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Many people have always believed in the benefits of jade in metaphysical terms and still today, those beliefs varied between the ability of that stone to improve one’s health or emotional state and even bring good luck and peace to him. In this article, we will review the benefits of jade stone based on those beliefs, along with a number of legends that were common among peoples in the past, especially China, when they were known as ancient traditional medicine. The dream stone, which helps its holder gain insight and knowledge of things as well as stimulate his creativity skills.

This stone has been held a high place in ancient beliefs as a protective amulet that guarantees life for a long time, and ends with death in peace and tranquility. It is also considered a powerful healing amulet, also used as an amulet for friendship and good luck. It symbolizes the wisdom gained through meditation. It is also believed that jade helps to eliminate negativity and motivates its owners to discover aspects of his personality.

The jade stone is known as the Stone of Peace because of its ability to regulate the nerves and promote stomach function. In addition to providing the wearer with positive energy and protecting him from disease.

Furthermore, experts in the field of metaphysics and its association with gemstones say that jade helps to calm temper or mood, in addition to removing dread of hospitals. Or from illness or conflicting emotions that bother a person when he is away from home.

It is also believed that jade can be used as an amulet to erase guilt and eliminate negative feelings.

The green jade stone is also known as the travel stone since it is thought to cure illnesses and relieve loneliness in travellers, as well as protect children and pets from damage during the journey. As a result, we discover that some adherents of these beliefs bring it with them when travelling in order to feel protected and lessen the likelihood of an accident. (Jade’s Therapeutic Properties)

  1. Helps heal wounds and heal them quickly
  2. Improve bone health and muscle structure in the body
  3. Reduction Intensity of pain during recovery
  4. Improving kidney function and purifying toxins from the body
  5. Treatment of Kidney Diseases
  6. Getting rid of kidney stones
  7. Regulating the activity of the thyroid gland Fluid balance in The body
  8. Strengthening immunity and preventing diseases
  9. Improving the health of the respiratory system and heart
  10. Back pain treatment Treatment of deep muscle pain
  11. Treatment of stress I and its symptoms Reducing rheumatic pain
  12. Treating infections of the bones and joints and reducing the associated pain
  13. Increasing fertility and facilitating childbirth

Improving blood circulation and blood flow in the body

If worn as an adornment, it is also thought that the advantages of jade stone extend to protection against serious ailments. As jade beads are a popular jewellery of Chinese rich women, their advantages have been passed down through history dating back to the seventh century.

According to ancient traditional Chinese medicine, jade stone drains toxins from The body and yazan energy qi (the central life force that forms the basis of many traditional Chinese medicine theories).

The following are the most prominent beliefs About the benefits of jade stone:

Some believe that jade helps form skin cells that represent millions of cells and are the body’s first line of defense. In addition to its ability to protect against environmental pollutants, free radicals in the blood, bacteria, infectious diseases and ultraviolet rays.

Therefore, the importance of jade stone doubles for the elderly, as the process of caring for the skin and maintaining its freshness becomes more difficult.

In addition to the above; According to the ancient science of medicine in East Asia, jade can maintain and enhance the health of the skin by doing the following: 

Detoxification from within body. Reducing pressure on the organs.

Fortifying the body’s natural defenses. ) Increase your innate healing powers.

Jade is also believed to have the ability to regulate your body’s energy. Which, although difficult to measure, was believed by practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine to be the central energy for a person’s general well-being and health.

The benefits of jade and their relationship to energy theories

According to energy theories in the field of metaphysics, it is believed that jade emits infrared rays, which is a type of energy that extends to the red color waves in the body’s spectrum of visible light. However, literature in this field indicates that part of the positive effect of jade on your skin occurs due to the effect of these rays. It also works through its thermal effect to enhance the flow of micro-vessels in your skin.

But the effect of infrared radiation in general generated from a real source may have a real positive reflection on the health of your skin; Whereas, one of the earliest studies on energy, skin health, and far-infrared rays was conducted at Chiba University in Japan and was published by the Annals of Physiological Anthropology in . showed that far-infrared energy raised the skin’s temperature, thus increasing blood flow to the small blood vessels in the skin.

While in 1192, scientists at Humboldt University of Berlin reviewed the existing data on infrared radiation and concluded that the radiation has significant effects in terms of promoting healthy skin.

Jade Round Cylinder

Those who believed in the advantages of jade stone and its potential to improve health used to manufacture round cylinders out of stones, of which there were two primary forms, namely

Jade Rotating Cylinder were used to target acupuncture points, and (flat jade cylinders) which was used for energy healing purposes, by allowing qi energy and blood to flow better

Jade cylinders were used by gently moving them on the surface of the face after cleaning it well from top to bottom. It was believed that doing so would improve the long-term health of the skin as well as improve the appearance of the face by reducing the appearance of wrinkles and smoothing the complexion.

Legendary Jade Benefits

Adjusting feelings and getting rid of emotional problems

  1. Bringing good luck

It is believed in its ability to extend life

Getting rid of negative energy and bad thoughts It enhances the traits of self-reliance and self-sufficiency in a person

  1. Bring stability and peace to the wearer’s life
  2. Increase fertility
  3. Bringing wisdom and gaining knowledge as many wisdom wears it A. The Chinese Increased ability to think logically
  4. Bringing Balance
  5. Bringing Peace and Love
  6. Bringing harmony and balance to the individual
  7. Expanding the individual’s perspective on life and his ability to perceive it Protection from envy and magic
  8. Bringing Ideas and Creativity
  9. Bringing dreams and visions during sleep
  10. Helps Relax
  11. Other Beliefs About the Benefits of Jade Stone
  12. Besides the beliefs that prevailed About the benefits of jade stone in treating diseases and improving the general health of the body, there were several other beliefs, the most prominent of which are mentioned in the following paragraphs.
  13. The ability to attract love

I consider jade to be an influential factor that helps in attracting love. Love to whoever wears it. In China, jade stones are carved in the shape of a butterfly, so both are considered powerful symbols used to attract love.

Jade is believed to be a protective stone, guarding against bad luck and accidents. It is also believed that before carrying the stone, one should purify and charge the power of the stone by placing it between two purple-colored candles for a period of time. Emotionally

Jade was believed to be an excellent healer that helps in solving Emotional problems such as depression and extreme defeatism.

If you believe in the theory and correctness of the chakras, then according to that field if you wear a ring of silver and gold and it is studded with jade stones, it will help that It clears the blockage of the chakra “Charrara” or the coronary chakra in the body. According to experts in this field, this chakra has an important role in defining a person’s identity and increases the dignity and self-respect of the individual.

Jade was considered a very effective stone in It is related to being a cure for diseases related to the kidneys, heart and stomach.

from an astronomical point of view; Jade is one of the stones that after wearing it, a person feels positive, confident and stable in life, and leads to a life filled with love and good luck. In addition, it endows the wearer with intelligence and the ability to manage things in a better way and make good use of their financial resources.

Not only that, jade is associated with many other benefits including being associated with fertility and childbirth. It was also a tool that helped detoxify the body, cleanse the blood, and calm the nervous system.

Jade was also known for its ability to provide a calm and safe environment for the wearer as well as its ability to erase and eliminate feelings of anger. . It was also a symbol of love, sincerity and trust.

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