Pearl stone: properties, composition, places and colors with pictures

Pearl stone is one of the organic stones that form biologically in nature on a limited scale. Most of the pearl stones that are now available in gemstone stores are industrial, where they are produced by introducing a special substance called “the nucleus”, which for example Clarifications are developed in laboratories in order to achieve better and more quality results. The nucleus, which is also called the seed, is inserted into the body of the oyster or mussel in order to stimulate the organism to grow pearls around it. In addition, special farms are established to increase the number of oysters on a large scale in order to use them commercially and harvest the pearl stone from them.

The pearl stone is available in several colors depending on the quality of the oyster, and the most common and famous of these is the “Akoya” pearl, which is native to Japan and China, where its natural color is white, sometimes it is processed to appear in color. black or dark blue. This type of Akoya pearl stone is distinguished by its harmonious dimensions and being similar to a woman because of its luster similar to that of metals. In the world of gem trade today, pearl stone of this type is produced in medium sizes in China, while it is produced in large sizes in Japan.

stone name pearl lolly
Quality semi cream
Composition organic
chemical classification carbonate
Chemical formula Calcium Carbonate CaCO3
degree of hardness 2.5 to 4.5 mo
refractive index 1.52  1.66
specific density 2.60  2.85
Crystal Formation orthogonal rhombus
Cleavage There is no
Fracture not matching
the sparkle sparkling
Transparency dark
Colors All colors in their gradations (most notably white)
multicolour high
heat sensitivity high

Natural pearl stone

Characteristics of pearls

The name of the stone The Pearl, Luli

Quality semi-cream Installation Organic Chemical classification (Carbonate ) )Chemical formula Calcium CaCO 3

degree of hardness 2.5 to 4.5 mousse)

Refractive index 1.322 up to 1.375 specific density 2.333 up to 2. 416 Crystal formation ( Crystal Formation) Rhombus orthogonal Cleavage nothing The Unx R (Fracture) not matching Al-Sparkle Sparkling

Transparency (Opaque Colors All colors in their gradations (most notably white) multicolour High

Sensitivity to heat

High Pearl stones of unusual colors include white South Sea pearls and Golden South Sea pearls. Where the white sea pearls usually originate in the western coast of Australia, while the golden sea pearls originate in the Philippines and Indonesia. The South Sea pearl stone is distinguished by its large size and its rarity.

The shape of a pearl oyster

one of The most common type is the Tahitian pearl stone, which is known as the “black pearl” and this type is due to the famous island of Tahiti in the Pacific Ocean, along with a number of other French and Polynesian islands. Its colors range from green to blue, red, gold and black, as it appeared in stores in the mid-nineties, and the demand for it increased steadily with time due to its wonderful appearance. Colors of pearl stone

(Colors of pearl stone (white, blue, green, red, gold, violet, pink and black)

Pearls are available in nature in all seven colors and its gradations, including:

  1. the White
  2. Yellow
  3. Brown
  4. orange
  5. the Red Violet
  6. Blue (Al-Lubani)
  7. pink
  8. the green
  9. Rasasi the black

The most abundant sources of pearl stones are mussels that grow in fresh water. One mussel can produce even 07 Pearl (All other types of pearl stone come from salt water oysters, which are produced from one to three pearls per oyster). Despite this, the fresh water type is less attractive than the salt water type, because it produces stones with dimensions similar to the dimensions of the potato. In any case, with the development of the production of artificial pearls, freshwater pearls can find a place among all other types of high quality. Freshwater pearls are distinguished by their various natural colors such as white, pink, violet, and sometimes even blue, such as “Akoya pearls”. This type is usually painted black, which gives the impression of elegance and luxury.

Natural Pearl Stone Jewelery

It is rare to come across a piece of jewellery. It is made of pearl stone, except in the case if it was mostly manufactured, and the reason for this is due to the high price of pearls and their scarcity to a large extent, as one natural pearl is usually used in jewelry. An antique pearl can be considered of great value due to its originality and its tremendous history of being natural.

A pearl stone is at its highest value when its dimensions are nearer to perfection, in addition to the presence of other influencing factors including Oyster quality, colour, surface quality, size and thickness. When they are used in the manufacture of necklaces or luxury chains, they must be prepared with complete professionalism, taking into account the matching of stones as much as possible, especially in the case of certain decorations. The size of the pearl can be trimmed using specialized tools to make it as round as possible during preparation.

Places of pearl extraction Here are the places for extracting natural pearls as follows:

  1. Fresh water
  2. Salt water Tahiti
  3. Australia
  4. China
  5. Japan

Vietnam Sri Lanka

UAEThere are also pearl farms in almost all countries of the world, as it is considered one of the small projects with high economic feasibility.Pearl Stone Jewelry The pearl stone is considered one of the most desirable stones in the East and Morocco by specialists in collecting valuable stones and even amateurs. Historically, it was the focus of attention for kings and those with high positions in society. It has been worn by many famous personalities throughout the ages such as King Henry VIII and Coco Chanel, the leading French fashion designer. While as for the characters who wore artificial pearl stones, it is Princess Diana and Princess Elizabeth, who were wearing the manufactured pearl stone called La Peregrina, and this stone broke two records for selling it for 66,3644,dollars in a year 842.It is worth noting that the pearl stone was mentioned in addition to the coral stone in The Holy Qur’an and it was also mentioned in the Bible, and despite the enormous history of this stone, it is within the reach of many groups now, and anyone can obtain natural pearl stones for an amount estimated at less than ten thousand dollars, while artificial stones can be obtained for More moderate amounts.

Pearl stone for weddings and holidays

Luxurious pearl stone necklace

One of the things I love about pearl stone is that it is suitable for wearing on all kinds of clothes, It is the same whether you are wearing formal clothes or just a simple T-shirt.

There are a number of different designs of pearls from different manufacturers to suit each individual’s taste, pearl stones come in many wonderful colors and sizes in a consistent manner As a jewelry, in addition to that, it bears the originality of being one of the natural stones that have not been formed or changed in phases. They are worn as they are.

Today, both the circulating and dated pearls represent something special to jewelry makers around the world.

Black, green, or pink? Choosing the right color

First of all, as we mentioned, the color of pearls is determined on the basis of the type of oyster it produces, as there are several colors of it, including black, green, pink and white. All of them are distinguished by undoubted beauty, and the basis for choosing it is based on your personal taste and your usual or expected style of clothing in the event that you are going to buy it for an occasion or a celebration.

Experts advise avoiding dealing with Artificially colored pearl stones and only the types with natural colors that you can find in trusted jewelry stores.

With the variety of pearl stones, there is a piece to suit every occasion However, experts advise that wearing pearls for long periods is something that should be done with caution, as this is actually based on several factors including the quality of the skin and its acidity. Some can wear it on a daily basis without being damaged, while others can wear it and deteriorate its condition. One of the important factors influencing is the quality of the perfume and the rate of its use.

When stored properly, pearl jewelry can last

Do not store and store stones in cotton, as this advice is the most important point that must be known to those who own it, and because each type of pearl contains It contains moisture, so if you use cotton, the moisture is attracted to it and then it cracks. One of the prevailing and wonderful customs around the trading of pearl stone in Middle Eastern jewelry stores is that they preserve it and present it inside a piece of silk.

After each wear, wipe the pearls with a soft cloth. This will help prevent oils or other substances that may build up on your jewelry throughout the day.Clean with a damp cloth as needed only. If your stones are visibly stained, you can mix a solution oflukewarm water and non-concentrated dish soap, dip a soft cleaning cloth and wipe the pearls. Do not immerse a pearl necklace in water, as it will weaken the thread.

Let it dry completely before storing as this helps maintain the elasticity of the threads

. Take them to the jeweler once a year so while you want to wear your pearls a lot to keep them hydrated, all this body oil doesn’t Offers no benefit to silk threads. Make sure your jeweler checks the integrity of your pearl bracelets and necklaces once a year. They can also give them a thorough and safe cleaning.

To preserve the luster of pearl jewelry

Never clean pearls with steam or ultrasonic jewelry cleaner. Both methods are likely to damage the outer layer of the pearl. Avoid wearing makeup, hairspray, lotion or perfume once you wear Pearl Jewelry.

Store flat. While it is perfectly acceptable to hang most necklaces on a cute jewelry rack, your pearl strands shouldn’t be. Store pearl necklaces flat to prevent them from stretching.

Allocate space for storing pearls only as fine pearls are prone to scratches, so store them in Separate in fabric lined compartments.

It is preferable to wear pearls regularly as they retain their luster better in a humid environment, so wear them more often It prevents it from drying out.

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