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appearance Red mercury

Red mercury is a mythical substance with a mysterious composition that has exceptional abilities. It is believed that it was used by the pharaohs in burial rituals according to beliefs and legends. It is claimed that its chemical formula is Hg2Sb2O7. Scientifically it is believed to be used to make nuclear weapons, as well as a variety of other weapon systems. Because of the great secrecy surrounding the development and manufacture of nuclear weapons, there is no scientific evidence for the existence of red mercury.

For centuries, rumors of a powerful and mysterious substance with legendary healing properties have been buried in the mouths of Ancient Egyptian mummies. Some also claim that it can be found in old sewing machines or in bat nests. Many advertisements promoting red mercury usually contain a blurry image of a tube of red liquid.

Some claim that red mercury is a myth, repeated by fraudsters who seek to take advantage of buyers on the black market. . There have been reports of (red mercury) on international black markets a year ago 2003, but It seems that the demand was more high in the early nineties, the prices of red mercury reach

dollars per kilogram.

Finding Evidence for the Presence of Red Mercury

During the work of an Egyptologist Famous Dr. Zahi Hawass, one day, received a visit from a Saudi prince whose mother was in a coma. As Hawass mentioned, this man was spending all his energies and money trying to find something to save his mother, so he turned to a sheikh in Saudi Arabia, a religious healer, who told him that there is a magical substance (red mercury) that can be found buried in the throats of mummies in ancient Egypt. And if he goes to Egypt and asks for an archaeologist to guide him, he will be able to find him. When the man met Hawass, he told him that I am very sorry about his mother, and that this is nonsense and baseless. This was not the only time he was asked for this request, as he was always met by many Arabs who believed that red mercury was a magic cure buried with the pharaohs. Talk about red mercury spread for the first time in the current era in the main Soviet and Western media sources in the late eighties, while its legends were frequented by the Arabs through the ages. It wasn’t exactly what it was reported about, but it was nonetheless claimed to be of great importance in nuclear weapons, or that it was used in connection with enhanced fission. As soon as the stories came out live, people started trying to buy it in various countries.
mentions in An article in the Russian daily Ann Pravda, based on top-secret notes, states that red mercury is a superconducting substance used in the production of high-precision electronic surfaces for warplanes. The primary end users are airlines and the major nuclear industry in the United States and France. Red mercury was offered for sale all over Europe and the Middle East by Russian businessmen, who found many buyers who would pay almost anything for the substance even though they had no idea what it was.

The required price for red mercury ranged from

thousand dollars to 200000 A thousand dollars per kilogram. Samples confiscated and analyzed contained only mercuric oxide, mercury iodide, or mercury mixed with red dye which are of barely limited use. After the arrest of several men in Britain in September 2020, on suspicion that they were trying to buy a kilogram of red mercury for 2003 ) thousand pounds sterling, the International Atomic Energy Agency issued a statement rejecting allegations that the material was genuine. The spokesman said clearly that (red mercury does not exist). And the whole thing is a myth.


Characteristics of the analyzed samples of red mercury

Several common mercury compounds are red in nature, such as mercury sulfide (from which pink vermilion was originally derived), mercuric oxide, and mercuric iodide. Red mercury could also be a code name for a substance that does not contain any mercury at all, possibly another name for the mysterious, but scientifically recognized, fugbank compound. Various elements have been chemically identified as putative samples of red mercury since the substance first appeared on the media, but not a single mysterious substance has been found in these elements. It was conducted in the year 1998 for a different sample of red mercury until the sample was a non-radioactive mixture of Elemental mercury, water, and mercury iodide, a red chemical. Similarly, another analysis of a sample retrieved in Zagreb in November 200000 showed that it contained Only on mercury.

Here are the locations of red mercury according to legends as follows:

Where to find red mercury

The burial chamber of the mummies of the pharaohs

Coffins of the Mummies

Throats of mummies

Ruins of temples and archaeological sites

Rocks in Nature

The truth about red mercury

Red mercury liquid form

There are several interpretations of the term red mercury, some of which are scientific and others are due to myths and beliefs. Here are the explanations as follows:

1- A substance used in nuclear fission

The theory popularized since the mid-1990s holds that red mercury is used in uranium enrichment. Scientifically, there is nothing to confirm the necessity of red mercury or even the existence of a role for it in the nuclear fission process. 2 – Phantom Paint

The Russian newspaper Pravda, claimed that red mercury is a substance Superconducting is used in the production of phantom surfaces that do not appear in radar. There are contradictions about the validity of this theory, and there is nothing to confirm it completely until now except for this newspaper, since scientifically the materials used in the manufacture of these surfaces do not include red mercury.

3 – A name that symbolizes another substance

Some believe that red mercury is a code name that has been used to refer to one of the materials necessary for nuclear reactors. In the sense that red mercury is not a real substance used in the manufacture of mysterious technology according to that theory, but rather it refers to another substance. 4 – A substance made in the laboratory

One of the famous theories says Red mercury is nothing but a mysterious substance that is produced in some laboratories to produce advanced technology. Some scientists confirm this theory as they claim that it has the chemical formula that we mentioned. Mythical material

The legend of red mercury goes back hundreds of years, as it was always transmitted by the Arab peoples over the years. ages, and that legend says that red mercury is a mysterious substance that the ancient Egyptians (Pharaohs) used in the burial ceremonies of mummies, as it is believed that red mercury was placed in the throats of mummies for reasons due to the nature of the religion that was prevalent in that era.

It is said in some other legends that red mercury helps in healing diseases and is used to harness elves to fulfill desires. Usually, many people buy this substance in various ways because they believe in its powerful abilities to heal diseases.

6 – Ambiguous Article

in April , rumors spread in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia that Singer sewing machines contain red mercury, which caused the prices of these machines to rise dramatically in the Kingdom, Where some paid up to

Saudi riyals for one machine whose real cost is SR. The promoters of those rumors claimed that the presence of the . could be detected Red mercury in the needles of sewing machines using the mobile phone by bringing the phone close to the needle, so if the line when the phone was placed, this proves that the substance is present.

There was a crowded trade in sewing machines in Medina, with purchasers using mobile phones to check machines for red mercury levels, while others were claimed to have resorted to thievery, with two sewing businesses broken into to steal it. Other stories circulated that a global firm located in Kuwait was purchasing Singer machines, while people in Al-Jawf were encouraged to think that a local museum was purchasing whatever machines could be discovered, and many ladies sold the charges to the museum.

Is red mercury real or not?

There is no clear evidence to support or refute whether red mercury is a genuine or legendary material. Allegations range from that it is a material used in reactors and advanced technology to folklore of priests using it in ancient times.)

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