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How to Selling gemstones – ways to sell gemstones

Selling gemstones is one of the things that many people go through, as selling is not limited to traders And lovers of precious stones only, but extends to include customers who have purchased a piece of jewelry studded with precious stones and want to sell it. There are many factors that must be considered when selling to achieve the greatest return.

When deciding to sell and determine the price of the gemstone you want to sell, you should ask these questions, How did you get Precious stones? Why would you like to sell it? What would a gemstone look like if it was placed in a piece of jewelry of a different design? When you determine the answers to these questions, you will have a broader knowledge of the customers’ point of view.

If you purchase the gemstone from a store or seller and you still keep proof of that and you have the address or a means of contacting him , then you can sell the gemstone to him, but often these traders underestimate the prices of gemstones to their customers who bought them from them, thinking that they have no other choice or other ways to sell the stones.

Also, the reason for selling is one of the factors that must also be determined from selling, because the reason may be cracks or defects appearing in the stone, and it may be a desire to sell for the need for money or to buy a piece of jewelry of a different shape. Also, if you are bored with your gold or silver jewelry studded with gemstones or you do not like its shape, you can remove the gemstone and put it in a piece of jewelry with a suitable design instead of selling, and you can also do the same to increase the value of the piece of jewelry and increase the chances of selling as well. Either.

1. Increase your knowledge about gemstones

It is very important to know the gemstones you want to sell . Know their history, part type, demand and prices, so that you will be able to answer customers’ questions and complete the sale. 2. Reason for sale

If you are one of the gemstone dealers or lovers of acquiring them, the answer is simple. If you are a customer, you must specify your answer and be frank with the buyer. If the gemstone contains scratches and defects, clarify them to the buyer during the sale to the honesty in the first place and then to avoid any resulting problems after that. 3. Evaluating the precious stone

Determining the value of the precious stone is not an easy matter, as there are many Gemstones of varying prices and setting their prices requires special skill and experience. The prices of precious stones such as minerals change with time, and because the quantities of precious stones are limited in nature and some of them are about to be mined, it is expected that their prices will increase with the passage of time.

But in If there are scratches or defects in the stone as a result of exposure to chemicals such as acids, or if it is exposed to external factors such as shocks and scratches, this affects the price of the stone negatively and leads to a decrease in its value. The gemstone that you wish to sell with reputable gemstone dealers, and it is preferable in the case of selling gemstones of high value such as diamonds, sapphires and sapphires, to obtain a special certificate for them from one of the accredited laboratories proving the quality of those stones and that they are real and not fake in addition to their characteristics.

4. Determine the means of sale

There are many sales methods available, where you can sell through Shops, goldsmiths and jewelry markets, and you can also sell on gemstone sites and social media. It must be taken into account that the types of potential customers differ based on where you are promoting the gem you want to sell, when you do promotion on social media sites for example, you are likely to contact you a lot of non-serious buyers. 5. Displaying gemstones

How to display gemstones is a matter that strongly influences customer decisions When purchasing, we advise you to take good pictures of the stones you have and present them to customers in an attractive way. We also advise you to make discounts on stones and to clarify their characteristics and prove that they are real with certificates issued by gem laboratories or through examination devices. Factors affecting the value of gemstones when selling

Factors of selling and determining the value of precious stones

There are many factors that affect the value of gemstones when selling, here are the main factors affecting the following:

1. Color

Color choices are more important than gem type for many customers. Customers may ask for a specific type of gem, but you may discover that what they really want is a specific color.

For example, customers often order emeralds because they want a green color. They may have no idea that there are other much better colored green gemstone options. There are also gemstones of attractive colors such as tourmaline, tsavorite and alexandrite, but many customers do not know that these gemstones exist. 2. Rarity

Quality plus rarity makes gemstones easier to sell. Rarity can play a major role in both the value and wearability of a stone. However, rarity applies not only to gemstones but also to cut or style. It can be when rare distinctive designs are used on common gemstones. 3. Pattern

The stone pattern helps to include a distinctive and unique design among gemstones, which is Which leads to an increase in its price value, its attractiveness and its ability to sell.

4. Design

The type of design itself affects the value of the stone. If the design is popular, it is Its value is medium, but if the design is special and distinctive or even implemented by a highly skilled and famous jeweler, this affects the high value of the gemstone significantly. 5. Effect

The gemstone contains effects in terms of luster, luster and appearance that affect its quality And its price value, if the stone contains the effect of cat’s eye, hawk’s eye or change of colors, this leads to an increase in its value compared to precious stones of the same type that do not have the same effect.

6. Size

The size of the stone and its weight are among the factors that greatly affect its value as its price increases. Its value is directly proportional to the increase in its size and weight. As large-sized gemstones are extremely rare compared to small-sized gemstones. For example, large-sized diamonds have a much higher value than small-sized diamonds.

Methods of selling gemstones

The best ways to sell gemstones

When you want to sell precious stones, the ways in which you can sell stones and get their value in return as soon as possible, here are the main ways to sell precious stones as follows:

1. Selling Gemstones at Auction

You can sell the gemstones you have by auctioning them On a group of buyers, this can be done at one of the jewelry stores and markets or gemstone auction sites on the Internet, which is the method that we advise you to use. Where there are many buyers who compete to get the stone that you sell, which leads to an increase in its value. 2. Selling gemstones to the seller

, which is the most common manner that many people offer to sell their stones, as they show stones to merchants, businesses, or even the people who originally acquired them from them. Stones may be sold fast in this manner, but the downside is that the prices of your stones may be underestimated. 3. Stone replacement

You can swap your stones for different gemstones at a merchant, jeweller, or puzzle collector R. This may be accomplished by showing the stones that both the seller and the buyer own, and if there are price disparities, the difference is paid at the time of sale. 4. Internet marketing

There are two primary ways to sell gemstones on the Internet. The ideal option is to sell on gemstone sites since you won’t have to speak with the seller and waste a lot of time haggling with them and finding out how to transport the gems and pay. You may also utilise social media to sell stones on sites and groups such as the Gem Market Group on Facebook.

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