How to distinguish between the original and imitation moonstone

It is possible to distinguish between the original moonstone and the imitation through the use of scientific examination methods that we will discuss in the following lines, but first you should know that for most people the matter is always confused between moonstone and opalite; But it is very easy to tell whether the stone is opalite or not, since opalite is only glass and not gemstones. Recently, sellers have practiced some tricks, including calling the opalite stone “opalite quartz” as a natural stone. It is known that it does not belong to quartz, but rather is of glass . As for moonstone, it is a natural gemstone, and since the main problem here is that there is a conflict with this stone is artificial opalite, we will start by making a comparison that includes basic information about both of them so that you can differentiate it from the original moonstone and distinguish between them.

كيفية التمييز بين حجر القمر الأصلي و المقلد

Characteristics of Opalite

It is a man-made stone from a variety of glass. It is not a gemstone, opal, moonstone, or quartz, as some claim, but a beautiful piece of glass that is commercially called an opalite. With the spread of electronic selling sites around the world, some traders took advantage of this stone made of glass and sell it as “opalite” or opalite quartz” and sometimes they mention metaphysical descriptions of this stone to attract people’s attention to it and increase the demand for it.

But “opalite” is actually made of glass and not of precious stones, but here we may wonder about the characteristics or descriptions that some sellers list and that revolve around a small piece of glass! Of course, these sellers who do these actions are only taking advantage of the low knowledge of those who are about to buy stone in this field. Not to mention some who claim that opalite is a “sea opal” or moonstone or that it is just an opal stone and many other very misleading and false names about opalite. It does not belong to any type of opal because it is not a stone in the first place. Therefore, it does not form like other crystalline crystals. It is often carved by hand, such as in the formation of amulets, Buddha statues, skulls and other accessories. More recently, it has been carved into a crystal and sold as strands of beads. It can also be shaped and sculpted into oval-shaped diamonds, sparkling circles, or hearts.

How to tell if moonstone is a piece of opalite or not

Opalite may contain a type of glow which has been photographed with great care to preserve it. But it is absolutely pure, which means that it contains absolutely no impurities . There are also some small bubbles sticking to the glass that can be seen in person or in pictures and that are almost always present in most glass. The opalite has a pure white translucent appearance with golden dots appearing on it when placed in a lighted cell. But if we put it on a dark hue, it will have a blue glow. In other words, the glow of opalite glass changes according to the background, whether it is light or dark. It should be noted that opalite is not expensive and can be found in many stores.

Characteristics that distinguish the original and natural moonstone

Moonstone A true natural gemstone, it is a member of the “feldspar” family that also includes labradorite and sunstone, as well as “rainbow moonstone” amazonite. Moonstone consists of two minerals; They are “orthoclase and albite” and they are formed in stacked layers inside the stone. When light shines on this stone, the thin, flat layers scatter that light in a unique way causing a phenomenon called “adularescence.” And that phenomenon is represented by a shimmering glowing light that moves through the stone like a constantly changing spectral glow with the change of the stone’s movement . Moonstone has a shimmering blue glow whether it is set against a white or dark background, or even when it is not set against any background. As the glow follows the light in bright flashes.

When comparing the moonstone with the “Rainbow Moonstone”; In fact, it is not a type of gemstone, but rather a variety of labradorite minerals. At the same time, it contains the same phenomenon as moonstone and appears in a variety of different stones (blue, pink, yellow, violet, green and red).

The original and natural moonstone can be distinguished from others, whether it is fake or imitation, just by looking at it, as you will be able to easily distinguish those layers inside the stone ). In addition, it contains “impurities” or “cracks” and other features and characteristics that will help you distinguish and identify it as it does not resemble “opalite” glass because it Not quite as pure as it. There are some luxurious moonstones that appear almost pure and clear, however, they do not have the same appearance as the lustrous clear white opalite. As for the rainbow moonstone; It also contains these layers inside because it is a labradorite mineral.

If you want to know for sure and definitely if the moonstones you wish to buy are real or fake, you may look them up. Always inquire if the dealer sells real moonstones or opalite, keeping in mind that this seller must be experienced and work for a well-known and respectable organisation.

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