Benefits of Amber

اساطير الكهرمان

Amber is a semi-precious stone that many legends have been circulating about and circulated over the centuries. The realization of the facts of life and natural phenomena among the ancient peoples and tribes was explained in a mythical character, and it is one of the distinguishing features and characteristics in those eras that sometimes preceded the scientific understanding of the modern world.

In the ancient Greek myth of Phaethon, the origin of plant amber was indicated long before scientists in the modern era reached to prove it with scientific evidence and evidence.

  1. While it is believed that amber is the result of the tears of the gods in many myths.
  2. In the legend of Sophocles, amber is the tears for the dead hero Meliger, who was the victim of his mother’s
  3. indifference.
  4. In the legend of Gurat and Castets, the amber is the result of the tears of the sea goddess who shed in mourning forher loved ones.
  5. is considered Amber in ancient myths is a stone with a hidden, mysterious meaning.
  6. In Russian legends, amber was called Alatyr, a term meaning white and flammable.
  7. In the legend of the tribes of Buyan Island, it was believed that amber was the stone of mystery. , where folk songs and ancient magic stories revolve about him.
  8. In Russian mythology it is believed that amber has a fairy tale that he cannot hear Only someone with a pure heart.
  9. The legend of the Javanese bird is the legend of an amber stone that a cruel king gave to his loyal servant.

الكهرمان الطبيعي

  1. What is amber in myths
  2. There are many beliefs about the formation of amber, as it was believed in some ancient cultures that it was a solid
  3. Many believed that amber is the petrified honey of wild bees.
  4. Some also believed that amber is sea foam that hardened under the influence of
  5. In other legends, I believe that it is caused by the vital functions of forest ants.
  6. In the twentieth century I think it is the ether issued by
  7. Among the ancient tribes, it was believed to be the oil of the mountains.
  8. While the farmers believed that it was mineral fertilizer in the ground.

I found many mythical theories about the formation of amber stone, but in fact amber is not only different from semi-precious stones, but is also characterized by its presence in a variety of ways. It comes in a wide range of shapes, dimensions, compositions and sizes, as it exists in a wide variety of colors, and is characterized by unusual chemical and physical properties.

جوهرة كهرمان

  1. Natural amber gem
  2. Why Amber is a distinctive stone
  3. It burns with fire and emits a distinctive crackling.
  4. It melts when heated without being affected by air.
  5. It produces static electricity if it is rubbed with wool.
  6. Miss Mai Kahraba is derived from the word amber, the electric stone.
  7. Some types of amber float in salt water.
  8. The stone is warm to the touch.
  9. Contains various insects inside it dating back to prehistoric times.

أحجار الكهرمان في الأساطير

3961 Amber in ancient myths

The benefits of amber in myths

  1. Some primitive tribes used amber in their magical rituals.
  2. Amber amulets were worn to protect against disease and death in battle.
  3. People believe that amber protects its bearer from disease.
  4. Has the ability to attract good luck.
  5. It is believed that rubbing a little amber prevents misfortune.
  6. Helps protect against envy.
    Helps protect against black magic and lower works.
  7. Bring love.
  8. (Make the wearer stronger and smarter.
  9. It has a positive effect on the nervous system.
  10. Its sunny color and smooth, warm texture helps focus.
  11. It enhances one’s self-reliance.
  12. Wearing amber stones improves medication for thyroid problems.
  13. Reducing the pain of arthritis and orthopedics.

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