How to clean gemstones

Many of us, amateurs or collectors of jewelry and gemstones, may wonder how to do the process of cleaning gem stones, especially if they were obtained a relatively long time ago and the factors of erosion and dust effects began to appear on them and affect their luster. In fact, the process of cleaning gemstones can be done in two ways. The first method, which we recommend, involves bringing your gemstones and going to one of the trusted stores or laboratories and requesting cleaning by specialists for a sum of money, which is usually simple and at hand. The reason In our preference for this method is that you will often get better results because the cleaning specialist has various tools and devices necessary for some stones such as ultrasonic, in addition to the experience and knowledge that he has gained over many years.

Sometimes as well, Stores may offer cleaning offers that may be more economical than doing it yourself, especially if you get your jewelry from the same store, as well as they may give you guarantees on cleaning if any damage occurs to your stones as a result of any cleaning mistakes.

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Methods for cleaning gemstones and jewelry

The second method, which is preferred by lovers and collectors of precious stones, is to clean them themselves at home, and when the mother comes At the outset, a distinction must be made between two main types of gemstones before starting the cleaning process itself, namely gemstones of geological origin and gemstones of organic origin. As the application of the usual stone cleaning methods to organic stones may lead to severe damage, loss of color or even melting.

The same applies to the same category of stones, whether geological or organic, the methods of cleaning stones may differ

Note that cleaning processes for some gemstones may involve the use of Ultrasonic devices or exposing them to high temperatures either in water or by curing, both to determine whether your stone is Whether or not you can do this on him or whether you can apply these methods is something that is best decided by the cleaning professional, unless you want to go through the trouble of buying these tools and do it yourself.

BEFORE YOU START The cleaning process yourself You must understand that this may involve some risks, if you want to avoid them, you can resort to jewelry stores or laboratories that provide gem cleaning services to obtain better and safer results as mentioned.

To get started with the cleaning process yourself, you will first need to bring some tools that you will likely find in your home, unless you want to get more tools.

Tools used:
Mild Cleaner (Detergents are recommended for jewelry). 2018 Warm water. 2018 2018 A piece of cloth or a thin brush (do not use Toothbrush except with stones of high hardness). 2018 Cleaning of gemstones of geological origin:They are the majority of the most common and used gemstones such as diamonds, sapphires and emeralds. They are easily cleaned by soaking them in water and then cleaning them with a piece of cloth or Delicate texture brush. You can use a little warm water to do the cleaning process and add some moderate-strength and mild detergents such as glass cleaners, diluted liquid soap, and jewelry cleaners. After finishing cleaning, leave it to dry in a safe place.

Cleaning gemstones Of organic origin:

You should be more careful When cleaning this type of stone, because it is organic in nature of low hardness and easy to damage and scratch. If you clean it in the usual way this can even cause the stone to dissolve itself like amber or lose its color like coral. Then leave it to dry with time. Taking care not to expose it to large amounts of water, use strong detergents, or expose it to acids or even any light source, especially sunlight.

After cleaning upon use

In order to preserve the safety of your gemstones and jewelry for as long as possible, we always advise you not to wear them while exposed to sunlight or while applying perfume (because stones may be affected by alcohol), before applying make-up, or while traveling and exposed to dust. This can damage the stones in various ways. Besides keeping them separate in small boxes or cloth bags from other gemstones so that they do not damage some afterwards.

Always remember that the more careful you are when wearing and handling the stones, the less likely they will be harmed and the longer they will retain their shine and appeal.

If you desire more than just cleaning, you can have your gemstone re-processed or primed if this service is offered at reputable gemological laboratories and outlets.

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