How to identify the original sapphire stone from a fake

When we talk about precious stones, we refer to those precious stones that were formed and formed as a result of natural geological conditions below the surface of the earth. literally years. We review the most important signs and points that will help you diagnose whether the sapphire stone in front of you is original, in natural conditions, or it was manufactured commercially. If you don’t already have the answer, you may be wondering, why should I know the criteria that distinguish genuine sapphire stones from laboratory-made? The answer is that this stone is one of the most famous and most precious gemstones at all around the world and in various times. If you are interested in this field, you must definitely get to know this information, as it is very likely that you will pass a situation that requires it one day. You can imagine when Prince Charles proposed to Princess Diana, he chose a sapphire-studded ring out of hundreds of other rings. It is distinguished by the diversity of its shades, and all of them share a common denominator, which is the extent of its elegance and unique beauty. Well, we show you how to identify the original sapphire stone from the counterfeit, as this information is especially necessary for those who are going to buy a sapphire stone.

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You must carefully choose the place where you will purchase the sapphire stone or one of the jewelry it is decorated with, by taking into account the investigation of the store and its history. Trusted jewelry stores have the advantage that the seller will give you accurate details of the stone processing, shaping and color process. Almost all sapphires have the same luster that increases when exposed to high heat, but natural ones are impossible to look like clear glass. The jeweler should also automatically tell you whether the stone is natural or laboratory-made.

Check the color of the sapphire, in case it is extraordinarily bright compared to other natural stones. It is highly likely that it was made in the laboratory. As the natural sapphire is not as lustrous as the factory one. You should also know that the original sapphire is distinguished by its dark blue color that does not reflect other colors if it is exposed to light. The same test can be applied to all types of sapphire of other colors, since the light reflected from the stone must match its color only.

Check if there are scratches or bubbles in the stone. As sapphire stones are hard stones that are distinguished by their ability to withstand long periods. If you notice scratches on the stone, then there is a high probability that it is made of glass. Manufactured glass stones are also identifiable by the presence of small bubbles within them that are not found in natural sapphire stone.

You can always obtain a diagnosis from a trusted gemologist, who performs tests using instruments Especially to determine the quality of the stone and to give you a certificate confirming the reliability of the stone.

Always ask for a stone’s reliability certificate from a reputable source, such as the Gemological Society of America Center, in case you are purchasing a sapphire stone from On the Internet.
Check out a number of different stones of different shapes and sizes. The more stones you examine, the more you will be able to identify the original from the factory in the laboratory.

Despite the similarities between the natural sapphire stone and the laboratory factory, we find that the laboratory factory is less valuable and expensive than the original.

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