Emerald stone – properties, colors and legends with pictures

Emerald is one of the most attractive and precious gemstones, which is distinguished by its distinctive green color, making it one of the most beautiful stones in the world. Emerald is also known as the heart stone, and here we mean that emerald is associated with a feeling of love, mercy and compassion. It is also called a healing stone due to the belief in its ability to achieve emotional and physical balance. Emerald is the stone of the Chinese goddess “Kuan Yin” as it represents universal love and intangible inner beauty and also symbolizes wisdom and prosperity.

stone name Emerald, Imirald
Quality gemstone
chemical classification Beryl
Chemical formula Be3Al2(SiO3)6
degree of hardness 7.5 to 8 mo
refractive index 1.564 to 1.595
1.568 to 1.602
specific density 2.76 average
Crystal System Hexa
Cleavage Imperfect (0001)
Fracture oysters
the sparkle vitreous
Transparency transparent, opaque
Colors Green, teal, teal, black
lines White
Melting temperature 1278 degrees Celsius

Emerald shape

back The origin of the color of this green stone is due to the inclusions of the element chromium in the composition of the crystalline stone in the aluminum positions. The interesting thing here is that chromium is considered a substitute for aluminum in other stones – ruby, which is responsible for the distinctive red color.

Emerald is beryllium aluminum silicate, while ruby ​​is aluminum oxide and belongs to to the family of this oxide. So both structures are similar but the environment of the emerald is more open (due to the presence of C and B atoms) than the environment of the ruby ​​stone.

Close-up of an emerald stone

This alteration between the two stones transfers the energy levels of the impurities allowing for slight absorption and transfer properties. In emerald stone, bluish green is the only color that is transmitted while red is still partially emitted. As a result, this gives an additional quality to the emerald color, but the crystal lattice is not without some defects, such as the element iron.

Emerald Stone – the green

Characteristics of the emerald stone

The name of the stone Emerald, Emerald Quality gemstone

Chemical classification BEREL Chemical formula (Be3) Al(2) (SiO (3)) (6) Degree of hardness 7.5 to 8 mos Refractive index

(Green, Teal Blue, Teal Yellow, Black lines White Melting temperature 3682 Celsius degree hardness Stone

The shape of emerald stones of various sizes

The degree of hardness of the emerald stone reaches Between 7.5 and 8 on the Mohs scale of hardness, which is rather high compared to other silicate materials.

As noted earlier, emerald belongs to the The beryl family consists of quartz stone mixed with aluminum oxide and some other materials that can be added. In jewelry, an emerald stone can be very pricey, especially if it is free from inclusions and has flat protrusions. Usually these protrusions reach 58 or 76 bump.

  1. Real Emerald Stone Shape
  2. Emerald colors
  3. The transparency of emerald ranges from transparent to opaque, and its colors vary in degrees between the following
  4. Green (the most common emerald color) Light green Dark green
  5. Achieving inner peace
  6. Family Bonding Solving problems related to wealth Helps focus
  7. energy boost
  8. Mind Clearing Getting rid of nightmares
  9. Getting rid of evil spirits
  10. Bringing Peace and Prosperity Achieve success

(Improving memory) He believes that whoever separates from a romantic relationship must wear it to overcome problems.
Bringing Good Luck (Helps to gain wisdom)

Strengthening love and bonding It is said that the color of emerald changes when an unreal friend is around the wearer Protects from bad relationships Protection from snake bites Elimination of nervous attacks Increasing the ability to recover Emerald has many properties and people often attribute to it as many healing powers as they do with all other gemstones. People also believed that the emerald stone could regulate intraocular pressure and therefore some producers used to keep it in their offices.
Natural emerald stones of different sizesAs many people in ancient cultures believe it contains Various healing powers from digestive issues to superior natural protection against demonic influences. In addition, some believed that it also protects against poisonous creatures and enhances great sensitive powers, psychic abilities, wisdom, ability to foresee the future, etc., especially the valuable light green stone patterns that were associated with all spiritual matters.(Elegance of a ring inlaid with an emerald stone) The emerald stone is known as one of the exceptional stones due to its properties that promote emotional and spiritual balance. It increases energy levels in all parts of the body, and currently, this is the most distinctive feature of this precious gemstone. It is directly related to the heart – the Anahata chakra, which along with all these functions balances the flow of energy between the three upper and lower chakras. It brings emotional balance when placed on the heart area. As for the meditative aspect; It is very effective with emerald, rose quartz or with morganite, and can also provide excellent results.

Emerald stone aggregate

Dark emerald crystals can be used in the field of crystal therapy and self-healing, helping people with multiple sclerosis and epilepsy, according to ancient writings. In these cases, an emerald is used to wear it around the neck. Some also say that emerald can also help with Parkinson’s disease, paranoia, depression and similar conditions.

It is also believed that this stone can cure malignant diseases, protect the heart, regulate blood pressure, prevent infection, reduce inflammation and relieve Many other problems. The elixir made of emerald can help with many other problems such as back problems, spine problems, and problems related to bones and muscles. It is also believed that gold can amplify the benefits of emeralds.

Green Emerald Stone Gem Shape

Constellations and Emerald Stones

Taurus is related with the emerald stone. For Taurus, this vivid green stone represents kindness, real goodness, and good prosperity. According to some, the symbolism of this stone may also be found in the zodiac stone connected with the planet Cancer. In terms of birth, it corresponds to individuals born in the month of May. Surprisingly, this stone is also associated with the planet Mercury, particularly in astrology. The bluish-colored forms of this stone are said to be related with the planet Venus.

(Amazing Emerald Gem) According to one tale, immersing an emerald stone under water once a month helps to restore its vitality; moreover, holding it next to a ruby or quartz stone for some time is enough to activate it and boost his strength.

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