How to clean zircon stones – fake diamonds

Zircon is one of the most popular semi-precious stones used in the jewelry industry and is considered one of the most common. The reason comes in the first place because it is very similar to diamond, the gemstone of the highest hardness and most famous among all types of gemstones at all. We show you how to clean zircon stones, which is one of the very common questions in the field of jewelry, in addition to how to preserve it and thus preserve its value, elegance and luster for the longest possible period.

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Zircon stones cleaning

The susceptibility of zircon stones to dirt is higher than that of real diamonds because of its lower hardness than diamonds.

Although zircon stones are very similar to natural diamonds, their hardness is medium compared to the hardness of diamond.

Zircon is considered one of the most diamond-like stones in appearance, but differs in chemical properties.

Care must be taken when wearing zircon jewelry while performing daily tasks so as not to be scratched and damaged. As we mentioned, it is less hard.

Chemicals and potash affect the luster of zircon stones negatively.

Avoid exposure of zircon stones to cosmetics so that their luster is not affected.

For optimal cleaning of zircon stones, it is recommended to use a soft brush, warm water and soap.

Clean the stone manually with soap and water.

Then wash the stone with lukewarm water.

Then dry the zircon with a piece of soft-touch cloth.

This will restore the luster and luster of the zircon stone.

Zircon jewelry cleaning

Methods for cleaning zircon jewelry

Zircon can be cleaned on all gold calibers, in addition to all types of silver and platinum.

Jewelry made from cheaper materials is more exposed to plankton and dust

So if you own two stones, one of them is diamond and the other is zircon, you will need Zircon stone has more effort in cleaning and care than diamond.

High-value and precious jewelry pieces such as platinum and gold can be cleaned Caliber 21 using specialized jewelry cleaners.

There are products specialized in polishing jewelry and precious stones in the market, such as polishing creams and stain removal, in addition to jewelry cleaning kits.

Zircon inlaid on gold and silver-plated rings and bracelets can also be cleaned to preserve its luster.

Be careful when wearing plated jewelry inlaid with zircon stones, because the coating may be subjected to scratching and thus fade with time.

Avoid using jewelry cleaners to clean plated jewelry so as not to damage it.

Avoid storing zircon stones with gemstones higher in hardness. so you don’t get undressed

Clean the zircon periodically to maintain its luster and elegance.

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