Obsidian Stone Benefits

Obsidian Stone Benefits

The benefits of obsidian make it among the best semi-precious stones used in the treatment of stomach and digestive diseases, as many peoples in ancient times used to offer it to those who suffer from problems in the digestive system, including chronic constipation, vomiting and pain Stomach cramps. Where the benefits of obsidian are obtained in this regard by wearing it in the form of a ring or necklace, and many people obtain its benefits by carrying it in their pockets and feeling it from time to time to transfer the healing energy from it to the body directly.

Obsidian’s therapeutic properties extend beyond that, as it may shield the user from sadness as well as negative sensations and nightmares when sleeping. In astronomy and crystals, the Obsidian stone is classed as a protection stone, which means it protects against material threats such as battles, accidents, and natural catastrophes.

Therapeutic benefits of Obsidian

  1. Treatment of psychological stress Treatment of the constant feeling of anxiety over life matters
  2. Treating feelings of tension without reasons
  3. Addressing and eliminating depression
  4. Achieving a balance between Negative and positive emotions Treatment of diseases of the digestive system and
  5. stomach Treatment of colic and stomach pain
  6. Eliminate the feeling of satiety
  7. Solving the problem of constipation
  8. Improving the digestive process
  9. Improving the health of the digestive system Improving the performance of the immune system and its ability to
  10. eliminate diseases
  11. Benefits of Natural Obsidian

Legendary Obsidian Benefits Bringing money, wealth and prestige

Attracting and Attracting Women Increasing the attractiveness of the wearer He believes in his ability to achieve marriage and bonding

Bring strength The brute force of the wearer

Bringing influence and power Bringing an attribute of courage and increasing the bearer’s ability to face difficulties
Achieving a lot of successful friendships
Achieving success in material and practical life
fever Protection from the risks of natural disasters
Protection from exposure of the bearer to material risks
Protection from envy and negative energies that target its bearer Solving emotional problems and protecting against the magic of segregation between spouses
Increases the devotion of the bearer to work Increases the will of the wearer and his ability to work diligently (Enhancing the leadership capabilities of the wearer

Obsidian Benefits – Wearing Obsidian Ring
The Obsidian stone possesses powerful astrological properties that are beneficial in attracting money, prestige, and power, as well as gaining riches and enhancing one’s capacity to make money and accomplish success on both a material and spiritual level. As a result, the Obsidian stone is used in business presents as a gesture to wish success on both a commercial and personal level. Successful social life, includes marriage success and even attracting and conveying favourable sensations to the other party. Many people who experience one-sided love wear it to boost the harmony of their inner energy and their capacity to express sentiments of love to others who want them.

Obsidian’s advantages also include its capacity to neutralise bad energies that attack the bearer and subsequently shield him from envy and danger. Many managers and individuals in high-level leadership positions wear Obsidian to strengthen their ability to make sound judgments, improve their leadership abilities, and raise their job devotion.

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