Lapis lazuli stone benefits

Learn about the material and non-material benefits of the lapis lazuli stone for its user, based on the most notable ancient beliefs and tales surrounding it, some of which are still relevant today. Semi-precious stones include lapis lazuli. It is a remarkable stone that is immediately recognised, and if you see it once, you are unlikely to forget its look because of its unique shade of dark blue, as well as various brilliant and different variations of this colour with a faint violet tinge in it.

It is worth mentioning that the blue hue of lapis lazuli was well-known and had a position in history prior to the advent of modern paints, particularly since the blue colour featured in many classic paintings was taken from this stone.

Given the name of this stone, the meaning of the phrase “lapis lazuli” may be traced back to ancient Persian, where it derives from the Persian word “lazurite,” which means “blue stone.” It is well recognised that the best lapis lazuli is always dark blue. The greatest lapis lazuli originates from Afghanistan, although it has also been discovered in Italy, Egypt, Chile, Russia, and the United States. Despite the fact that several deposits of lapis lazuli have been harvested, it is difficult to get high-quality lapis lazuli.

فوائد حجر اللازورد: الجودة

A large part of the benefits of lapis lazuli depend on the degree of its color and quality according to beliefs

The major component of lapis lazuli stone is aluminium silicate, with trace quantities of calcite and pyrite. Because this stone was noted for its shine, it is still used to polish boxes, vases, and gems. There are several old and fascinating uses for lapis lazuli. It was worn as decoration by ladies, and it was used in the inscriptions of renowned literature on valuable stones, among other things.

We review the benefits of the lapis lazuli stone as follows:

According to old beliefs about this stone, it serves to establish harmony between the intellect and the heart by strengthening their connection. When your intellect is in sync with your emotions, it becomes more powerful and productive. When your intellect assists in the clarification of your emotions, those emotions become more clearly understood, and the mind and heart function in harmony. Mastery in any field becomes more possible.

The lapis lazuli stone is believed to give its wearer the ability to imagine and live lively, fearlessly and adventurously. Its unique blue color evokes memories that stimulate the power within you.

Also when worn; It helps protect against psychological attacks, as it dispels anxiety and brings a sense of inner peace. Harmony and deep inner self-knowledge. It encourages self-awareness, allows for self-expression and reveals inner truth, and provides the qualities of honesty, compassion, and morality of personality. It also stimulates objectivity and clarity and encourages creativity. If you are a fan of creativity, excellence and always thinking outside the box, then this stone is suitable for you according to beliefs.


فوائد حجر اللازورد: معتقدات

Some used it to help them face people, talk honestly, and build confidence in those around them. In addition to assisting in the expression of sentiments and emotions.

In terms of ideas about the health and therapeutic capabilities of lapis lazuli. It is thought to strengthen the immune system, cleanse the blood, reduce blood pressure, and refresh and soothe inflammatory regions. It also alleviates sleeplessness, dizziness, and sadness. In addition to boosting the function of the respiratory system, neurological system, throat, vocal cords, thyroid gland, cleaning the organs, and increasing bone marrow and thymus gland health. To improve your intuition, intensify and broaden your psychological visions and clairvoyant talents. This chakra is said to activate the pineal gland and expand your connections to the soul, in addition to increasing psychic abilities. Thanking and stimulating the throat.

Beliefs about the healing benefits of lapis lazuli

It is believed that the lapis lazuli stone contains a powerful and unique energy that may help many people to increase their abilities and effectiveness in addition to achieving spiritual growth and spiritual health. in addition to; It will work through the fifth chakra to help you improve your creativity and ability to communicate with others. It is known that lapis lazuli contains powerful properties that help to increase depth and clarity in thinking and communication.

The lapis lazuli stone is also called “the stone of truth or honesty”; Because it ensures that your words and what comes out of you align with your personal reality.

Another interesting belief about the benefits of lapis lazuli is that it can help you develop your conviction and belief deeply, in addition to that, it makes you believe in yourself and experience it Feeling and understanding your own spirituality and overcoming the challenges that will confront you on your way.

Among the benefits of the lapis lazuli stone is also to be used in psychological meditation and increase the ability to see things and gain wisdom. This may intensify the development of your psychic abilities and intuition and help you communicate with others.

It is interesting that it was believed that the healing benefits of lapis lazuli depend on the degree of color and the amount of pyrite it contains.

According to the writings in the field of energy, the energy of lapis lazuli and its royal blue color affect the optic nerve in a way that stimulates your memory and mental performance. Besides your ability to connect with others, balance your heart and mind, and your body’s ability to heal itself and improve energy flows well.) The therapeutic benefits of the lapis lazuli stone

فوائد حجر اللازورد: خواتم

Reducing blood pressure

Treatment of inflamed areas of the skin and relief of pain Treatment of Alzheimer’s and memory loss Getting rid of pathological depression  (Beneficial for the respiratory system and lungs)

(helps improve the work of the nervous system) Useful during cold cases as it improves breathing. Prevention of Sore Throat Infection  Improving the performance of the thyroid gland Reducing menstrual symptoms Balance the hormones in the body

Helps counteract the symptoms of autism

Strengthening the bones and muscles Soothe the pain caused by osteoarthritis

Improve the flow Blood in the body  Prevention of Mental Disorders  Enhancing the health of the skin and increasing its freshness

    • (The benefits of the legendary lapis lazuli)
  1. It is used to highlight the characteristic of honesty in the individual and frankness with The same
  2. Increasing internal forces and will
  3. Bring love and the other party
  4. Increasing the ambition of the individual Protection from magic and envy
  5. Bringing Positive Energy Attracting friends and improving social relations
  6. قلادة من أحجار اللازورد
  7. Helps express an opinion

فوائد حجر اللازورد: خواتم

The benefits of lapis lazuli – rings studded with blue lapis lazuli stones

In terms of astronomy, the benefits of lapis lazuli are based on the planet Saturn, which works to stabilize the mind, fight evil, prove evidence of existence, remember important things, enhance healing properties, better understand emotions, spiritual growth and increase confidence. It is believed that it eliminates all bad habits.

If you have a dream that you cannot remember or interpret, according to ancient beliefs in the benefits of the Laz stone Reportedly, it will help you enhance your dream-related abilities by making them clearer and easier to interpret as well as the possibility of keeping them in your memory for a longer period. your daily life. Here comes the role of lapis lazuli in its ability to help you eliminate stress and anxiety and bring a sense of deep peace for clear dreams and clear mind and restful sleep without stress.

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