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It has long been believed that gemstones have metaphysical properties that affect mood and help heal a wide range of ailments. From promoting creativity and enhancing emotional balance to paving the way for positive emotions and self-acceptance, the abilities of gemstones vary, the most powerful and impactful are called energy stones. Big. Many also buy it to get its benefits. According to ancient writings, uncut natural gemstones have a higher energy than polished ones.


The characteristics and capabilities of energy stones are based on writings, beliefs and legends that were prevalent in some ancient civilizations and among some peoples and groups. It is not a substitute for consulting a doctor.


Energy stones in order
Here is a list of the strongest are energy stones according to their properties and abilities as mentioned in crystallography and ancient writings as follows.

1 – quartz

الجمشت - أحجار الطاقة

 Amethyst (Violet Quartz) – Energy Stone

clear quartz, also called rock crystal, is known as a master healer and a stone of great strength. Crystal healers know that quartz is the most versatile of healing energy stones and can be used to help heal many different ailments. Including reducing burn blisters, relieving pain and reducing fever. Also, according to what was mentioned in the ancient writings, quartz was used to treat stomach, heart and intestine problems.

Healers place the stone on the part of the body or the chakra that needs healing. Quartz amplifies the abilities of other stones and can be used as a substitute for many other gemstones.

Violet quartz (amethyst) is an energy stone used to aid in dependence and maintain a deeper spiritual perspective. It is also believed that wearing it during meditation creates deeper awareness on all spiritual levels, which is why many psychics use the stone.

Amethyst is an extremely powerful stone for master healers and meditators. Many healers wear amethyst because the gem allows the healer to focus their energies in very direct ways. Therapists claim that it effectively relieves physical and emotional pain and may help overcome the power of addiction. They use it to treat insect bites, migraines, asthma, and reduce pain. Traditionally, healers use it to prevent miscarriage, and relieve pain during pregnancy and childbirth.

If you’re having problems with insomnia or have blurred dreams, try placing amethyst under your pillow while sleeping. From emotional shocks and addiction.

The benefits of quartz as one of the energy stones, according to what was mentioned in the ancient writings:
Enhances Spirituality
Helps In Emotional Protection
Works to recover from Traumas

2 – Aquamarine

اكوامارين - أحجار الطاقة

The shape of aquamarine stone – Energy Stones

This blue gem has special and special abilities that evoke feelings of direction, calm, self-love and acceptance. Aquamarine also helps calm nerves, which is why you can bring it with you to any event or meeting that you expect will make you nervous. Aquamarine is said to bring luck and protect travelers.

Aquamarine is a stone of courage. Its calming energies reduce stress and help calm the mind. Useful for sensitive people. It can spread tolerance and wisdom, and provide support to those who are overwhelmed by responsibility. Increases awareness and focus.. Enhances self-expression. It counteracts fears and increases balance.

According to ancient literature, the following are the benefits of aquamarine as an energy stone:

  1. Courage and Strength
  2. Bringing Luck
  3. Promoting Inner Peace
  4. – Diamonds
  5. Diamond Shape – Energy Stones

Diamonds are not only one of the most expensive gemstones Rather, the strongest. Diamonds are believed to bind people together and bring emotional and mental clarity.

Diamonds are said to offer tranquilly and inner peace, resulting in a generally happy mental attitude. Diamonds may also alleviate tension, emotional discomfort, and fear, as well as shield the owner from harmful energies. Stones have also been thought to protect the wearer against thieves, fire, water, poison, sickness, and magic throughout history. Interestingly, it is thought that wearing diamonds around the neck or on the left hand increases their powers. Diamonds are also said to assist with a variety of medical problems since they purify the body’s processes.

The benefits of diamonds as one of the energy stones Ancient writings:

  1. Bringing Emotional Relationships
  2. Increase clarity and focus
  3. 4 – Jade


    Jade Stone Shape – Energy Stones

    Jade is said to be associated with the power of the heart chakra. It enhances intuition, opens your heart, and helps you trust the wisdom of your heart. It is said to be powerful and helps relieve sadness and emotional cleansing.

    Jade is a wonderful stone for promoting balance in the body. It is considered a special stone that offers good health, wealth and love. Jade can help you realize your full potential and achieve your goals. Jade also helps to transcend emotional issues and bring them to light for resolution. Jade can be used as a dream enhancer by passing a piece of it under your pillow or into a pillow case while you sleep.

    Benefits of jade as an energy stone According to what was mentioned in the ancient writings:

  4. 5 – Opals

    Opal Stone Shape – Energy Stones

    This semi-transparent stone is made of silicone and water. It is said in ancient writings that the spiritual energy in jade helps break unhealthy patterns, get rid of negativity and increase creativity.

    Opals are believed to have a positive effect in promoting health in general. Opal is beneficial for your health, skin and complexion. This stone is useful if you are challenged by dehydration or water retention. This is a good stone for those who work in or around water, such as a physical therapist who uses hydrotherapy. It also helps in treating depression and increasing optimism and happiness.

    The benefits of opal as one of the energy stones according to what was mentioned in the ancient writings:

    Increased energy in the body

    6 – Pearls

    The shape of the pearl stone – energy stones


    The powers of a pearl match its pure and honest appearance. It is said that wearing pearls enhances openness and honesty. And if you are trying to access inner wisdom, pearls may help you with that.

    According to ancient writings, pearls help balance the natural rhythms of the human body and hormone levels with the cycles of the moon. It also brings you inner wisdom and helps strengthen and nurture the growth of pure love.

    Promotes openness and finding the meaning of your true self. It increases focus, improves mood, and helps you learn to love yourself more, and love others more too It enhances feelings of goodwill, positive feelings and upliftment. Pearl stones calm emotions and get rid of negative energy.

    The benefits of pearls as one of the energy stones, according to what was mentioned in ancient writings:
    Bringing LoveFrankness and honesty


    7 – Sapphire


    Sapphire stone shape – Energy Stones

    Sapphire is said to be the most powerful gem in the universe because of its high energy. By combining all types of love to create love in crystal form, it promotes healing on all levels. It works more powerfully on the main chakra to remove blocks and stimulate vitality and passion. According to what was claimed in the writings of ancient civilizations, sapphire can improve fertility, remove blood clots, strengthen the heart muscle and improve blood circulation. It also intensifies all feelings and amplifies all kinds of energy when used with other energy stones.

    It is interesting to mention that a ruby ​​is essentially a ruby, because it is made of the same stone as all other rubies. Along with diamond, sapphire is one of the most powerful energy stones. Having one of these fiery gems near you will enhance the connection to the chakra, which is the flow of your body’s energy. In case you feel confused due to tiredness and lethargy, this is the jewel for you. It will boost your stamina in every way you can imagine, including in the bedroom. It is said that this stone is a strong aphrodisiac.

    The benefits of sapphire as one of the energy stones according to what was mentioned in the ancient writings:

    Bringing LoveBringing courage

    8 – exhale

    الياقوت - أحجار الطاقة

    الزفير - أحجار الطاقة

    Sapphire Shape – Energy Stones

    Wearing sapphire in general will deepen your connection with the third chakra and thus enhance Your intuition, purity, and openness to positivity.

    According to some ancient beliefs, blue sapphire helps heal all parts of the body and calms insomnia. Sapphire water is used externally or as an elixir, and is considered well purified and is best used with the change of seasons.

    Some have used sapphire in ancient times as a treatment for eye infections, improving eyesight, and relieving headaches, fever, nosebleeds, and ear problems, including hearing problems. Infection, inner ear disorders, and dizziness by staring at it.

    Exhalation is also believed to be useful in treating problems related to speech and communication. And for the nervous system, and in the treatment of blood disorders, dementia and degenerative diseases.

    The benefits of sapphire as one of the energy stones, according to what was mentioned in the ancient writings: style=”list-style-type: none;”>
    It enhances the ambition of the individual
    Supports the balance between feelings and thinking
    Increases positive energy and optimism

    9 – Topaz

    التوباز - أحجار الطاقة

    Topaz Stone Shape – Energy Stones

    If you feel out of balance, detached from yourself, or suffer from anxiety, topaz may be the right energy stone for you. This stone is said to reset your chakra points and provide relaxation and emotional comfort.

    Topaz soothes, heals, stimulates, recharges, re-stimulates and harmonizes the body’s meridians while directing energy to where it is most needed and enhancing the truth . Topaz brings joy, generosity, abundance and good health. It is known as the stone of love and good luck. Releases tension and stimulates relaxation. Topaz promotes openness, honesty, self-realization and self-control. It helps to solve problems and helps express ideas. Stabilizes emotions, making you receptive to love from everyone.

    The benefits of topaz as one of the energy stones, according to what was mentioned in ancient writings:

    Helps balanceImproves the condition of the body

    Increase frankness and honesty

    Keep the tourmaline close to you while you are in strong love. This gemstone helps you connect anbring the other party together.

    Tourmaline can help you understand yourself and others. Increases self-confidence and decreases fear. Inspiration, compassion, tolerance, and success are all attracted by tourmaline. Balances the brain’s left and right sides. It aids in the removal of hubris and the treatment of dyslexia. Tourmaline reduces stress and improves happiness. It also helps to balance the energy throughout the body.

    According to ancient literature, the following are the benefits of tourmaline as an energy stone:

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