How to clean and preserve amber from damage

Amber needs to be cleaned frequently to keep shining. Amber is one of the most eye-catching and impressive stones when worn but only if it is cleaned properly.

Ultrasonic jewelry cleaning machine or steam cleaner is not recommended as it can damage the luster Amber. It causes significant damage to the stone. Use slightly warm water and mild soap to clean. Place the amber jewelry inside and use your fingers to wash off any stuck dirt and then dry the stone with a cloth.

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How to clean and preserve amber

We recommend using a drop of olive oil And a soft cloth over the amber pieces to increase its luster. But if you want to keep the amber for a long time, make sure to clean and polish it before putting it in a jewelry box, taking care not to put it with gemstones of higher hardness. Amber stones?

Amber is negatively affected by sunlight Therefore, try to avoid wearing it for long periods in the summer and during high temperatures, and you should also avoid exposing it to direct heat. For example, remove jewelry before lying on the beach and sunbathing in the summer

You can keep amber jewelry in separate canvas bags or a dedicated gemstone box

Be careful not to drop, scratch or smash your jewelry. Amber is a relatively soft material and can crack and break with force.
If you wear hairspray and fragrance, apply it before wearing amber jewelry. This will reduce the presence of chemical residues on the stones. Some types of chemicals can leave a permanent white stain or can dull the stone.

It is preferable not to wear amber stones while doing housework and cleaning.

Cleaning amber jewelry using an ultrasonic jewelry cleaning machine Ultrasonic or steam cleaner will break the amber as well as destroy the luster of the stone.

You must clean your amber jewelry Regularly to maintain its luster and shine, it is recommended to use a jewelry-cleaning cloth to remove stains and maintain the luster of the stones.
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Do not use a cloth similar to sandpaper, as this may remove the sheen on the stone.
Always remove amber jewelry when Swimming in swimming pools, chlorine is particularly harmful to amber stones.

tore Cut the amber separately, so that they do not scratch or rub against each other.

Natural amber luster form

How to clean amber stones?

Bring a clean, soft cloth
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Use the cloth to clean the pieces of amber

Remove any dirt or planktonImmediately after that, dry the amber pieces well with a soft cloth

Note: To restore the brilliance of an ancient piece of amber, polish it with a little drop of olive oil, then clean the stones with a towel.

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