How to clean and preserve coral stones for a long time

Coral is an organic stone of biological origin such as pearls and seashells, and not a stone or mineral of geological origin such as diamonds and sapphires. Coral is classified as a marine animal and has an unusual and complex life cycle, as it forms and arises in large colonies in most cases, as these colonies branch out similarly to tree branches on vast areas under the sea surface. Coral is rarely found in isolation in the sea, where, as mentioned, it grows in colonies consisting of a large number of corals.

تنظيف المرجان

Natural Coral Cleaning

Coral grows By building a skeleton of limestone in its composition, coral grows from the calcium that it extracts from the sea. Coral cleaning steps

An appropriately sized vessel will be brought

Then fill the bowl with lukewarm water of moderate temperature

(Avoid water with very high temperatures

(Also avoid water with very low temperatures) المرجان الطبيعي Add the coral

Rinse the coral slowly and avoid using chemical cleaners

Then dry the coral pieces with a soft-touch cloth


Natural Coral Shape

How to store coral

Clean the coral pieces as shown in the steps that we explained

Put the coral in a soft cloth bag

You can Also, put the coral in a jewelry box dedicated to preserving it.

Avoid placing coral with other pieces of jewelry So that it is not subjected to scratching, as coral has a low hardness and is easily damaged because it is one of the stones of organic origin.

Place large coral pieces in cloth tissues for optimal preservation

 Be sure to clean the coral pieces periodically so as not to be damaged.


precious coral


Coral Jewelery

Avoid exposure of coral jewelry to alcohol and cosmetics Cosmetics so that the surface of the coral is not damaged and its luster and beauty fades

Avoid wearing coral jewelry while swimming In order not to be affected by chlorine and pollutants in the swimming pool

Avoid exposure of coral pieces to chlorine so as not to Coral jewelry is damaged and faded

Do not wear coral jewelry during cooking so that it is not affected by fumes and temperatures High

Natural coral is found in a range of colors including pink, red and black

In the science of gemstones, the higher the concentration of the color of the coral stone, the higher its value

Coral is used in all kinds of jewelry, including rings, necklaces and swimming pools

As the coral used in jewellery and accessories, not all varieties of coral are acceptable for use in the jewellery business. It is a valuable coral with a hard skeleton and an appropriate sheen and beauty on its surface.

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