Moonstone: Characteristics, Colors, and Reason for Shimmering in Pictures

The structural pattern of moonstone is the reason for its distinctive optical properties as it contains potassium aluminum silicate. The adolarsense effect is caused by the presence of small inclusions of other feldspar in the host material. The impurities of sodium feldspar in potassium feldspar create a layer, those thin inner layers split into two types of feldspar and overlap to create the interference effect of light in the stones due to these layers. (Glow-like luster). Sheller effect colors may be white, blue or blue and orange due to this phenomenon. But the most valuable and desired color is blue, which is usually produced by processing white or gray stone. Thin layers help produce an attractive surface effect, while a less attractive white sheen is produced in thick layers. The size or the distance from one layer to another determines the colors that we see in the moonstone as well.

The Romans used moonstone in the jewelry industry since about two thousand years, and there are theories and studies that prove that it was used by the inhabitants of the East Middle East has been in the jewelry and accessories industry for a long time. Since ancient times it has been considered a sacred stone in India with great importance to lovers, and as a traditional gift there in weddings and seasons. Moonstone is also a preferred choice among jewelry makers in the era of modern jewelry making, while in Europe it was believed in its ability to meet distant loved ones and cure insomnia.

The shape of natural moonstones of high quality and value

It was given its name because of its luster similar to that of the moon. Moonstone is mainly composed of the feldspar mineral “aluminosilicate” and is characterized by being largely smooth. It is characterized by its appearance like water and its silver-white reflection called the cat’s eye, the stone is found in blue, gray, white and sometimes one of the degrees of the color of the peach fruit (reddish orange), there is a group of it called the rainbow stones because of their prismatic properties in relation to light.

Moonstone is known by another name, which is the stone of travelers because it was widely believed in its ability to protect its bearers during their travels, especially in the evening, and as a result of the high hopes that hung on it, it was considered one of the precious stones that It has been worn as an amulet for long periods.

stone name moon stone
Type semi cream
chemical classification orthoclase
Chemical formula (Na,K)AlSi3O8
degree of hardness 6 up to 6.5
refractive index 1.515 to 1.525
specific density 2.61
Crystal System monoclinic
Cleavage Perfect two way
Fracture variegated – oyster
the sparkle Opal – Vitreous
Transparency transparent, semi-transparent
Colors multi-colors
luminescence exist
Luminescence type Fluorescent, long and short range ultraviolet, X-ray colors
improvements Black paint on the back that increases luminescence
processing surface coating
phenomenon AdornSense, cat eye, starburst
Astrological sign June
Configuration pebbles, pegmatites

Characteristics of Moonstone The name of the stone moon stone Quality semi-cream Chemical Classification


Chemical formula

(Na,K)AlSi(3)(O8 degree of hardness 6 to 6.5 Refractive index 1. up to 1.498 specific density 2. Crystal System


Cleavage Ideal in two directions Fracture Varying – Oysters Sparkle

Opal – Vitreous ) Transparency transparent, semi-transparent Colors multi-colors luminescence There is type of luminescence

Fluorescent, ultraviolet, long and short range, X-ray colors (Improvements)

Black paint from the back as it increases the luminescence Treatment paint Surface The phenomenon

AdornSense, Cat’s Eye Glitter, Starburst astrological sign June Composition

Pebbles, pegmatites Moonstone colors

    1. transparent
    2. light yellow Dark Yellow
    3. lead
    4. green
    5. Pink
    6. Redorange
    7. brouwn
    8. Moonstone Bracelet Shape
    9. Places of moonstone extraction
    10. Here are the places where there are mines Moonstone is extracted as follows:
    11. Myanmar (the finest moonstone)
    12. Australia
    13. India
    14. Norway Switzerland
    15. Finland
  1. Madagascar
  2. Mexico
  3. Sri LankaTanzania

1- Color


High-quality moonstone is classified according to color as having a colorless, semi-transparent to semi-transparent appearance without visible impurities, and a bright blue vividness. They are known in the trade as stones with a blue luster. The finest moonstone has a clarity like glass with an electric blue flicker that appears to glow. Unattractive. It should also have the effect of adularescence, blue. The shine is centered on the top of the cabochon cut, and should be easily seen from a wide range of viewing angles. If the luster of moonstone adolarsense is visible only within a restricted viewing range, its value is reduced.

Miners in southern India have discovered a new type of moonstone with a bright green body colour, containing edallarsin as It is also characterized by a light yellow color.

2- Purity A good moonstone should be nearly as clear and free from inclusions as possible. Characteristic moonstones include tiny tension slits called centipedes. They are called this because they resemble those long, slender, multi-legged creatures.

3- Pieces

The cabochon is the most common form of moonstone as the cabochon cut, brings out the beauty and luster of the moonstone. The bottom of the cabochon can be flat or slightly convex to increase the beauty of the stone. The classic shapes of the adular cabochon cut are oval and round; Cushion, pear and marquise.

It is important to orient the crystal correctly during processing so that the effect of the shine falls exactly in the center of the cabochon. The cost is affected by the quality of processing; Here are two important factors: the way the cabochon is cut and polished, since due to the different hardness in the different directions of the crystals, the cabochon-cut stones often acquire an asymmetric shape; Therefore, cabochons with a flat top or an elongated oval shape, in a rectangular cushion design, can be found quite often in the market.

The polishing process of moonstones is technically difficult, therefore, many The stones on the market are of average quality, when viewed through the magnifying glass on the surface of the cabochon, scratches, cuts and unpolished areas can be seen. High-quality polishing gives moonstone a distinct and impressive look.

4- Weight in carats Large moonstones are rare and are highly valued compared to smaller stones. Moonstone prices rise in proportion to its carat weight due to its rarity and the cost of optimal cutting and polishing.

Moonstone Legends

Since early Time I believe that there is a tangible relationship between moonstone and the characteristics of the moon that explains why it was commonly used among travelers and why it is a valuable and appropriate gift for lovers, as a source of wisdom and knowledge. It is said in astronomy that there is a strong connection between us and the moon relative to the degree of completeness over its continuous cycles, as it increases the close connection between us and the Earth, in addition to affecting our actions and feelings. Moonstone helps calm the nerves and motivate us to do various things. It also helps us realize the beauty of nature and harmony in life.

Here are some beliefs about moonstone types and common myths:

Bringing Love (Bringing Happiness)
Bring good luck
Fertility and Bringing MotherhoodGetting rid of self-loveAltruism of othersBringing Hope (Increased fertility)Travel Security

Bringing the wisdom of the ancients

Bring money and wealth
Types of Moonstone
Here are the types of moonstone as follows:

1- Blue Moonstone (Cor’s Eye Moonstone)

Blue Moonstone Shape

symbolizes purity of mind and inner insight, as it helps the individual to meditate and reach a special degree of awareness. It is known as a cycle in the stability of feelings and the balance of yin and yang.2- Gray Moonstone

2  Gray Moonstone Shape

It is a stone to increase insight and is commonly used by practitioners of this field, to take you to one of the hidden kingdoms. It is also called the new moon stone, as it carries the mysteries and powers of the new moon where all possibilities exist.

(3)- White Moonstone

Moonstone of unique beauty

It was known in the past that it helps spread the energy of the new moon when it is in Maximum capacity.

4- Yellow Moonstone

Helps the heart in its role in supporting the performance of the mind, it also works In eliminating anxiety and showing the best of a person’s abilities.

5- Moonstone Rainbow

A type of rainbow moonstone

A prism that spreads energy throughout the aura. It provides psychological protection and purity of mind and senses.

6- Pink Moonstone

Pink Moonstone Shape

Pink moonstone is extracted with similar degrees of color Where it includes honey tones to beige, similar to peach, while its transparency varies from transparent to opaque. Usually this type of moonstone is used in the manufacture of bracelets and necklaces.

7- Green Moonstone

Green Moonstone Shape

Although it is rare and is not widely used in the jewelry industry, such as white and blue moonstone, it has a special beauty and gives a distinctive appearance to its bearer. It usually has a hazy or slightly clear appearance and a light yellowish-green color.

Moonstone is distinguished by its exposure to light. One of its distinguishing features is the mysterious flicker that appears differently as the stone is moved. The main source of this stone is Sri Lanka, which is the home of the moonstone, which has a blue flash and a transparent background. The characteristics of stones that originate in India are that they are characterized by a unique reflection of light and the presence of shades on the background of brown, green and orange, these distinctive colors in addition to its special shimmer. It is considered a first-class gemstone for women, which is mainly used in the manufacture of women’s jewelry.

What is the source of that mysterious flash?

White Moonstone

The source of the mysterious flash of light in the moonstone is something very special in the world of gemstones. Specialists call it “fawning”. This is due to the formation of for the gem stone. Light is refracted and scattered on it to produce this distinctive appearance. This flicker is one of the factors that draw attention to this stone and make it attractive.

In any case, this beautiful gemstone has a weak point, which is the result of its relatively weak and low hardness to reach 6 on the Mohs scale can be broken. Therefore, when dealing with moonstones, it is always advised to be careful because they are sensitive. And you should know that it is inevitable that it will be subjected to scratches and be affected by erosion factors when wearing it for a while. Looking at the bright side, we find that some specialists in jewelry and gemstone maintenance can restore the stone, restore its luster, and even restore that wonderful shimmer.

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