Durr Najafi stone – properties, name and uses with pictures

The Al-Durr Al-Najafi stone is a semi-precious stone that is commonly utilised in the jewellery industry, particularly in men’s rings. The term Al-Durr Al-Najafi stone refers to the location of its extraction, which is the city of Najaf in Iraq, where this stone has been known for thousands of years. It is also known as “the quartz crystal” or “the gondal crystal.” The Al-Dur Al-Najafi stone is simply a quartz crystal that is recognised by its translucent white tint. As a result, it is known technically as a clear quartz stone or pure quartz. The Durr Najafi rings’ design

Characteristics of Al-Dur Al-Najafi The characteristics of quartz stone apply Al-Durr Najafi, scientifically they are the same stone. The characteristics of Al-Durr Al-Najafi include the following:

Chemical formula SiO2 the color transparent, white Place (Al-Najaf desert in Iraq)

Crystal structure 7 hardness Specific gravity 2. ) till 2.08 Transparency Hexa Refractive index 1. 63 up to 1.55 Clear, transparent, and tinged with white Category Quartz The translucent tint of Al-Dur Al-Najafi stone, which is generally white, makes it easy to identify. According to ancient beliefs and tales of Iraq, this stone was recognised for its power to alleviate ailments and enhance life in a variety of ways. The stone is widely used and purchased, particularly in Arab nations like as Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates, where it is used to build earrings, chains, rings, and swimming pools.

medium SiO2
the color transparent, white
the place Najaf desert, Iraq
hardness 7
crystal structure Hexa
refractive index 1.54 to 1.55
specific gravity 2.63 to 2.65
Transparency Transparent, translucent with white tinge
Category quartz

The shape of a “bracelet” jewelry, sweetened with a stone from Al-Dur Al-Najafi

Al-Durr Al-Najafi was known in many civilizations for thousands of years, as the Greeks named it crystal when they discovered it because it was identical to the color of snow, which is called by the same name. While in the Arabic language, the word al-Durr has more than one meaning, such as a precious and precious thing or pearl. The higher the degree of transparency of the Najafi Durr stone and the higher its purity, the higher its quality. More expensive and more rare.

The shape of the Durr Najafi stone

Al-Dur Al-Najafi contains a rare phenomenon in precious stones, which is the generation of electrical energy when pressed in a small amount. Where pressure forces the ions to move from their places, affecting the balance of charges and transforming the crystal into a battery-like.

The stone is extracted from the Najaf desert in the western part, where it is spread over hundreds of miles. Although the main and most famous type of Al-Durr Al-Najafi is transparent crystal quartz, there are other types of quartz stones of different colors in the same area in Najaf, so-called names are derived from Al-Durr Al-Najafi. For example, the red quartz stones that are extracted from Najaf are called Al-Dur Al-Najafi Al-Husseini, while the black stones are called Al-Dur Al-Najafi Al-Nafti, and there are other colors such as yellow and brown.

Al-Dur Al-Najafi rough shape “transparent quartz crystal”

& on Although Al-Dur Al-Najafi refers to translucent quartz mined from Najaf, this form of quartz is found in vast numbers in most nations across the world, including the United States, China, India, Brazil, and Iraq.

Usually engravings are made on the stone and inscriptions of talismans, phrases or names (such as Ali and Hussein) to bring blessings. It is also considered one of the low-priced stones that are sold in large quantities in oriental jewelry stores. Although it is commonly used in the manufacture of rings, many prefer to acquire it in the form of a semi-precious stone, believing in its ability to bring good or for its distinctive and attractive appearance.

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