Jade stone – properties, reason for its name and legends with pictures

Jade is actually a name that includes several types of semi-precious stones, more specifically, it expresses the pure forms of jade only in the form of jadeite and nephrite. The history of the beginning of the use of jade stone dates back to 6000 BC, when it was used in the manufacture of weapons and tools because of its hardness and decoration. The Mayans and Aztecs considered jade to be one of the most valuable stones, as the word jade comes from Spain and means “a stone for pain in the side of the body.”

It was given this surprising name after Spanish explorers saw the indigenous people of Mesoamerica sticking bits of jade stone to their sides, believing in their abilities to cure diseases. While the Chinese refer to it as “Yu”, which means “heavenly” or “empire”. As is clear from the meaning, it is considered one of the imperial stones in Chinese culture. In China, jade was discovered in the tombs of some kings.

The jade stone also plays a role in the history of the state of New Zealand, as it was found in the South Island and has since been considered a target for hunting there by groups “Maori” and as a result, they used it in the manufacture of many tools, jewelry and weapons, they are also known as “green stone”.

stone name jade, jade, jadeite, imperial jade, jade, jadeite
Quality semi cream
Composition Silica – pyroxene
chemical classification silica
Chemical formula Jadeite NaAlSi2O6 Nephrite Na(Al,Fe3+)Si2O6
degree of hardness 6.5 to 7 mo
refractive index 1.60 to 1.67
specific density 3.3 to 3.5
Crystal Formation monoclinic
Cleavage 1 or 2.2 (hard to notice due to the small size of the granules)
Fracture 2.9 to 5.5
the sparkle vitreous, waxy
Transparency Transparent – semi-transparent (rare) – opaque
Colors Green, black, red, blue, yellow
lines colorless
brilliance fluorescent, long range ultraviolet
Melting temperature 1040 Celsius

Natural Jade

Jade stone properties

  1. The name of the stone Jade, Jadeite, Jadeite, Imperial Jade, Jade, Jadeite Quality semi-cream
  2. Installation (silica – pyroxene)
  3. Chemical Classification Silica
  4. Chemical formula Jadeite NaAlSi
  5. (2) O 6 Nephrite Na(Al,Fe
  6. 3+ (Si2) *(O (6))
  7. Degree of hardness 6.5 to 7 mos Refractive index 1. until 1.67 specific density 3.3 through 3.5

Crystal Formation monoclinic Cleavage 1 or 2.2 (difficult to notice due to small size of granules)

Refraction 2.9 through 5.5 Sparkle vitreous, waxy Transparency transparent – semi-transparent (rare) – opaque Colors Green, Black, Red, Blue, Yellow lines colorless GLITTER Fluorescent, long-range ultraviolet rays Melting temperature Silesian

If you want to buy jade, you should consider that there is In stores, similar stones are presented as jade In fact, it has nothing to do with it like nephrite. As a rule, various types of green-colored stones are also presented as jade. So when buying, make sure you buy jadeite no matter how you are marketing it.

The best jade stones tend to be transparent and are called imperial jade stones because they are of remarkable beauty and strength. Also, like other transparent metaphysical stones, the strength of a crystal depends largely on its purity, in other words, on its transparency.

Jade colors What are the colors of the jade stone?

  1. Dark green
  2. the WhiteGray
  3. (Pink)
  4. Violet
  5. the Red
  6. Blue
  7. Yellow
  8. orange
  9. the black
  10. The colors of natural jade vary depending on the impurities and conditions of formation, from pale white and various
  11. shades of dark and light green to black.

Places Jade Extraction

Myanmar (Burma) contains the largest jade mines and is the only source of imperial jade
China (Tibet Plateau )

  1. Kazakhstan
  2. Guatemala
  3. United States of America (California)
  4. Brazil
  5. Turkistan
  6. Canada (British Columbia)
  7. Wyoming
  8. New Zealand
  9. (Alaska) (Poland)
  10. Taiwan
  11. Japan
  12. Jade is one of the crystals that fit all the signs of the zodiac, and because of that, anyone can choose their favorite
  13. color of jade.
  14. Legends of Jade
  15. Here are the most prominent beliefs and myths about jade as follows:
  16. Bring love
  17. Increasing Fertility
  18. Bringing stability
  19. Helps to gain wisdom
  20. Clarity of Mind
  21. Achieving internal balance
  22. Spreading Peace in The surrounding environment
  23. Achieving Harmony
  24. Renewing the Perspective of Life
  25. Protection from EvilImproving Relationships with Others
  26. had brought friends
  27. Personal Improvement
  28. Achieving Emotional Balance
  29. Detoxing the body
  30. Bone Strengthening
  31. Wound treatment
  32. Balance of the circulatory system
  33. Increase energy in the body
  34. Helps Meditation
  35. Bringing Good Luck

Achieving prosperityJade is considered a healing stone in ancient writings. It is one of the healing stones that were used extensively in the past and in ancient eastern civilizations in particular. It combines modernity and originality; It is an ancient decorative stone and a modern healing tool.Jade stones represent peace and tranquility and can be exceptionally helpful as well as a silent companion. Jade stones also have the ability to enhance their beneficial energies to aid consciousness. According to legends, due to its spiritual efficacy, it is equal to diamond and known as the most potent gemstone of all. Also due to the widespread beliefs that identify jade as the embodiment of universal cosmic principles, jade has been treated as a royal stone in many different cultures.Jade is one of the few healing stones that cannot harm you Harm in any way, if you wear it or use it regularly. This is due to its remarkable ability not only to absorb negative vibrations from the surrounding space but also due to its reputation as being able to protect against all negative vibrations that may find their way into your bioenergetic field. As well as constantly radiating soothing and purifying vibrations, the jade stone radiates to enhance your golden energy field. Besides, it is able to create strong connections between different layers of the mental body and thus works to enhance intellectual potentials.Jade Buddha Statue

The Metaphysical and Therapeutic Jade Meaning

Jade responds to the subtle vibrations of Neptune, so many people born According to the water signs of the zodiac, they are very attracted to this stone, as it indirectly affects emotions and feelings, but this resulting effect is not very strong because the penetration ability of this amazing green stone is constant and long-lasting despite being slow.

In principle, this stone consists of two different minerals of the same mineral family- Jadeite and Nephrite ) – and they can be found together in the same gem. As for the field of crystal therapy; They each have similar interactions with slight differences.

Jade Stone for Meditation and Cleansing

Many statues of the goddess “Kuan Yin” were made in China from jade stone. Kwan-yin is the goddess of mercy and pity, the protector of children and motherhood and is therefore deeply loved by women in Asia. It is believed that her jade statue repels negative energies, especially after major local battles, disputes and situations caused by misunderstandings. Recently, the huge Buddha statue was made of large and high quality jade stones. In any case, jade is one of the most valuable stones in Chinese mythology and its value is equal to that of gold there.Jade belongs to a group of rare stones and crystals, which do not need to be cleansed from influence Caused by other people’s energy fields, this stone always stays clean and spreads its beneficial frequencies throughout. However, it needs to be disinfected from time to time either using water or other recommended stones.A jade bearJade is an ideal gemstone for meditation and inner peace. A sense of inner calm is absolutely necessary if we wish to be able to listen to the communications of others. And if we feel uncomfortable, and we have a constant internal dialogue, we will not be able to properly understand what he wants to convey to us by others.In order to practice this meditation; You have to take a few steps. Take a piece of jade in your hand and listen to what it has to say to you, just hold it and listen to what it says to you and don’t try to extract anything from it. We need to learn to listen by holding the stone carefully and letting it reveal its secrets to us. This is how you should deal with others as well.


Jade is usually confused with many similar stones, so it is one of the most fake gemstones, and it is difficult to find both the original and natural types of them, as those artificial or natural types are similar.

But don’t worry, there are various ways you can use to tell the difference before you buy, such as gravity testing, which distinguishes between jade and nephrite. This test is performed utilising unique chemical chemicals that demonstrate the difference in attractiveness between the two.

There is also a sound test that can be done between two various varieties of jade stone. For example, the natural and original stone create a harmonic and unique sound when knocked on, but the artificial and false stone make a different sound when knocked on.

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