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كيفية شراء الأحجار الكريمة

How to Buying gemstones and avoiding fraudulent methods

There are many factors that must be taken into account when purchasing gemstones. Considering quality, price value and rarity on a basic basis. Gemstones are diverse in terms of rarity in nature and quality, and accordingly their prices and availability in jewelry stores vary. Reliable, which leads to losing money and getting into trouble. So, whether you want to buy a piece of jewelry or a set of gemstones, here are the following tips on how to buy gemstones that should be taken into account while buying. )1. Having knowledge of distinguishing real gemstones from fake

You do not need to be an expert All you need is some passion in the field of gemstones and a desire to broaden your horizons. Read articles on the site on how to distinguish real gemstones, their properties and types and check prices before buying.

Having knowledge about the stone you are going to buy is essential, especially if you are going to buy A precious stone of high value.

2. Owning Gem Testing Tools

It is helpful to have some tools with you such as a lens Magnifying glass, refractometer, and sensitive scale to check the stones yourself before buying, as many traders manipulate the scale in the store to achieve higher profits, taking advantage of the inability of most buyers to know the weight of the real stone. Many also manipulate gem inspection tools in the store to deceive buyers and sell fake stones at high prices instead of real stones. Precious. There are some tools dedicated to examining precious stones such as diamonds, sapphires and sapphires, their price is not high, especially if you take the money that you can lose if you buy a fake stone.


3. Where to buy gemstones

When buying from sellers who do not have a specific place can return Later, the risk of fraud is high, as it is unlikely that you will be able to obtain your rights from the seller if you find defects in the stone or discover that it is fake. The same is the case when buying from individuals on social networks, which often happens in reality, as one of the individuals buys fake gemstones and opens a fake account on one of the social networking sites and promotes the stones in his possession.

Also, it is not necessary to buy from a guaranteed store, as many stores also cheat and sell fake stones. So be careful and buy gemstones from trusted and reputable stores.

4. Verification of invoices

All jewelry and gemstones pieces are issued in all jewelry stores Reputable. If you notice that the store deliberately does not give you an invoice and tries to deceive you by questioning whether you trust it or not, know that it is the one who has bad faith in you and intends to deceive you even if he sells you real stones.


When purchasing high-value gemstones such as diamonds, be sure to You get a certificate proving that the diamond you are going to purchase is a real stone with specific characteristics as indicated in the certificate. This will not only guarantee your rights in the event of fraud, but will be necessary if you want to sell the stone in the future. Note that gemstone certificates are often cheated, be sure to check the code number on the certificate and verify it in the laboratory issued by it. To check its properties, you can obtain it from accredited gemological testing laboratories in your country.

كيفية شراء الأحجار الكريمة القيمة

How to buy gemstones with a high price value

6. Look up prices

It is important to have an idea of ​​the price of stones in the market so as to Don’t risk buying it at a higher price. In fact, many gem dealers will raise the price if they think you are rich.

Also, if they offer you cheap gemstones of high value, they are most likely fake. Note, that not all gemstone prices are determined by the weight factor only, but several other factors are taken into account, including purity, cut and color. 7. Availability of the offered stones

If you are in a market and see a merchant selling precious stones For passersby or if you are even in a foreign country and want to buy gemstones, the first thing that comes to your mind should be inquiring about the different types of gemstones that you may find in the country. (For example (whether it is your home country or the country you are visiting), in Burma sapphire will be mainly available along with topaz, tourmaline and peridot. If you are offered stones that are not available in that country, the risk of being deceived increases. . Negotiation

When going to gem and jewelry stores expect that the prices they offer you are Prices are high, ranging from 729% to 531 % This is in the stores where merchants work with some conscience, and in fact the rate of increase The prices may increase up to hundreds of times. Therefore, check the prices of gemstones before buying from stores and avoid buying from stores that offer gemstones at high prices even if they reduce the price specifically for you.

Note that this does not apply To purchase from electronic stores for gemstones, where the final prices are displayed for them and are available for everyone to know and are not discretionary from the merchant based on the appearance of the purchaser, as happens in most stores.


Keep in mind the lighting conditions at the time of purchasing. Light bulbs are frequently used in stores to modify the colour of the stone and boost its brilliance and beauty. Many boutiques with purple lighting, for example, exhibit silver jewellery encrusted with blue and green gemstones. Golden jewellery encrusted with yellow gemstones is also presented by illuminating it with yellow lamps to enhance its brightness and conceal flaws and imperfections. The hue of sunlight in the early morning and at sunset is reddish, which affects the look of the gemstones, thus the pink stone seems red and the yellow stone appears orange.


Do not let your emotions cloud your judgement while making a purchase, as it is essential Many times, you may be drawn to a certain stone due of its unique beauty and design, but this stone may be counterfeit if you examine it before purchasing.

Furthermore, many sellers misled consumers, and he encouraged them to buy by influencing their emotions and deciding whether or not they loved the stone. These buyers have vast expertise working with purchasers, and their job is centred on their desire to acquire. Examine the stone thoroughly before purchasing, and don’t let your sentiments and attraction to the stone fool you.

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