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The term “peridot” derives from the French word “peritot,” which means “gold,” since its hues are akin to those of gold. It is one of the most beautiful and renowned stones that people give to others, especially since the peridot stone is a perfect illustration of how some cultures commemorate the sixteenth year of marriage. Furthermore, it is the August diamond that is awarded to August babies. In terms of its history, this stone is highly valued, has a lengthy history, and is marked by a long historical record. The procedure of obtaining this stone was mentioned in ancient Egyptian papyri as early as 1930 BC.

Egypt was the hub and primary source of peridot stones in the ancient world, since they were mined from the island of “Topazo” (today known as Peridot Island or St. John’s Island). In Egypt, on the Red Sea. Peridot stones were employed in carved talismans in ancient times since the residents of that island were required to collect valuable stones for the pharaoh’s treasury. According to legend, the entire island was defended by ardent monitors who demanded the murder of the aggressors.

The myth goes on to explain that the employees worked day and night since the peridot stones could not be found until after dark owing to the stone’s brilliance. The miners would note the locations of the peridot stones and return the next day to retrieve them.

In the nineteenth century, the island produced many peridots worth millions of dollars. A year later 1500, the production of peridot gemstones reached its peak but fell to a nadir at the end of the year 1930. The situation remained the same until a year 3485 When the mines were nationalized. Although some aquamarine pieces that come from that island are still sometimes found in the markets, it is not known whether they are new or old pieces, and most assume that they are old.

Stone name Peridot
Type semi-precious stone
Chemical classification silicate minerals
Chemical formula (Mg, Fe)2SiO4
Hardness 6.5 to 7 mo
Refractive index 1.64  1.70
Specific density 3.2  4.3
Crystal System Orthomorphic
Cleavage weak
Low refractive index oysters
Sparkle vitreous
Transparency transparent
Colors Multiple
Melting temperature Too high
Dispersion 0.020
astrological month August

Appearance of Peridot Rough

Prepares Peridot is the national jewel of Egypt , and the ancient Egyptians knew it as “the stone of the sun.” The process of extracting this stone is due to

more than 3500 General on St Johns Island. in the late nineteenth century; The Khedive of Egypt monopolized the mines and the island became a mystery for several centuries until it was discovered in . The peridot stone was known as peridot in ancient times, although this name was used in times when the ability to accurately identify stones was not available like now. In addition, some colors of topaz were given the same name until we began to learn about the differences between these gemstones.

Places of peridot extraction

Peridot gemstones are extremely rare Here are the places from Crush the peridot stone and extract it as follows:

Egypt from St. John’s Island Which is known as Peridot Island

  1. Pakistan
  2. Burma
  3. Afghanistan
  4. China
  5. Vietnam
  6. Ethiopia
  7. The United States of America (Arizona in particular).

The state of Hawaii periodically produces large quantities of peridot, sufficient to be cut as gemstones. Generous, but most of the “Hawaiian aquamarine” has not been documented.A gem of a natural aquamarine stone (extracted from Pakistan)
Composition of peridot stone

Polished Aquamarine

The chemical formula of peridot stone is (Mg,Fe)2SiO4, peridot has a hardness ranging from 6.5 to 7 ) on the Mohs scale and in shades between olive green and yellow . It acquires that color due to the presence of impurities of the iron element in its composition, and it is considered one of the transparent stones. ; It forms in layers deep below the Earth’s surface and is then carried to the surface by magma. It is one of only two stones that are formed not in the Earth’s crust but in molten rocks from the upper mantle, the other being diamond. These stones rise to the surface of the earth through the power of earthquakes and massive volcanoes. While these peridot stones were formed in the earth, there are other peridot crystals that have extraterrestrial origins from meteorites and are found in rare “pallasite” meteorites (known as Only of these crystals so far) were formed about 4.5 . ago A billion years.

Peridot was also found in its basic form, olivine, in comet dust that was returned from the Stardust robotic space probe in It was also discovered on the surface of the moon and was detected as an instrument on Mars by a NASA surveyor. The ancients believed that peridot stones were thrown to the earth by the explosion of the sun, and that they are stones that carry healing power.

The shape of an olive green aquamarine necklace

Some peridot dates back to ancient times and has been found in pallasite meteorites, which are 4.5 billion years old.
There are a number of processes used to change the apparent color or clarity, or to improve the durability of aquamarine.
Although the best aquamarine is the color of grass Pure green, but most peridot is yellowish green.The best type of peridot is the pure one that does not contain Lots of small black spots when examined with a magnifying glass.A variety of the mineral olivine found in peridotite rocks from the Earth’s upper mantle.
Peridot is cut in various designs, including Oval shapes and emerald cut pillows.

The weights of some large-sized emeralds reach carats.

Another appearance of the natural raw olivine peridot

Peridot quality factors

Peridot is one of the most beautiful green gemstones, and it is found in the color of natural grass green. The name peridot is used to describe the gemstone group from the forstreet series to olivine. The quality of peridot and then its prices are determined based on the following quality factors:

1- Color

Peridot is ideochromatic , It acquires its color in the presence of the basic iron to form it. The ideal color is rich grass green, but some aquamarine is yellowish green, greenish yellow or brown. The best peridot colors generally contain about -03 % Iron.

Peridot is not as light dependent as red and blue gemstones as it tends Until he looks good in all the lights.

2- PuritySince peridot is not a particularly expensive stone Especially, its pure clarity is the norm. Burmese gemstones often have small inclusions of minerals, which can give some stones a dull appearance. It can give strong refraction (0. ) Aquamarine also has a slightly faded appearance. This is more evident in large stones (03 Carats and above).

3- Pieces

Peridot is cut in all designs and shapes, and priority is usually given to the quality of the cut, regardless of the waste during the cutting process itself.

4- Carats

Aquamarine is found in nature in large sizes, but the sizes that are larger than the average are significantly higher in price than the small ones because they are mined much less and are considered rare.

Aquamarine prices

Peridot weight in carats

price (1 carat) 61 dollars up dollar 2 carats dollar Until 250 dollar 4 carats 475 dollars up 450 dollar 8 carats 600 dollars up 700 dollar

Beliefs and myths about peridot

Helps Defining goals
Helps bring prosperity and happiness to individuals and increase creativity at work

Overcoming psychological and nervous pressures, as it helps to overcome emotional problems
Helps get rid of bad and painful memories, so it is suitable in cases of ending emotional relationships

According to some ancient writings, it helps in solving liver and digestion problems
It works to achieve compatibility between the heart and the mind, as it is recommended for those who have a conflict between feelings and logic on an ongoing basis
It improves immunity and eyesight when worn according to legend. Brings out creative energy and helps you discover your personal skills and abilities

Helps bring friends and get rid of loneliness

It works to get rid of negative energies and protect against envy and the effects of black magic

Aids in achieving monetary success and bringing wealth and money The beliefs that surrounded this stone among some ancient peoples included its protective power to keep dark forces at bay, where it was used as a talisman against sorcery, witchcraft, and evil spirits, as well as its use in the treatment of night terrors and madness when placed with gold and worn around the neck or on the left arm. He was also noted for his capacity to cure the sense of cowardice and to soothe human fury. breathtaking beauty Chains of olive green aquamarine Peridot is still revered for its various qualities, with some believing in its power to preserve the aura and the body, as well as alleviate emotional burdens, guilt, and obsessions Furthermore, it is particularly beneficial for conquering feelings of anxiety, sadness, and other psychiatric diseases, as well as for removing sentiments of envy and resentment in order to move on in life. number Peridot stones that have been polished and sliced The peridot stone, which has olive grades, is one of the few stones Cream that is only available in one hue. It is recognised by its lovely features, which imitate the look of plant leaves going from green to golden in late summer and early autumn, when the leaves shine like diamonds in the sunlight on the trees. It is regarded as a crystal that depicts warmth and happiness, and it is thought to have healing excite the intellect and refresh the vitality of the body by spreading inner radiance and sharpening the mind and opening it to new levels of awareness and growth, which aids perception As a result of the prevailing ideas about the peridot stone, some of which still ring true today, the worth of that stone has been enormously valued. Darker green gemstones include tourmaline, demantoid, green amethyst, and emerald.

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