Opalite: its properties and legends with pictures

appearance Opalite Opalite is a stone that is not found in nature, but most of the pieces used in the jewelry industry and available for purchase are made in the laboratory. Synthetic opalite has properties similar to natural opal and is also known by other names as purple opal, ice cream opal, Tiffany stone, and synthetic fluorite. and dynamic, consisting mainly of the mineral dolomite attached to the mineral, in order to form a lustrous and lustrous appearance. Healing gems. It is also known for its ability to enhance personal strength, self-confidence and increase self-esteem and self-esteem. It also helps express feelings and bring positive energy.

According to legend, opalite is useful in achieving all kinds of changes in life, whether they are minor or major changes. Many people wear it to help them achieve changes in their lives, including changing jobs, moving to a new home, entering or exiting relationships with another partner, as well as having children and increasing sexual ability. Natural opal is a stone, which comes from crystallized volcanic ash. It occurs rarely in nature, and can be found in some form in some mines located in the continent of Australia.

While opalite is man-made, it is sometimes made of opaling glass, which gives it the colors Amazing and attractive. Moreover, glass is the most popular choice because it is similar to natural opalite after it forms and when the volcanic ash becomes cold and solid. Opalite Stone Colors Semi-transparent

  1. Transparent
  2. Lavender Colors
  3. the green
  4. Blue yellow
  5. pink
  6. Opalite Jewelery Shape
  7. Legends of the Opalite Stone
  8. Helps increase Harnessing personal power
  9. Promoting self-confidence
  10. Increased self-esteem
  11. Improve the Sense of Self-Esteem
  12. Unleashing Inner Strength
  13. Expressing and revealing deep feelings

When combined with Peruvian blue opal, it improves the third eye chakra which is the chakra of intuition, insight and vision based on legends.

Also when placed above the crown chakra, it will stimulate visions, as well as enhance psychic powers.

The opalite is also essential for communication on a spiritual level. Helps in communicating with the spiritual side.

The energies of this stone may also help explain messages and visions.

Balances the energies of yin and yang

(Increasing stability of mood swings) Removing any blockages in the energy lines and chakras This may also help maintain a healthy balance of male and female energies

  1. Balance the Dark and the Hidden
  2. Stability of negative and active emotions
  3. Regulating day and night energies
  4. A wonderful stone to overcome feelings of sadness ) Eliminate Anxiety and Bring Peace The main benefits of Opalite
  5. Health improvement

Legends Opalite Beliefs

Beliefs about abilities Opalite

Opalite is essential for people who have difficulty sleeping and have frequent nightmares

It is also soothing to feelings Helps regulate the unbalanced heartbeat Improving the flow of oxygen and improving lung function in the body

Bring money (Benefits of Elephants for Wealth Successes in Business Demonstrate material wealth and wealth. ) Improve your communication and interaction with people Helps go beyond relationships

  1. It will also help you with Getting rid of your fears
  2. Helps to learn and think
  3. Opalite helps express your true self
  4. Helps reach full potentialAssociated with love and passion Brings loyalty and devotion And spontaneity
  5. strengthens the will to live
  6. enhances Awareness and AwarenessClears blockages of energy in your chakras Opens communication on all levels, especially spiritual
  7. helps you express the commons
  8. Useful for self-exploration and meditation
  9. Ideal for meditation and dream making
  10. Stimulates originality and creativity
  11. 3361 3361 Opalite Crystal Shape
  12. It is also believed, according to astronomy and crystals, in the healing abilities of opalite that an individual can derive
  13. based on these allegations while wearing and carrying it. Abilities and Benefits of Opalite Healing
  14. Strengthens memory
  15. Helps improve mood
  16. De-stress Achieving inner peace Reducing fatigue
  17. Treatment of infections and fever
  18. Purifies the blood and kidneys Regulates Insulin
  19. Facilitating Childbirth Increased energy in the body

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