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Sapphire is one of the four main gemstones that includes diamonds, which come first, followed by blue sapphires, then red sapphires. Then the emerald. In fact, both sapphire and sapphire have the same chemical composition, but sapphire contains a higher percentage of chromium in its composition, so sapphire is distinguished from sapphire by its red color. Sapphire main properties:

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Sapphire Colors Genuine sapphire jewelryInformation about sapphire

Sapphire has a very high hardness, 9 on the Mohs scale of hardness.
The only stone that can scratch a sapphire is diamond because it is a very hard and durable gemstone.
Sapphire is found in a variety of shades of red, ranging from dark red to pinkish red. Sapphire is the right stone for people born in July.

The majority of natural sapphires are heat treated to improve their color and increase their intensity.

The heat treatment of sapphire does not affect its value. The use of sapphire in jewelry goes back thousands of years, as it was used in carvings and jewelry in ancient times. Sapphire in Sanskrit means the king of precious stones.

Sapphire in Latin The third most valuable gemstone.

The raw sapphire is not classified as sapphire unless it is red in color, but if it is another color it is classified as sapphire.

The presence of the element chromium in sapphire often causes cracks to occur and then break the stone. Large-sized sapphires are extremely rare.
The beauty of sapphire is evident when it is used with diamond stones in jewelry pieces.

Sapphire can be made in the laboratory using precise technology. Dark red sapphire is the most valuable and most sought-after sapphire among the rubies. The sapphire of the sun shows the effect of a glow in the stone because it is affected by the ultraviolet rays falling on it. It is widely used in the jewelry industry. Sapphire is called the stone of luck in many Cultures. Sapphire helps to increase ambition and protect the wearer as believed in myths. Wearing sapphire is subject to punishment! In European civilization until the end of AD 3943 where it was only worn by kings, nobles and seniors Characters. Sapphire has been used over the years in the treatment and healing of a wide number of diseases such as Diseases of the blood and blood vessels. Some types of sapphire show shades of purple and pink When exposed to light.

Helps improve the current mood of the wearer.

Astronomers and horoscopes use it to increase their energy and for protection.

High quality sapphires with large sizes of more than ten carats are considered Significantly rarer than diamonds themselves, as their prices range from hundreds of thousands of dollars to millions of dollars. The higher the size of the sapphire, the higher its value and price.

Sapphire – genuine gold ring Encrusted with sapphire

Color is one of the most important aspects in determining the value of sapphire among gemstone prices, since dark red sapphire is more expensive than pink sapphire and red sapphire in general with milder hues. Some sapphire stones feature a colour combination in which another hue, such as violet-purple, may show with red. The greater the number of fractures and faults in the stone, the lower its price value; conversely, the smaller the proportion of defects and scratches on the stone’s surface, the higher its price value. One of the influential elements is sapphire transparency; the higher the transparency of the stone, the higher its value, and vice versa.)

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