How amber is formed

One of the most common questions in the world of gemstones is how amber is formed and what exactly is it composed of. . The amber stone is an organic stone due to the fact that it is composed of organic materials based on one of the plant organisms.
Pine trees (extinct species) are scratched and damaged
they secrete resin To protect the affected par
The material collects and falls with time
Insects are stuck in it
Resin coagulates
Fossils and holds up over time until it is extracted
حجر كهرمان يحتوي على حشرة

The shape of an amber stone containing an insec

(Pine trees produce resin, the main component of amber stone, in the event that these pine trees have been damaged or injured in one of their parts, such as those resulting from exposure to woodpeckers, in order to close the affected area and prevent the spread of the damage and put an end to it.)

We point out that it is possible that it will be mixed up Here’s the matter between tree sap and resin, as sap is produced inside trees in order to transport food around them, while resin is like the blood clot that occurs when you get a simple wound, and this is similar to the reaction of the immune system in that case, but for trees.

كيف يتكون حجر الكهرمان

Formation of natural amber stone

You can notice that there are amber stones that are distinguished by their light honey color, because when it is formed outside the body of the tree, it is transparent to a certain extent, in addition to that there are other types of amber stone such as caramel amber, which is Its color is opaque. If it is opaque to a large extent or completely, this indicates that it is inside the tree, so it should be noted here that the amber inside or outside the tree is a major factor affecting its color.

خاتم كهرمان طبيعي

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The resin is as thick as honey, so when it is secreted it slides very slowly down the tree, while in the process of encountering one of the insects such as Spiders and flies, they become trapped for millions of years! Inside a prison of amber, which then turns into amber. This is the explanation of the presence of many amber stones that contain insects or other creatures in one way or another.

The formation of amber stone in nature

If you’ve ever seen the movie “Jurassic Park,” about a dinosaur park where prehistoric species were cloned by obtaining DNA samples from a dinosaur from a mosquito preserved within amber stones, you’ll probably have a good notion of how those creatures were related. The quality of insects stuck within the stone acquires unique features of the stone in addition to being an essential aspect in determining its worth in the world of owning amber stones.

أحجار الكهرمان

Resin has frequently solidified and petrified before surviving the elements of nature as amber, finally becoming a magnificent piece of jewellery. Fortunately, there are several glaciers in one of the Baltic areas that coated the pine trees with a thick coating of ice to transform the resin into amber. Scientists predict that when these rivers thaw, they will be filled with amber and will wash up on the coastlines. Knowing that one of the features of amber is its capacity to float in saline water is an excellent method to distinguish genuine amber from imitation amber.

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