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Before we explore the advantages of quartz stone based on the most renowned ancient beliefs and tales, we need first analyse the scientific qualities of this semi-precious stone. Quartz, the primary component of stone, is a chemical substance composed of one silicon molecule and two oxygen molecules. It stands for silicon dioxide (SiO2). It is also one of the most plentiful minerals on the planet, with unique qualities that make it one of the most widely utilised natural materials in a variety of sectors. Stunning glossy shine.

Popular and widely available varieties of quartz include:

Amethyst, citrine, rose quartz and aventurine. Agate and jasper are also two well-known varieties of quartz.

Quartz stones are popular for their use in delicate objects such as watches. One of the amazing properties of quartz is the ability of its crystals to vibrate at minute frequencies. These frequencies are so precise that quartz crystals can be used to make very precise instruments and equipment.

For example: Laboratory instruments for measuring time and other instruments that can transmit radio and television signals at precise and stable frequencies.

The benefits of stone are varied Quartz According to Ancient Beliefs and Legends

Thus, we will discuss with you Now to the benefits of quartz stone based on the most prominent ancient beliefs as follows:

In ancient beliefs, quartz stone signifies the very life force and therefore an infinite reservoir of energy that it may offer to the very essence of who you are in this earthly world. The stone disperses that energy throughout your body, which is said to boost your mental performance as well as your capacity to manage your mind and body and attain equilibrium between them, in addition to correcting any flaws. Thereby, the vital energy that spreads in your body from the stone, according to this concept, will change parts of your life for the better. to the outer world, thus spreading positive energy around you.

  1. Therapeutic Benefits of Quartz Stone
  2. Helps enhance blood flow in the body and improve blood circulation
  3. Increase immunity and improve the ability of the immune system in the body
  4. Helps get rid of headaches and pain caused by stress
  5. It works to prevent motion sickness that afflicts some individuals while riding the means of transportation
  6. Improve metabolism in the body and reduce weight
  7. helps To get rid of stress
  8. (Purification of blood from toxins and harmful substances) (Improving digestion and stomach health
  9. Helps improve the work of the system Periodicity in the body
  10. Improving kidney function
  11. Getting rid of the pain caused by wounds and burns
  12. Increase the ability to focus and improve brain functions

how are you Are quartz stones used for medicine and therapy?

It was believed that the use of quartz was a way to aid the healing of the body by using any of the The aforementioned varieties of quartz. Despite the popularity of quartz stones, the belief was strong regarding the use of its energy for healing.

Pure quartz has been used since ancient times as a source of strength and energy.

Beliefs about the benefits of quartz stoneThere are many beliefs about the benefits of using and wearing quartz stones, whether physically on your body or on your feelings, mind and life in general. According to these beliefs, the quartz stone helps:

  1. Increase your inner energy.
  2. Bring more balance and achieve A greater proportion of harmony and harmony to your life.
  3. Promote balance in The relationship between your body, mind, and feelings.
  4. Promoting balance within bodily processes Within and between you.
  5. Balance the creative and analytical aspects of your mind.
  6. Restore your balance after any change in your life or after going through an experience Or situations that caused you pain.
  7. When you want to learn easily More than your past experiences so you can make your decisions better.
  8. It is worth noting that therapeutic gemstone necklaces contain ruby, garnet, citrine, emerald, sapphire, indigo, or amethyst.

فوائد حجر الكوارتز: كريستال الكوارتز النقي

فوائد حجر الكوارتز: أصناف متنوعه من أحجار الكوارتز

  1. In addition to the above, it is also believed that wearing quartz-studded jewelry helps:
  2. The flow of energy in the body.
  3. Elimination of the feeling of illness, pain or injury.
  4. Eliminate the feeling of fatigue.
  5. Coping with feelings of physical, mental or emotional imbalance.
  6. Benefits of Wearing Quartz Stone Jewelry

Learn about the benefits of wearing quartz jewelry

According to the beliefs, when you wear a necklace studded with a quartz stone around the neck, the stone will work to balance the entire energy in your body, but if you wear it around certain areas in the body, it will enhance Balance only those areas. For example: If you put quartz in the stomach area and especially if there is any disorder , the quartz will promote more balance and help her become healthier.

In addition, it is believed that when you wear a quartz necklace, it will bring balance to the body’s processes, including those involved in the functioning of glands The endocrine, nervous, circulatory, digestive, and other systems in the body. Quartz also deals with these processes in order of priority, as it starts with what attracts his attention and what requires more attention than others, and so on. healing to occur. This healing is not the direct effect of quartz but from the increased life force that quartz brings to your body. The more quartz you can wear consistently, the better your health will be according to these beliefs.

The legendary benefits of quartz

Bringing Harmony to the Wearer’s Life

  1. Increase energy and activity
  2. Accelerate recovery in The body
  3. Increased spiritual abilities
  4. Bringing Purity and Insight
  5. Bring calm and serenity
  6. Getting rid of negative energy as the pharaohs used to put it in tombs
  7. Regulating energy in the body and bringing positive energy

Improve brain function, memory and thinking ability

  1. Achieving emotional balance
  2. Purification The breath is one of the bad traits
  3. Increased focus and creativity
  4. Protection from negative energy fields
  5. Helps meditation and develop the spiritual side

Quartz stones were often combined with candles to amplify the energy of the candle. Since there was a strong belief in the past that the candle had a spiritual effect, fire was a very important element in those past times. Quartz crystals have been mixed with candles to increase quartz’s healing power.

Quartz was also believed to attract all seven color rays to your body, emotions, and mind. It should be noted that, based on this belief, it was considered appropriate to wear with necklaces of precious stones with diamonds The other.

According to this belief, quartz corrects any imbalances of color rays in the visible and hidden physical bodies. Which when you become more balanced, it is reflected in the improvement of various aspects of your life.

Quartz is believed to help achieve satisfaction Inner

In the past, persons who want to acquire inner satisfaction and tranquilly were encouraged to wear Quartz beads necklaces to assist a sense of profound inner calm, as well as a sense of intimate connection between oneself, others, and the world in general. Furthermore, he was well-known for his ability to instil feelings of contentment and ease.

Here are other beliefs about the benefits of quartz stone:

  1. Quartz is believed to repair and strengthen the magnetic field around the wearer, thus preserving its internal energy.
  2. Works to reduce expenses and reduce waste.
  3. It was famous for its use in Chinese acupuncture.
  4. Some believe that quartz stones help bring good dreams and get rid of nightmares.

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