Red Sapphire

Red sapphire is a precious and valuable gemstone that suits many types of jewelry and tastes alike, and it is considered one of the most beautiful Stones are the most famous and attractive because of its unique color. The red color in the sapphire helps to highlight the beauty and elegance of the person, whether he is wearing a black, white or blue outfit.

stone name ruby red
Chemical formula AI2O3
mineral composition Corundum – corundum group
hardness 9
the color shades of red
specific density 3.97 – 4.05
refractive index 1.766 – 1.774
Transparency transparent
Gloss sparkling
refraction oysters

The natural red sapphire

The red sapphire is one of the most famous stones through times and civilizations, where it is usually known to people for its distinctive red color on the Although it is found in nature in various shades of red. It is ranked second on the Mohs scale of hardness after diamond, as it is known for its very high hardness and resistance to scratches.

red sapphire In jewelry

Properties of the red sapphire The name of the stone Sapphire Red Chemical formula AI2O3 Mineral Composition Corundum – corundum group Hardness 9 MOS the color Red shades

  1. specific density 3. 97 – 4.05
  2. Refractive index 1.681 – 1. 681 Transparency
  3. (transparent) Gloss
  4. GLITTERING Refraction Oyster
  5. Elegant Red Sapphire Ring
  6. Ruby red shades Light red color
  7. The reddish-pink color (Dark red color) The red-violet color
  8. Sapphire Red in Jewelry

The reason for the unique red sapphire color is the presence of chromium in its chemical composition, which overlapped during its geological formation in the rocks.

Sapphire Silver Rings

How to wear sapphire stones Red sapphire is used in the jewelry industry in all forms Its types, including:

  1. Men’s Silver Rings Women’s Gold Rings
  2. Contracts Bracelets Earrings
  3. chains
  4. Necklaces SculpturesOriginal Red Sapphire

The red sapphire is suitable for various social occasions, including birthday parties and official celebrations, in addition to celebrations of marriage and newborns. The red sapphire is also used in the jewelry industry Which includes both diamonds and sapphires together, as both are consistent with the other in appearance.

Raw Rubies

For women, rubies go well with black dresses and leather clothes, as well as blue and white striped blouses. It is also recommended to wear it in the summer and in the form of earrings for its attractiveness. If you want to liven up your look, we advise you to wear a simple round ruby ​​ring with earrings, as we mentioned, and perhaps a red ruby ​​bracelet. The ruby ​​red symbolizes audacity and romance, and is especially suitable for summer dresses. It is a popular choice for its many benefits as mentioned in gemology and horoscopes.

Precious Ruby Ring

Red sapphire stones have a distinct and beautiful look, making them an extraordinary gemstone. It was a stone that kings, queens, and royalty utilised. The name sapphire comes from the Latin word ruber, which meaning “red.” It is thought that the red ruby was discovered years ago in Burma, notably in Myanmar, where it is still collected from mines. Red Sapphire Bracelets Authentic

Places of red sapphire extraction

  1. India
  2. Thailand Afghanistan
  3. (Vietnam) Nepal
  4. United State
  5. Canada

Genuine lobe red sapphire The red sapphire is a symbol of renewal and eternal love in mythology, and the color red indicates love. The gemstone is recommended for people born in July to help them in matters of love and relationship that strengthen their bond and love life. Married astronomers also advise to wear this stone.

Original Red Sapphire Ring

Rubies in myths Treatment of blood pressure diseases

Treatment of heart problems Helps people with ambition

Achieving the goals Achieving success in their career their career

Emotional stability Increased self-confidence to a large extent

had brought Luck

Achieving success in emotional life

Marriage and bringing the other party Increasing the energy of the chakra in the body(Red rubies in mythology)

(Red sapphires in jewelry The red sapphire is one of the gemstones that is easy to clean without effort because it is one of the stones of high hardness that is not affected by plankton and pollutants easily and is also difficult to scratch.

Red sapphires in jewelry designs

However, it is advised to avoid exposure to The stone may be used for chemicals because this may damage the surface of the stone, including its color and luster.

Red sapphires represent love and romance in jewelry Many people wear red sapphires to bring prosperity and blessings He believes in the abilities of the red ruby ​​to enhance the character of sincerity, whether in work or emotional relationships

  1. It is one of the famous stones in France
  2. Red sapphires are given as a gift on the fifteenth wedding anniversary
  3. It will also be presented on the anniversary Red sapphire is a precious stone of high value
  4. The higher the red sapphire is free of impurities and defects Its value It is used in the manufacture of all kinds of
  5. jewelry on a large scale

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