How to clean and polish silver – the best methods and their results in order

Silver is the main metal used in the manufacture of rings, bracelets, and men’s chains in particular, and jewelry of all kinds in general, but despite the beauty of that metal and its luster It turns dark gray or even black if it has not been cleaned and polished for a long time. This is as a result of exposure to atmospheric air and the occurrence of a chemical reaction with the metal . In contrast to gold, whose color is not affected by the passage of time and exposure to weather factors .

The common way to clean and polish silver is by using a piece of cloth and a little warm water, which is an effective method, but it is not the only and most effective way to clean silver as will be explained . Noticeable: It is recommended to avoid the use of paper towels and rough cloths in the cleaning process so as not to cause scratches on the piece of jewelry you wish to polish .

كيفية تنظيف الفضة وتلميعها

The best ways to clean and polish silver

Here are the best ways to clean silver and restore its beauty and luster as if you had bought it today!

the usual method

If the degree of silver discoloration is low, which is expected to occur within weeks of acquiring silver, it is recommended to simply rely on the traditional method of cleaning, which is to put the silver in a bowl of warm water with the addition of a non-acidic detergent solution and the use of a sponge or a piece of cloth to carefully clean and then leave the silver to dry .

the best way

If the silver is dark in color, which usually happens several months after the acquisition of silver, it is recommended to use A special solution or silver cleaner “ , which is the best option ”, for example, a solution Blitz Silver Polish . Any of those materials used for polishing silver can be obtained from some jewelry stores or electronic stores . The solution is used by adding it to a piece of cotton, sponge or cloth and then wiping the silver pieces, taking into account wearing gloves to not leave traces on the accessories and achieve better results . It takes some effort but excellent results will be achieved after cleaning .


The shape of a silver cup before and after cleaning and polishing it with one of the silver cleaning fluid products

It is also worth noting that many goldsmiths and jewelry stores have a service for cleaning silver and jewelry of all kinds for a small amount

In addition to the methods mentioned, there are other methods that you can apply at home on your own using a number of widely available tools and ingredients. You can achieve impressive and impressive results when using these methods.

أفضل طريقة لتنظيف وتلميع الفضيات

 Arranged according to effectiveness:

1- aluminum foil and baking soda

ورق الألمونيوم الأفضل في تنظيف وتلميع الفضة 

  1. Aluminum foil is the best in cleaning and polishing silver
  2. spoon of baking soda
  3. a cup of boiling water
  4. spoon of white salt
  5. Half a cup of white vinegar
  6. Tools
  7. A vessel suitable for cutting silver to be cleaned and polished
  8. a piece of cloth preferably Microfiber

Start by boiling the water and then put the aluminum foil
Add salt and baking soda to the pot
Slowly add vinegar and mix
data-tadv-p=”keep”> Add boiling water to the pot, then place the silver pieces you want to polish so that they do not touch the aluminum foil 

Stir the silver piece and leave it for a period (one minute – 3 minutes) until the chemical reaction occurs

Carefully remove the silver from the bowl with gloves and wash it in cold water

Dry the silver using a piece of cloth

The result
أفضل طريقة لتنظيف الفضة

Example: a significant shift in the color and luster of silver occurs when it is cleaned and polished by aluminum foil and baking soda

You can notice that the silver turned its natural color and that the blackness disappeared from the silver within seconds or minutes . These are the most effective methods for cleaning and polishing silver at the present time, as amateurs and experts alike rely on them

2-. ) citric acid and salt    Although the ingredients in this method may seem simple, they are highly effective .

the components 

ورق الألمونيوم الأفضل في تنظيف وتلميع الفضة

  1. Lemon
  2. a piece of cloth 
  3.  steps  
  4. A bowl of hot water is brought  
  5. Put a moderate amount of lemon juice  
  6. (citric acid
  7. Add three tablespoons of salt  
  8. Then the silver coins are placed for a period of 5 minutes at least

  9. Then dried with a piece of soft cloth


    The result

    Silver rings before and after cleaning and polishing

    The process of removing dark spots on silver using a piece of cloth is somewhat cumbersome . If you have a silver cleaning cloth, the polishing job may be a lot easier. . It can be seen that the silver pieces have largely regained their natural color. . )

    3- toothpaste
      • Silver polishing is done by this method by placing a small amount of toothpaste on a plate, and then cleaning the silver with a dishwashing sponge . Then put the silver in warm water and dry it later .

        The result

        Some traces are removed Dark black color on the silver piece, but not as much as in the previous methods . You can also notice that the dark color is spread in the form of spots instead of spreading all over the silver piece .

        For better results, it is recommended to use a toothbrush for cleaning, taking care not to cause irritation. Scratches .

        4- Soft Drinks

         Soft drinks such as Pepsi can be used to clean and polish silver .

        steps )

        1. Bring one of the soft drinks
        2. Put an appropriate amount of the drink in a bowl
        3. Then put the pieces Silver for a period of no less than minutes
          Pick up the silver and wash it with water

        Then dry it with a soft cloth

        Noticeable: Make sure to wash the silver well with water in this way because soft drinks often contain very high levels of sugar that cause a stickiness around the silver

        The result

        The effectiveness of this method is somewhat limited, as you will notice that the dark color on the Silver has fallen slightly . The results of this method are identical to the previous method of using toothpaste .

        5- Alcoholic beverages

          Alcoholic beverages such as beer and vodka are used to polish silver, as they lead to good results in silver. to a big limit.


         Put a little alcohol in a bowl

         Then put the silver to be cleaned and polished

        and then leave it for a period between 5 to me 10 minutes

        data-tadv-p=”keep”> Pick up the silver, wash it and dry it well


    Although that method is not expected It leads to excellent results, like the first method in which aluminum foil is used, but it is highly effective and leads to noticeable results .

    6- washing powders

     You can use the usual laundry powders to clean and polish your silver belongings by placing a cup a small amount of the powder in a bowl of hot water, then put the silver coins in it and leave it for a period of no less than 5 minutes) . Then pick it up, wash it with lukewarm water and dry it with a piece of cloth .

    A chemical reaction occurs between washing powder and water, forming a colloidal compound similar to the reaction of baking soda, but characterized by being more colloidal .

    The result

    When using one of the famous and effective clothes detergents, a good change in the color of silver to its natural color is noticed, with the removal of most of the black spots and the addition of a good smell to the accessory) .

    7 – sauce

    2245In spite of This method is strange, but it is sometimes used to obtain good results in cleaning and polishing silverware.. where the sauce is used ketchup in the process of cleaning .

    Noticeable : It is preferable to use a sauce with a high concentration .

    This method is applied by placing a quantity of ketchup on a toothbrush and then using it to clean the silver piece . then washed and dried with a cloth later . The result

    A change in silver color can be observed To the best, but not optimally, as better results can be obtained by other methods. In addition, it will smell like tomatoes The sauce From the silver piece for a while after cleaning and polishing it . Therefore, we do not recommend relying on this method. .

    8- Vinegar

    2234  Soak the silver jewelry in a bowl filled with vinegar, clean it by cutting it with a cloth and then leave it to dry .

    The result

    Not very effective, as slight improvement in silver color can hardly be observed..

    9- Glass Cleaners

      Glass cleaners are sometimes used to polish and clean silver . , but it does not lead to the stated result .

    Glass cleaner is sprayed on a piece of cloth and used to clean silver .

    The result

    No change in silver color is observed, but glass cleaner may lead to an improvement in glossiness. .

    shampoos, conditioners and conditioners )

      These products can be used to clean silver and get less than average results .

    It is not recommended to rely on this method on .

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