How to extract gemstones

The process of extracting precious stones from the raw material varies from place to place and is based on the quality and quality of the gemstone. By isolating these sediments and then getting rid of them through a network of holes that act like a filter that does not allow their passage, where the containers containing gem stones mixed with clay and other sediments are washed by exposing them to water on the sieves, then a vibratory movement is applied to the sieves in order for a process to occur Separation is faster and the degree of vibration is based on the size of the sediment to be separated as well as the width of the sieves. This method is used to extract most of the gemstones.

Extraction of rough diamonds from the raw material

إستخراج الأحجار الكريمة

The process of separating and extracting precious stones

in case Diamond stone The extraction process is on a degree of difficulty and complexity, as the entire process depends on the properties of the diamond to be extracted and then processed by other processes.

In order to reduce the size of the stones in the raw material.

Heavy separators depend on the properties of gravity where heavy stones sink In a medium such as water at a lower speed if it is compared to its fall in another medium such as air, one separator or a series of separators is used to isolate the diamond by using the centrifugal feature inside the water medium for faster isolation.

Belt or grease schedule

    1. Uses the property of adhesion Diamond stone to grease where the raw material is placed in that table or on the surface of the belt and then it is washed with water and then exposed to a vibrating movement during its movement on the belt to produce the removal of sediments and the adhesion of the diamond to the grease, then the diamond is exposed to heat in order to separate it About grease.

    2. X-ray separation

      Based on the principle that diamonds fluoresce when exposed to X-rays, as the raw material is transferred in a stream inside channel and then exposed to X-rays, to find that the diamond after it fluoresces, a sensor starts to operate a special jet that transfers the diamond to another separate channel.

the classroom By magnet


فصل الأحجار من الصخور

كيفية إستخراج الأحجار الكريمة


In some areas where materials affected by magnetism are present in the raw material, extraction is carried out by placing them on a magnetic belt that The process of separation easily.

The material that is disposed of is called

They are subjected to a number of processing operations, where in some cases they are subjected to a new examination and then determine whether they are of value or not, while the diamonds that were extracted are washed by a special acid and cleaned until it is ready to determine the category that It belongs to it, and it should be noted here that the diamond that was extracted by the grease method will not be appropriate to go through the previous operations in most cases, and therefore it must be subjected to a number of additional operations in order to be able to be evaluated and examined in an appropriate manner.

Gemstones that have been extracted

How gemstones are removed is determined by a variety of elements and variables inherent in the stone itself. And the environment, for example, if the mine is located in a region where the stones contain impurities of iron or other metals. Affected by magnetism, the method of separation and extraction by magnet is used by isolating the elements affected by it from the stone and then extracting it, whereas in other cases, it depends on the properties of the stone, such as diamond, which can be separated by exposure to a torrent of X-rays, as previously mentioned.. Finally, as always, don’t forget to leave a comment and share the post with your social media friends!

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