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Coral stone is one of the semi-precious stones and among the stones mentioned in the Qur’an, which makes us conclude with certainty that it is one of the precious and precious stones, in addition to that, the coral stone falls into the category of organic stones where Its origin is due to the coral reefs located below the surface of the sea. Coral stone is found in several different colors, including white, red, black, even blue and brown, while the red color is the most common and widespread. It is widely used in the manufacture of jewelry, jewelry and accessories, noting that it is not suitable to use any type of coral to be relied upon in the industry due to the presence of special standards for that and specific and well-known types that can be exploited.

Red Coral Stone Jewelry Shape

The coral stone in warm waters consists of the skeletons of marine animals that live next to each other in what is called a society like a colony that grows and branches in a specific pattern like our society. When contemplating this system, we find that it carries some meaning and wisdom represented in reaching a better state than mere remnants and progress in the future, while at the same level the steady growth of branches represents the ability to adapt and expand despite difficulties.

stone name coral, sea coral, coral
Quality semi cream
Composition Calcium carbonate
Category Coralium (sea coral organism) – Anthozoa
Chemical formula CaCO3
degree of hardness 3 to 4 mo
refractive index 1.486 to 1.658
specific density 2.6 to 2.7
Crystal Formation trigonal
Cleavage There is no
Fracture There is no
the sparkle vitreous, waxy
Transparency transparent, opaque
Colors White, red, orange, pink, black
Temperature sensitivity High

Refractive index 1. up to 1.692 specific density 2.6 through 2.7 Crystal Formation Triangular

Cleavage nothing Fracture nothing Sparkle vitreous, waxy Transparency transparent, opaque The colors White, Red, Orange, Pink, Black Sensitivity to temperature


Natural coral stone

There are two main types of coral stone that can be found in the Mediterranean Sea and the coasts of Australia and the South Pacific Ocean, in addition to that it is found in the coasts of Japan and Africa. Coral stone is chemically similar to pearl stone and it is known that it can grow to reach its length up to 40 a centimeter, with branches estimated to be 4 centimeters thick and hard 3.5 on the Mohs scale.

Coral Stones Shop Shape

Coral stone is polished and prepared before it is displayed in stores and used in the jewelry industry. In fact, coral consists of animals called “polyps”. Coral consists of the accumulated skeletons of these “polyps” and it should be noted here that the rarest and most valuable species of coral is called blood coral. Coral stone colors

Here are the colors of coral as follows:

  1. Red (most common)
  2. Pink (common)
  3. White (common)
  4. orange (common)
  5. Yellow<
  6. (Al Rasasi)
  7. the black

Blue (fairly rare)Types of coral Here are the types of natural coral with pictures as follows:1. Green Coral
(The shape of the green coral stoneGreen coral is found in various degrees, starting from light green to dark green, and its quality varies like other types of coral. It is considered one of the types of coral that gives elegance and a special appearance when wearing it and helps to bring peace and tranquility.

Shape of shades of green coral

Blue Coral StoneBlue coral is found at the bottom of the sea in some limited areas and is characterized by its dazzling beauty and consistency with fashion. Natural blue coral stone is found in shades of light and even dark blue and often tends to green.stone shape Natural blue coral

3. Violet Coral Stone
Purple Coral Stone ShapeIt is one of the rare types of coral and it acquires this color during its formation. Violet coral is extracted on a limited scale and its price value is high due to its scarcity.4. White Coral Stone

Coral stone shape White

White coral is used in the manufacture of luxury jewelry of all kinds, and it is one of the most abundant types of coral and comes in second place after the red coral stone.

5. Red Coral Stone(Photo of the red coral is beautiful in appearanceRed coral is used in the manufacture of all kinds of jewelry and is the most famous type of coral as it comes in the first place in terms of availability and acceptanceAs for the name itself “coral”, we can say that there is a word for coral in many languages, most of which mean “little stone”.Coral extraction placesCoral is extracted from the seabed and beaches where there are coral reefs.(Tropical brackish water) (Sub-tropical saline water)

  1. (Canary Islands)
  2. Taiwan
  3. Malaysian beaches
  4. shores of Australia
  5. Italia (Sardinia)
  6. Hawaii
  7. Tips When Buying Coral
  8. (“Knot” series of coral stone

It is not recommended to wear coral stone and use cosmetics at the same time, such as citrus perfumes, besides when You wear ornaments or jewelry decorated with this stone. Try to avoid bright and shiny lights, so it is recommended to put it inside a cloth wrap or anything opaque to keep it and to be in good condition for as long as possible. Coral is also affected by exposure to any chemical element for sure and directly, so it is recommended to put it in a box for preservation and to ensure that it is not affected by one of the chemical elements such as perfume as we

mentioned.In the event that you have this stone And you want to restore it to its luster, you can hand it over to one of the stores specialized in cleaning and preparing gem stones so that they can do that process. Direct as it restores the red color to it and makes it more quality, which gives it a new and better appearance. As for the newly used method, it is done by adding hydrogen peroxide to it to restore its splendid luster and appearance.

How to clean coral
Coral is easier to clean than other marine stones such as seashells because it is difficult to breakWhen you clean the reef all you have to do here is put the coral in a solution of chlorine water (3 parts water, 1 part water) of chlorine) and leave it for a few hours
Use a small brush or even your hand and brush gently
It is preferable to use lukewarm water at room temperature
Avoid using acids and alcohol in Cleaning
Use a soft cloth to clean and dry the coral pieces so as not to damage the coral pieces

Put the coral in a well-ventilated place to dry
Coral Stone and Legends

Here are the most prominent beliefs about coral as follows:

Increased Confidence and Courage
Overcoming Obstacles

Improving mental and physical abilities Improving Relationships with Others

Protection from black magic

Skip Bad Relationships Getting rid of bad personality traits

  1. Skip Debts
  2. (Bring money)
  3. Protection from Envy
  4. Getting rid of negative thoughts
  5. Strengthening Positive Thinking
  6. Increase chances Gaining influence and power
  7. Renewing your perspective on life<
  8. Treatment Blood related problems
  9. It is believed in its ability to treat cough

Reducing Anxiety

Instilling calm in the soulCoral stone shape in various sizeswas Coral was traditionally used as jewelry in the BC period, as it was found in Celtic tombs and was considered a symbol of wealth in China. The Dalai Lama also used it in Tibet and still is today. It should be noted that the coral stone is one of the seven treasures of Buddhism.In ancient legends, this stone was said to be related to the story of the ghoul. When the ghoul gave Medusa some of her blood, drops and fell into the sea and became this red coral.Natural Coral Shape

Medusa was once beautiful, but Athena turned her into a hideous, jealous creature. As a result of having snakes instead of her hair, Medusa was able to turn the person looking at her to stone. Later, after her death, her blood formed a beautiful crystal with healing powers, as beautiful as it was before she turned into this being.

picture The home of coral stone – coral weeds under the sea

Coral is thought to promote the need to gaze at oneself in women and to aid in the release of negative sentiments and impulses. And then there’s the transition to peace and stability.

According to one mythology, Mars is formed of coral because of its red tint. Especially the red coral, which was thought to improve women’s patience and fertility.


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