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The engraving on diamonds is a very small engraving measured in microns, which is performed by devices available in diamond centers and laboratories located in various countries of the world for two main purposes, the first is to give an identity to the stone and thus the possibility of identifying its source and reducing The possibility of theft and tampering and for writing congratulations on it, which is often limited to a limited number of words.

It is worth noting that there is a growing demand for diamond engraving. As a result of increased individual knowledge and the activities of organisations associated to the development of the trend toward lowering the number of unrecognised diamonds and encouraging their owners to carry out this procedure in specialist centres distributed around the world. And, as previously stated, engraving on diamonds is not limited to writing down stone information, but is also done in many spread centres that offer offers to add phrases for congratulations or memory in various languages, with the majority of these centres engraving phrases on diamonds in Western languages, with English being the most common. Those who wish to add an inscription can do so.

The growth in deceit and the number of individuals impacted by this subject has clearly increased the awareness of diamond jewellery purchasers in this topic. in diamonds during repairs or resets in recent years, and a big part of the causes for this knowledge may be linked to accounts published in the media. Many diamond buyers are duped as a result of not having the diamond engraved, and there are numerous scenarios of deception that occurred as a result of leaving pieces of diamond jewellery in the hands of undocumented jewellers for repair or whatever, and then returning to take the piece again and take it to an appraiser,

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The appearance of engraving on diamonds

Laser engraving on diamonds is an essential approach to decrease the likelihood of the stone being accidentally replaced and other issues discussed above. Procedure for verifying the stone before and after leaving it with the jeweller While there are alternative, more dependable techniques to achieve the same result, keep in mind that the inscriptions are not an exhaustive reference; they may be updated or removed. Second, customers should be aware that their diamonds are not tracked in the same way that automobiles are tracked. While the existence of inscriptions on the stone may aid in its recovery by allowing it to be identified, it does not aid in the actual recovery procedure. Furthermore, in addition to or instead of depending on laser engravings to ensure

Keep the original certificate of the stone with you at all times and do not give it to anyone else. Instead, if required, offer a duplicate. The diamond identification certificate, on the other hand, is a record of three essential elements: carat weight, stone measurements, and the placement and type of the inclusions.

When you leave diamonds with a jeweller, always receive a receipt that contains the weight, shape, measurements, and inscriptions, as well as a precise depiction of one of the key inclusions that identifies the stone. Check that the criteria are still in place when you get it again.

Example of a certificate of proof and clarification of the place of laser engraving on diamonds

Should a diamond stone have a laser engraving ?

Yes, it is preferable, as the engraving on diamonds that is done with a laser It will not only help you make your decision while buying diamonds but will also help protect you from fraud, omission and deception.

What is laser engraving on diamonds?

(Laser engraving on diamonds is a set of letters and numbers etched on the stone, which is usually found in the grooves of the stone.) These markings serve as a unique identity, assisting in the identification of the stone if necessary. Aside from assisting you in distinguishing your diamond from other stones. Stone engraving is often performed by diamond categorization centres and laboratories.

Why is the engraving on diamonds important?

Because the identifying symbols etched on the diamond stone match those specified in the certificate, the stone may be validated by studying the symbols indicated in that document. In the jewellery store or where you want to purchase diamonds, inquire about the inscriptions carved on them and if they correspond to what is on the certificate. As previously said, these engravings are quite beneficial in defending oneself against fraud.

And, if you take the diamonds to a jeweller for repair, don’t forget to notify them about the engravings on the stone so that the person conducting the repairs doesn’t harm it by accident. When you get the stone back, verify the inscriptions to make sure it hasn’t been replaced and that nothing has gone wrong with it.

Of course, not all diamonds are laser engraved; some diamond manufacturers may decide not to pay for this “engraving” service in order to save money. In such circumstances, there are several ways and procedures other than engraving that may be used to identify, identify, and differentiate the stone. The most essential of these procedures is determining the impurities present in the stone, because the amount and placement of these inclusions in the stone is unique to each stone and differentiates it from the others. Furthermore, diamond certifications include inclusion shapes or graphs that serve as maps of each configuration found inside or on the stone. If your diamond isn’t laser etched, you may always engrave it in one of the centres or corners.

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