The phenomenon

Ain El Cat Composition

(Pegmatite, mica, schist ) Endurance while wearing excellent luminescence There is Scintillation type Fluorescent, over coffee violet price Low

  1. The colors of the cat’s eye stone )
  2. Greenish-yellow
  3. Yellow
  4. VioletTransparent (rare)
  5. yellow-brown (most common
  6. light yellow brown
  7. Golden-brown
  8. greenish
  9. Natural Yellow Cat Eye Stone

Places of extraction of the cat’s eye stones

Here are the places where the Ain El Har stone mines are located and are extracted as follows:

India (from which high quality cat’s eye stones are extracted)

  1. Sri Lanka (all kinds of cat’s eye stones)
  2. Australia (famous for its colored cat’s eye stones greenish yellow)
  3. Myanmar (Rare Transparent Cat’s Eye)
  4. United States of America (Connecticut, Colorado, New York, New Hampshire, South Dakota)
  5. Democratic Republic of Congo
  6. Tanzania
  7. Madagascar
  8. Finland
  9. Japan
  10. Appearance of two types of “cat’s eye” stones

The cat’s eye effect is similar to the effect of stars on gemstones, except that the difference between them lies in the presence of one vertical array of light on the cat’s eye stones, while there are 4 to 6 Arrays of light on stones comprising a star effect. It is worth noting here that it is common to find “cat’s” eye stones containing two perpendicular arrays on the same stone in gem stores and collectors. On the cat’s eye chrysoberyl stone, it should be noted here that the mere mention of the cat’s eye stone “cat” in the field of gem trade indicates the chrysoberyl stone that contains that effect. But this does not negate the existence of types and varieties of gemstones that contain the same effect.

Chrysoberyl stone belongs to the rare alexandrite family, so it is not surprising when it is mentioned that it is characterized by a very high hardness estimated at 8.5 over The Mohs scale of hardness, which makes it suitable for many types of jewelry and jewelry, is characterized by blue, red, green, yellow, orange, brown, pink, violet, gray in nature and even the colors of the same stone may vary at times. Cat’s eye chrysoberyl is extracted from mines located in Sri Lanka, Brazil, India, China and Zimbabwe.

The appearance of the effect of the “cat’s eye” stone during exposure to light

Beliefs and Legends about Cat’s Eye Stones

A close view of the “cat’s eye” stone

The “cat’s” eye stone is believed to contain Strong positive spiritual properties that help spread love and solve social problems, in addition to the ability to calm it and clear the soul and mind from the various pressures of life if it is worn or carried.

It is also believed in its ability to improve health and quality of life. And help to make money and create wealth. According to some ancient writings about the effect of this healing stone, it helps relieve pain, depression and sadness.

It is also said to help relax, focus, improve memory, and protect against negative energy.

According to the ancient legends about that stone, it is believed that it helps to achieve power and protect against dangers related to it.

the shape of an eye stone Natural black cat

But remember, these beliefs and myths are no more than that, they have no actual or material effect except on your psyche perhaps, so If you suffer from something or want to achieve a certain thing, we advise you not to rely on it and rely on yourself.

The appearance of the “Chrysoberyl” cat’s eye stone ring

Cat’s eye stone jewelry “Cat”

The value of the cat’s eye stone is determined based on its hardness and purity. It also prefers species that reflect light in a specific and bright manner. It is usually used in the manufacture of rings and bracelets. It is worth noting here that there are some types of chrysoberyl and other varieties of cat’s eye stones that have a poor appearance to the effect and low light reflection, sometimes being promoted and sold at discount prices.

Factors to consider when desiring Buying one of the cat’s eye stones, knowing the type of stone that contains that effect, as sometimes some sellers display the stones that contain that effect and write down the cat’s eye stone next to it without specifying the type or type, which is of great importance in determining the value of the stone And whether it is suitable for purchase or not.

It is worth noting that it is sometimes confused for some people to differentiate between the stone of the cat’s eye “the cat” and the stone of the tiger’s eye, to believe that both are one type, but they differ in terms of Chemical composition and type, as tiger’s eye is a type of quartz, unlike cat’s eye stone, which is based on other varieties.

When shopping, keep in mind that chrysoberyl cat’s eye stones are not treated or enhanced in any way. Cat’s eye tourmaline, which is usually found in green and pink, cat’s eye quartz, cat’s eye aquamarine, cat’s eye moonstone, cat’s eye apatite, and cat’s eye scapolite are the most well-known of these stones. As previously demonstrated, the chrysoberyl stone is the most high-quality and excellent.

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