How to buy natural pearl stones without being deceived

شراء اللؤلؤ

buying Pearls

Pearls are semi-precious stones that are classified as organic stones, that is, those whose origin is due to a living organism, whether it is a plant or an animal. In this case, the origin, composition and location of pearl extraction is due to the famous marine organism, the oyster. Of course, not all types of sea are pearls, especially stones that qualify for use as semi-precious stones in the manufacture of precious and precious jewelry and ornaments. So famous that the white color of pearls is one of the distinctive colors called pearly white, and its natural colors also include black, gold, and pink pearls, in addition to blue and green. Naturally occurring black pearls in the seas are rare and are found in oysters near the shores of the Southern Hemisphere. Note that black pearl stones in the markets are usually natural pearls of different colors that have been dyed to appear black and to increase their price value. )


How to buy pearls

Pearl stones are formed in many places in the seas and near the shores. In the manufacture of all kinds of jewelry.


شراء اللؤلؤ الطبيعي الأصلي

    • The most expensive and rarest of the pearl stones is extracted from the oysters that were found off the shores of Egypt. O sea.
        Not all pearls extracted from the sea and used in the jewelry industry are natural % where the technique of instilling pearls in oysters is often used to obtain stones of larger sizes, quality and higher price value.

Make sure that the black pearl stone that you are going to buy is It is a natural black pearl stone, not a dyed pearl stone.

No Dyeing pearl stones is limited to black only, but it is dyed in all colors, including pink and gold.

Pearl earrings must be consistent in terms of dimensions and appearance. Check the consistency of the pearl stones before purchasing.

Preferably Pearl stones are of the same size, especially in chains and necklaces, so that the value of the jewelry piece as a whole increases.

Small-sized pearl stones are suitable for small faces, while large stones are more suitable for large faces.

The luster of a pearl is the extent to which the light falling on its surface is reflected.

The more light reflected from the pearl, the more the effect of the pearl appears on it.

Low-quality stones do not reflect light optimally.

Many natural pearl stones are zigzag and asymmetrical, with scratches on their surface.

The more optimal the surface of the pearl and its shape and dimensions are consistent, the higher the quality and price value will be.

Check the place where the hole was drilled in the pearl. If you find that it is cracked, this means that the pearl may have more cracks and break with time.


3927 Examination of pearl stones upon purchase

It is preferable to purchase pearl stones that have already been evaluated or accompanied by an original certificate.

Natural pearls are classified on the international scale A, as three letters A represent the highest quality on this scale.

The price of pearls is calculated based on color, luster, thickness, size and consistency.

Natural pearls can be identified by pressing them with the teeth, as the natural pearls will be affected by pressure, while the fake will not be affected by pressure.

We recommend purchasing pearl stones with natural diamonds.

It is not the plurality of pearl stones f The choice of a piece of jewelry is often lost, as some jewelry that contains few stones or even one piece is of beauty.

Natural pearls are suitable for girls of all ages.

If you opt to buy jewellery that incorporates a variety of coloured pearls, be sure that the hues are consistent.

Pearl stones are utilised in the creation of a wide range of silver and gold jewellery.

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