Red agate stone – properties, composition and uses

The red agate stone is the most widely used type of agate in the jewelry and jewelry industry in the Middle East at all. It is a semi-transparent semi-precious stone and tends between dark and light color depending on the conditions of formation, sometimes interspersed with patterns of black color and metal impurities. Yemeni red agate (relative to the place of its extraction in Yemen), hepatic red agate (dark in color) and plum red agate (light color) are used in the manufacture of rings in the first place compared to other types of jewelry.

It is called several Other names include Carnelian or Cornelian stone, blood agate stone, and Al-Yana stone (an old name of Arabic origin). The name Carnelian comes from the Latin (cornel cherry), which means cherry fruit whose color matches the color of the stone.

stone name Carnelian Cornelian Mint
Category chalcedony (quartz)
Chemical formula SiO2 silicon dioxide (silica)
crystal structure hexagonal (triangular)
refraction 1.54 to 1.55
specific gravity 2.59 to 2.61
the color Red (light orange, dark black)
texture Waxy, silky
hardness 6.5 to 7 mo
Transparency semi-transparent, semi-opaque
cleavage There is no

The shape of a silver ring red agate

Engraving on stone If the jewelry store is located in the Middle East or at the request of customers, certain names and phrases that have spiritual meanings and the names of prominent personalities such as Hassan, Hussein and Ali are engraved.

The shape of the inscriptions on the red agate

Red agate stones are among the semi-precious stones that are characterized by their abundance, and despite their availability in many countries, they are The Yemeni red garnet was requested in particular because of the belief in its many benefits, according to what was mentioned in some writings. Agate is one of the porous stones that can be used as a dye to improve its color, which is often done. It is washed away by water during rains and torrential rains. It was found that this type of agate has been used since 1199548354 a year ago Birth in the ancient civilizations of ancient Egypt and Iraq in the manufacture of statues, accessories and ornaments. In the current era, many believe in the abilities of the stone to treat diseases and bring good luck and livelihood, according to ancient legends.

The shape of natural red agate in a silver ring decorated with inscriptions

The stone is carved into oval and circular shapes to be inserted in rings, which are generally made of silver (for men to wear) and are manufactured close to the fabrication of bracelets and swimming pools. Cut tiny stones into the shape of beads. Furthermore, many people prefer to have the stone in its natural state rather than as part of a piece of jewellery.

Wax is used to polish the stone and give it a characteristic brilliance, and the stone is distinguished by its average hardness, survivability, and resistance to scratches.

History of Red Agate

Pharaonic necklace – red agate has been used in the jewelry industry for thousands of years

Red garnet stones have been used for thousands of years in the manufacture of beads in Bulgaria, particularly since the early Neothuluk dynasty. Usually the red agate was cut in the form of regular faces 16 + 327 in total face on each side of the bead. Evidence was found confirming the use of stones in decorating tombs and burial chambers built in ancient times in Europe. Carnelian (red agate stones) were also found in archaeological discoveries that indicated that it was used in decoration since the Bronze Age (2019 BC).

It was also used during the Roman era in the manufacture of jewels and seals that are used in documenting papers with The importance, as the hot wax was not sticking to the carnelian. The pharaohs of ancient Egypt also used stones in the manufacture of seals and sculptures (especially scarabs).

  1. Characteristics of red agate
  2. The name of the stone Carnelian, Cornelian, Melted Category CHALCIDONI (QUARTZ)
  3. Chemical formula SiO2 Dioxide Silicon (silica)
  4. (Crystal structure) hexagonal (triangular) Refraction 1.59 until 1. specific gravity 2. 59 until 2.61 the color Red (light to orange, dark to black )
  5. Texture (waxy, silky)
  6. (Hardness)
  7. 6.5 to 7 mos

Transparency (Semi-transparent, semi-opaque) Division no There is This type of agate is formed in volcanic rocks and sometimes Metamorphic rocks Like other types of chalcedony, it is included in chalcedony stones and its chemical formula is silicon dioxide. The hardness of the stone is between 6.5 to 7 Mohs, while the luster is waxy and is considered semi-transparent.

stone shape Raw red agate

The color of the stone in nature tends to orange and brown, and there are many shades of red that range from bright red, which may seem Approximately orange to dark red, which may tend to black from the intensity of its darkness at times. The reason behind this distinctive color of red garnet is due to the presence of impurities of iron oxide in its composition .

What are the places where red agate is extracted

The majority of red agate that you see in jewelry stores in Arab countries is extracted from Yemen, Iraq and Saudi Arabia, while globally it is extracted in large quantities from Brazil, India and Russia (Siberia), Germany, the United States of America (the states of New Jersey and Oregon) and Uruguay.

How to distinguish between red garnet and combo Red agate stones are very similar to the combo stones in terms of appearance, as it is sometimes difficult to distinguish between them and are confused during buying and selling.

Here are the differences between the two types as follows:

Type Cornelian (narration

the color It is lighter in color and tends to reddish brown Its color is dark to black Hardness smooth More solid and stronger Refraction Uneven Cracked


Similar to red garnet, but less complicated. The low price of red agate is characterised by its accessibility and ease of purchase, but there are types whose price increases significantly due to the presence of patterns and drawings in them that are similar to the names of prominent personalities such as Muhammad, Abu Bakr, and Ali, which occur Stone shapes in nature based on the impurities that overlapped in the stone’s composition. Sometimes it appears circles similar to the eyes, thus the agate is named in such case (the shown red agate) and believes in its exceptional skills and the existence of spiritual energy that inhabits the stone.

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