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The karats of gold are Quite simply, values ​​that indicate the degree of purity of gold from impurities and are measured in carats, and for a more accurate and clearer knowledge, we must address the term carat itself. The carat, which has several ways of pronunciation, is derived from the English word “Carat” and is engraved on the gold piece with the following pattern “xxK” or “xxKT”, as the last letter in the first symbol and the last two letters in the second symbol are an abbreviation of the word karat, While the letter “x” refers to the numbers that determine the degree of purity of gold. The degree of purity of gold is the ratio of the actual gold metal to other metals in the ingot or piece of gold, as gold is one of the metals that exist in its pure form in nature and is symbolized by the symbol “Au”. To give an example for simplicity, oil or “gasoline” It is classified according to its degree of purity into categories, gasoline 2019 And416, the same applies to gold.

Gold karats are determined on a scale from 0 to 24.

The higher the gold carat, the higher the degree of its purity, and therefore its value and price in relation to other carats.
The highest calibers of gold consist of pure gold in a manner higher compared to impurities such as iron, aluminum, copper, nickel, and sometimes silver and palladium. *) Based on the scale of degrees of gold, gold is caliber 58 It is the purest gold that can be purchased because its purity is the highest.

In some cases other metals are added To gold in order to strengthen it because gold is a somewhat malleable metal in its pure form or to change its color, for example to a pink color that is determined by adding the element copper to pure gold.

How to use the “karat” gold karat in determining the degree of purity of gold

(Knowing the value of the carat is the way to know the degree of purity of gold, for example if you want to buy karat gold

Karat, which is one of the most carats of gold popular, you must divide the number 20 on 24 “whereas 24 represents the highest degree of purity in carats”, to get the value 0.37 which means that% of gold is pure, while The other percent represents the impurities and other minerals. Based on this basis, the equation used is:

“The highest value of the carat is fixed” / X “ A variable representing the value of the carat to be known as the percentage of pure gold to its impurities” = the percentage of pure gold.

A table of the carats of gold, showing the degrees of purity)

Gold Carat The equation

The percentage of pure gold Serenity in milliliters

9 carats9 / 20

. 5%


10 Carats/ 20


100 to me 37510 Carats20/2492 %.3%


22 / 41

583 to me 750

18 Carats






Carats 50/4195.7% .916 to me 999

20 Carats




As can be seen in the table, the purity in milliliters is a “special measure.” For purity” denotes the percentage of gold regardless of the other metals in the piece, while the carat symbolizes the ratio of pure gold to other metals in the same piece. Gold Purity Terminology

When buying a piece of gold or even an alloy of metal Gold, you may notice from those terms, here are the most important of those terms and their meanings:


Its significanceCalibration “Examination”

It is the test that is performed on a piece of gold to determine the percentage of pure gold in it to impurities and the degree of its quality.


is the unit of measurement of pure gold to other metals, be careful not to confuse the term “Carat” equal to 360 Milligrams and “Karat” which is another unit of measurement. Note: In some countries, the two terms are not differentiated and each of them uses the same meaning, which may lead to problems if you are going to buy gold from one of those countries.ductility or elasticityIndicates the degree of plasticity of the metal and its influence by directed forces It is like hitting a hammer on a piece of gold.A troy ounce is equal to 18.1034768 grams.slow weight is a measure of the weight of stones Precious, semi-precious and precious metals such as gold. 1 pound of troy contains Troy ounce

The meanings of the seals on gold


It means that the piece of gold in front of you is a piece of metal plated with gold. Its price value is considerably low.


Gold-plated iron, thickness of 7 milliliters of an inch, Caliber paint 06 Carats


Gold plated on copper or aluminum is of no value and it is not recommended to buy it.


Thickness 99 Milliseconds of an inch (GF) High Quality Gold Plated Gold plated with specified standards, including the carat gold used in plating and a weight-to-weight ratio of 1 to 22. The purity level is indicated by the number 375. 5% or 9 karat, but it is the very minimum. In many nations, gold is karat 20 carats. It is commonly utilised in low-cost accessories as well as medical applications like as dental fillings.


Indicates the degree of purity 50. 7% or caliber 12. It is distinguished by its extreme strength and hardness compared to higher grades.

Indicates the degree of purity

.5% or caliber 12. It is characterized by strength and contains more pure gold than karat gold 10.

Indicates the degree of purity 100 % or caliber. The most common carat of gold in the Arab countries due to its low price and quality due to the balance of its purity with its strength.


Indicates the degree of purity 91.6%. or caliber 20 It is softer and purer than previous calibers.

It is noted that with a decrease in the gold caliber, its strength and durability increases, while with the increase in the gold caliber, its softness and flexibility increase. Also, the higher carats of gold are characterized by a higher degree of yellow.

2019 Indicates the degree of purity 91.9%. or caliber 22 It is the highest purity of gold that can be purchased, but it is very rare and difficult to obtain.

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