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الذهب الأخضر

appearance Green gold

Green gold is one of the types of real gold used in the manufacture of jewelry and is known scientifically as (electrum) green in color. The ancient peoples knew green gold since the year 860 BC where silver and gold are mixed with copper. Cadmium can also be added to gold alloys to turn their color green, but there are health concerns with its use, as cadmium is highly toxic. When using cadmium the proportions are 75 % Gold and % silver, 6% copper and 4% cadmium where the result is a dark green gold alloy. It is not required to add cadmium to the mixture to produce green gold, as it is used only to increase the green color in gold.

The term green gold can be greatly misleading as some may think It refers to another metal or other substance or even a plant, but in fact it only refers to green gold used in the manufacture of jewelry and is used only on other materials metaphorically because of its similarity in terms of colors with it and its high value. According to archaeologists, the green metal was also found on the island of Crete, where people of this age used it to make jewelry in the first century BC.

More solid metals such as nickel or zinc are added Sometimes to make green gold more durable. It contains green gold karat A carat on fourteen parts of yellow gold and ten parts of silver. While green gold contains karat 18 Carats on eighteen parts of yellow gold and six parts of silver.

When buying green gold, the following must be taken into account:

Fragility To go beyond this point, lower calibers can be chosen because they are more robust and solid

Difficulty in crafting, which affects the price value of the metal (The color changes over time because it contains silver, and this can be overcome by polishing regularly

Re-paint every once in a while to maintain its distinctive color

Avoid green gold containing cadmium because it causes Poisoning as it is used only in adornment and jewelry that does not touch the skin

It is preferable to use green gold that does not contain cadmium in its composition and green gold plated

Green Gold Colors

Due to the proportion of pure gold and the components contained in the mineral composition, it is possible to obtain a golden-green color in different shades.

The most alloys made of green gold contain  -675 % of pure gold and

27 % of silver and has a green color that shimmers in the light and has slight shades of yellow.

Fine green gold is made if the silver content is 25 % only, which affects its appearance and gives it a certain flow.

Green gold is used in the jewelry industry, including necklaces, bracelets, rings, accessories, adornments and fashion, to give it an unusual and eye-catching appearance. It is also used in decoration and decorating homes, clothes and amulets.

Facts about green gold

Green gold is natural gold that is mixed with other metals such as cadmiumGreen gold is not formed in natureThe higher the carat of green gold, the higher the color and the darker it becomes, except for the carat ofcaliber 24 of green gold yet Found only in yellowish greenThe high calibers of it are very soft and easy to scratchTo increase the strength and durability of green gold, other metals such as copper are added to itGreen gold is a metal consisting mainly of pure gold and silver. Green gold can be made by coating yellow gold with a green paintIt is an amazing addition to formal and informal outfitsThe color of the metal changes with time because it contains silver to turn black

It is used on a limited scale in the jewelry industry and is rarely found in stores

Green gold contains two inscriptions 585 And 750 Both are certified in the jewelry industry. At the same time, the inscription 2000 is used Only in jewelry production and use 2020 Also in gift-making.To verify that your green gold is real check the piece you have and look for the engraving

or 2000. If it is fake, you will not find this inscription, or you will find another inscription. Moreover, it can be verified by exposing a piece of jewelry to a magnet, as the fake types of it consist of iron coated with green paint and interact with the magnet.

خصائص الذهب الأخضر


Green Gold Benefits in Legends

  1. Helps relax
  2. (Induces creativity)
  3. Increasing positive energy in the body
  4. Getting rid of negative feelings
  5. Elimination of anger
  6. Increase the ability to the focus
  7. Increase enthusiasm
  8. bring good luck
  9. Helps achieve success
  10. Protection from negative energies and evil
  11. Increased Attractiveness
  12. Treatment of insomnia
  13. Getting rid of nightmares
  14. Enhancing the qualities of creative thinking in the individual
  15. Helps Meditation

Green gold is said to aid in the transmission of happy emotions and the removal of bad energy. When wearing it and spreading peace and love in the environment, the individual possesses. It also thinks that it helps to achieve objectives and make decisions, and that it works to improve the capacity to focus and logical thinking in order to solve difficulties and overcome hurdles in one’s life, as well as that it aids in the resolution of emotional problems. Furthermore, it is carried or worn as an amulet to bring good luck and wealth.

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